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Lupin357 chapter 53 . 5/30
Hello !
Soo I have been reading this story for the last few days and I just finished the last chapter (as well as the last riddle which was SUPER cute and which in fact motivated me to write a review) (I'm a bad reader, I keep losing my password on ffnet and am reading on my mobile, so I usually don't review although I should. But hey, I retrieved my password just to write a review for you so that's good !).
I have enjoyed a lot reading this, because it is not some stupid story with no content but romance, but the depth you gave to these characters is truly incredible. I have particularly enjoyed reading about Mary and John, because 1. your Mary is wonderful, smart, pretty (at least in my head she is) and not at all annoyingly bitchy (like I find Mary in the original show) and 2. because reading about her actually helped me cope with the one we're stuck with (in case Johnlock never happens, I can still think about BBC Mary with the characteristics of your Mary) so thank you for that! The sweet romance-friendship of John and Mary is just nice, a bit sad but nice. Plus, it helped a lot John through this hard time, so what's not to like about it?
On the other hand, the way you picture Sherlock sounds very convincing to me. I could actually hear his voice in my head, uttering these sentences. And, well, I could hear any other character, really. So thank you for the good story you wrote :)
This story is sometimes a bit disturbing, but that just gives some texture to it. However, the only thing I did not like was John's vomitting a lot, but I think that's just my personal history getting in the way!
John and Sherlock's relationship has been greatly pictured here, and it was great to read every bit of it. :) Now I shall check your other stories to continue the fun!
(Ps: please excuse any mistake in the review above, as English's not my first language)
mamika chapter 53 . 8/6/2015
hi! this is not my best review because it's late and I have been reading this for ages.
I really liked how deep you got with the characters and how detailed all their thoughts and characters were.
and yes, I have to admit I did like that you had Jim there too.
the final puzzle made logical sense and I enjoyed watching Sherlock struggle through it all. thank god mycroft was able to bring him back to his senses. I was so sad when he blew up his mind palace.
Sherlock being so cold was very nice too, partly because I tend to turn cold too when I am sad or otherwise blue. so I related to it. (even though I have never been blow-dried like that ;) )
it was cute how those two carefully opened up to each others and showed them scars they weren't willing to admit even excisted. also I was glad when Sherlock got over his fear of wanting to see John tortured. the doc managed the situation so well!
all in all this was a good week reading this fic. only moment I find troubling was when John met mary and I have to admit I jumped over few chapters just so wouldn't have to see them hitting it off. But once there was other characters again I was comfortable to read on and jump into the story.
it was really admirable work, thank you for sticking up with it despite it being so long. I had great times.
now, if you don't mind asking, what is it that John wrote in his notebook as last words and little teaser for Sherlock? I'm no mary, I can't figure it out (besides I am lacking Mrs. Hudson and I am sleepy)
once more, great job, thanks for posting it :D
RarissimaAvis chapter 53 . 4/18/2015
Wonderful story! I love your writing style, the plot, the way you developed the characters... I wish I coupd write as well as you " keep up the good work and thank you for writing something as amazing as this for us readers to enjoy!
P.s. Please reveal the meaning of the cipher at the end? The message John left for Sherlock? Pretty please?
Bia-Temptation chapter 53 . 3/28/2015
Absolutely brilliant story! I loved the plot, the characterization was spot on, the angst was lovely. This story was an overall package! I just have one teensy request...Please reveal the keyword for the cipher or the message itself, I really need to know what it says ;)
Keep up the good work.
I have a question: do you have any other fandoms that you might write for?
moreteaplease chapter 53 . 1/25/2015
Oh my. Epic! I just read this in a lovely 4 hour Sunday evening sitting, perfect. Although you finished this years ago I thought I had to drop a review in.
You are a very good writer, incredibly in depth and I loved all the added extras, folk stories, Latin page tops etc, it made the entire story seem very intelligent.
I have to admit that by chapter 35 (!) I had begun to speed read, as I read FF to pass evenings when sleep is elusive, and as such tend to prefer more John / Sherlock dialogue. However, I felt I had to keep going with this story as the hope that you wrote the reunion of the terrible twosome as eloquently and thoroughly as you did their separation, and I was not disappointed!
The line about 'being hairdryered by my flatmate' is classic.
A great story, one you should be proud of!
I hope you're still enjoying FF, and that a review years on makes you smile.
Thank you for a great read, and a very enjoyable Sunday evening here in the snowy UK.
Night night!
Dannia chapter 52 . 1/2/2015
That is quite a story! So full of angst, I think I cried a few times! ( maybe more than a few) I think is really a good one, usually I'm not up to read such sad stories, I love fluff and avoid sad as much as I can, so for me that I'd managed to read a really long one only means that is a really really good one. So, congrats! And Thank you so much for sharing it with the world, it is truly amazing and well written.
I wonder if it will have a part2?
Well... I'll read you around in your other stories, that I must say are also great ones.
AnotherFadingSpark chapter 53 . 11/2/2014
Hi there!

I just finished your story and wanted to leave a review, as I know that as an author one craves the feedback of readers ;-)

I came across your story when I was searching for something to help me pass the time at work, when there was nothing to do – I sometimes have slow days… Since I love getting involved with characters and “not having to leave them” too quickly, I was looking for a long story that would stay with me for some time. I found your story, which was already finished by then, and I plunged into it headfirst ;-)

I found all of your characters extremely well written. The ones we know from the show were spot-on, I could actually hear the dialogs in the characters actors’ voices in my head.

