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SlyFox9 chapter 10 . 5/11/2016
Please update the story please
SlyFox9 chapter 6 . 5/10/2016
This is really a good story I can't believe that konoha are a bunch of douche bags well mostly the councils
Archmagelite2000yrs chapter 1 . 8/21/2012
This is weird, and its not a crossover.
coldblue chapter 10 . 8/21/2012
Another awsome Chapter.

Kira know's Lightning Armor!? ... That is suprising. Kira good at ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. I wonder what else Kira is good at? Is Kira good at manipulating his Chakra into weapon's like Rasagan, Chakra Chain's or channel Chakra into a weapon? Will Kira get learn better techiques or invent techiques for himself?

It looks like Naruto has Kushian to teach him advance techique's. Will Naruto learn Rasagan and the Chakra Chain's from his mother? Will Naruto learn more about Fuijutsu(Art if Sealing)? Will Naruto learn more advance Chakra control? Will Kitty forgive Naruto?

Will Naruto compete in the Chuin Exam by himslef or have a new team?

Sorry for all these questions.

The point is that this is another good chapter.

Keep up the good work and Update Soon.
coldblue chapter 9 . 8/15/2012
Looks like Kushina is making fast progress. Hopefully she can start trainning Naruto and possibly Kira with some techiques.

I can't wait for Kira to get involved with Naruto and Spidey. I can see Kira kicking an ass or two to save Naruto if he is in a trap and possibly Spidey, if he is with Naruto.

I think Kira should try to teach Naruto soem better Chakra control, so he can use Ninjutsu better.

What is up with Sharon? Is she a Mutant, Ninja, or something else?

Keep up the good work and Update soon.
Aerial Atom chapter 8 . 8/12/2012
I found this story on Tv trope, so I know it's somewhat good. Just read the whole thing and I'm disappointed that it has it updated in a long while. Try to update this one please, it really caught my interest.

And last chapter it's gauge not gouge.
coldblue chapter 7 . 4/18/2012
Thank you for asking my questions!

I like how you put Yugito Nii as Iron Maiden! She could make an interesting love interest for Kira. Also like how you had Kitty and Naruto have a momment after the attack. COuld there be some sparks between the two?

I wonder if you are going to have soem Iwa Shinobi show in this story? It would be interesting. Hating the Uzuamki brothers because of Naruto father? I say you should have the Third Iwa Kage(Onoki) granddaughter (Kurotsuchi) on that mission. Either t convert, kill or obsever the brothers to see how much of a threat they are to Iwa. I like how you have Yugito Nii from Kumo in New York.

I wonder how Kira will act around Petter PArk and the kids at school. Naruto already has Kitty for a friend and possible love interest's, but will Kira have a love interests or a friend at all. I can't really picture Kira being with a regular civilian girl as his girlfriend, so whatever you think would fit Kira personaility better. If you keep showing X-Men charaters in this story then I would suggest Kira and X-23 as a pairing.

I wonder if you will try to put X-Men comic or X-men: Evolution charaters in this story or just try to crossover Spectacular Spirder-Man/Naruto/X-Men or X-Men: Evolution?

I can't wait to see what Kira Dojutsu can really do in this story! Is it a mental attack or a physical attack on the body?

Plus I can say that Kira can fight against any possible A-Rank nin and possibly survive a S-Rank nin. We don't want to make him to powerful because Kira is still young and needs more battle experience. I wonder what how powerful his sttacks ar when combining Ninjutsu and Genjutsu are mix with his demonic charka?

I will review latter to add more, but I have to do some work Today or Tommorrow.

Keep up the good work!
coldblue chapter 6 . 4/12/2012
Sorry for review as fast as I could.

I wonder how strong Snapdragon was or how strong Kira is? HE was a Chunin, but never wanted to get a higher rank. So is he Low Jonin to High Chunin? Or is he strong enough to fight atleast A-Class level threats?

I do wonder how the pairing is going to go or if there is any? Just let us know if there is any or give us some hits.

How strong of a Genjutsu can Kira make? Could he use Genjutsu as a offensive attack or just so nobody notices?

I wonder about the summoning contract? Sense Naruto did not compete in the Chunin exam, then will he get to summon animals? Does Kira have a summoning contract with the Snakes or has any summons at all?

I still think it be cool if Naruto and Kira got upgrade by being mutated by an animal or enhanced. I wonder if they could have some form of speciality with engineering or robotics? That way they have an advantage againnst there Ninja enemies. If they learn soom cool New ninja techniques then that is goo too.

Keep up the good work!
coldblue chapter 6 . 4/11/2012
Hey! It me again.

I wonder if you could have Kira explain in the next chapter what are Naruto and his element's that they can use to Kushina? Just so we all know.

I like how you got everyone in the elemental nations to know who Naruto and Kira are! I wonder if there will be some Iwa shinobi coming to attack them or Suna and Kuma ninja to convert them to there side?

I wonder how the Akatsuki(possibly miss spelled) group will try to extract Naruto demon? They causemajor conflict in the Ninja world, so I think that they should appear in this story.

Will Naruto learn the to become a Seal Master like his father and Mother or has Jira started to teach him some of the basic's?

Will Naruto ever see his classmates and team 9? I just want to see how they react to Naruto in New York city.

When the Sandiame dies, will the council try to force the brother's to come back after the Sound and Sand Invasion? They will be pretty weak after that attack. Plus I don't think there attuide change about how the see the Uzumaki brothers. I just see this verison of Konoha council, mostly civilian and elders, to try and use the brother's to protect themsevels from the other villiage's. They see Naruto and Kira just as tools or things to hate.

I still wonder how Naruto and Kira will get a love interest? It would be nice to read about and it would be good to see them have a small bit of happiness. Plus it would be funny to see how Kushina would react or tease Naruto about having girlfriends.

I can't wait to see Kushina teach her kids Uzumaki style techniques! I hope you have her teach her kids something usefull and cool!

I wonder if you will show that Naruto and Kira have other specialize in? They be good at science, math, language,etc.

I will wirte back latter today.

Keep up the good work.
coldblue chapter 6 . 4/10/2012
Pretty darn good as always!

There is a love interests for Naruto! Kitty Pryde and Naruto sound like a good pairing. It still up to you to pick the pairings though.

I can't waite to see Kushina's reactions to all this now she is awake from her coma! MAJOR Konoha bashing is going to happen soon. I wonder how Kushina will feel towards her former friends?

I like how you have Kira teaching Naruto useful jutsu's. I guess Kira is sort of like Inuyasha, but is kinda like Sesshomaru when he treat's others he does not trust and has a mask with no emotions.

So can Naruto still only use Wind element only or can he use one more element? I guess Kira's elements so far are Lightening, Earth and possibly Water since he is teaching Naruto those techiques.

I wonder if you will mix X-Men: Evolution, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Naruto? I'm just saying, because Kitty Pryde a.k.a. Shadow Kat is in this story. You could do a general Marvel Unvierse or just stick random Marvel Charaters in them? WHatever you do this story is great.

I wonder how people at school will react to Naruto and Kira at school? This question I ask over and over just gets me excited to see what you will write. I wish other people would reiew this story more, but I guess as long as you you some people, like me, satisfied with this story then I think it's okay.

I hope you have Kira standing up to the popular kids and hope you have him make a point that nobody will mess with him at school. I hope you do the same for Naruto.

I wonder how smart ira and Naruto are and what else they specilize in besides Ninja stuff, even if Ninja or shinobi training is always interesting to read.

I will try to review two more times tomorrow.

Keep up the good work!
coldblue chapter 5 . 4/1/2012
I forgot some things that need I need