But you managed to bring life also to characters that were not on the show (yet) and those too were extremely believable, life-like and three-dimensional. I liked Mary a lot (and I read your story after I saw series 3, twice - she was at the same time very different from the Mary in series 3 and yet very much like her). She was a beautiful, strong person, a true friend and lover for John. It was believable that they fell in love and kept on loving each other, even (or maybe because of?) with all their predicaments.

I have a deep respect for the work you put into the story- I have no clue how much of the background info you had to research, and how much you maybe know from your education or line of work, but still I think you must have done extensive research on a lot of things. I am an impatient person myself, so I feel stressed just thinking about that kind of work, therefore: kudos!

I noticed that I skipped the lyrics in the chapters later on – I read them maybe for the first 10 or so chapters and then not anymore. Sorry about that – I know you intended it to belong together, but since I read this at work, I couldn’t listen to the music and therefore the lyrics didn’t “speak” to me as they very probably would have, had I listened to the music. I promise to listen to some of the songs another time, at home, and maybe revisit your story afterwards.

A by-note: I sometimes found minor typos, but didn’t put them down anywhere, I didn’t think they were crucial – but if you want to fix them, you could let new readers know that by stating so in the notes at the beginning of a chapter – then you probably can catch all of them J

Also, I wanted to let you know that I am currently going through a hard time myself- I suffer from serious heart break, over my boyfriend from 7 years, who decided to tell me, he didn’t love me anymore. These things happen, and I know it will get better eventually. But knowing and believing are two different pairs of shoes, so I am suffering. Reading your characters’ sufferings, I could see (and believe!) that others know the feeling. Others suffer as well. Others have found a way to cope. Live goes on. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel. And in darkest times, there is always a story that can keep your mind busy and off things you do not wish to re-think over and over again. Your last couple of chapters helped me feel love again – if only from a third person’s point of view, but I actually felt how new-found love, requited love, feels like. This is the reason to go on with life- this will happen again. And when it happens, it’s glorious. So thanks for that, thanks for giving me hope!

I guess, I will now read your other stories- and if you ever need a beta, let me know. I am not an English native speaker, I’m German, but maybe I can be of help someday ;-)
p.c88 chapter 53 . 3/24/2014
Finally got to the end of your story! It was really beautiful, and I um just had to sneak reading it at work hahaha. I couldn't wait to see what happened next! Well done on the plot!

I loved your character portrayal very much - your Molly was badass despite having very few chapters to herself, and Irene Adler was especially well written. Everything she said, I could hear in my mind in her voice!

I also find it great that you were able to introduce OCs but still keep the story's focus on the main characters. Granted, your Mary was sort of an OC, but I understand she's important to John's character development and is technically canon so I can accept her somewhat haha. Seb was mostly OC, but he did remind me so much of a Moriarty in some scenes that I can't help but feel you captured his 'mimicking' quite solidly.

If I had any complaint, it's that I sometimes find it a bit tedious to read one scene in one person's POV and getting to the next chapter, only to have to read the same scene again in a 2nd person's POV. However, I do think this style of writing is very suitable for this angsty feely type of story, as it makes the character's thoughts resonate with readers. You also paced and alternated the character POVs far apart enough that I never did get bored reading chapter after chapter. Reading the same character for two chapters in a row might be a bit much, so I'm glad you chose not to do one character twice in a row :)

Oh! I did have a bit of trouble getting past the whole John/Mary bit, but I think that was the Johnlock fan in me ;)

Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm looking forward to reading more :)
p.c88 chapter 13 . 3/17/2014
Oh good Lord, this was the most awfully heart wrenching chapter so far - it's had me sobbing into a handkerchief before it was even halfway done.

You have an incredible talent in writing angst. I can't wait to read the other chapters! Thank you for sharing!
DeathKnight KiraKira chapter 53 . 2/17/2014
That was absolutely, no joke, the best fanfiction I've read thus far. It was exciting and never ceased to surprise me- even at the very end. The story, as a whole, was full of suspense and... I do t even know where I'm going with this. (Sorry... Rambling) It was amazing!
No-Life-MUST-READ chapter 1 . 1/29/2014
GreenEyes chapter 53 . 1/15/2014
Hi to you! I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful story you gave us ! Very well constructed second characters , great plot and a lot of emotions . Good cipher by the way, I finally found the keyword after 4 times (cute by the way). Goodbye and fare well, I'm going to check your other stories o Oh and I already loved Ingrid Michaelson , great to see you re making other people discover her!
Guest chapter 53 . 12/7/2013
Great story. Kudos on making Mary a truly interesting character rather than a simplistic boring replacement wife as many other fics have done.
lisa.ryanz1oh1 chapter 53 . 11/25/2013
Took me 7 hours to read it. Once i started I was well and truly hooked. Its been an amazing ride and your writing style is gripping. Although around chapter 21 I was itching to get my hands around Moriarty's disembodied neck, Sherlock's spiral into madness was well played out. It has been an honour to read this story. Not quite a fairy tale, but then at least you gave them a sort of 'happy ever after'. Will be returning to read this one again after its settled.

But do tell what that last cipher is. What last message does John leave for Sherlock?
jbug chapter 53 . 11/10/2013
I loved your story and, to quote John Watson, "That was amazing! " Keep up the great work!
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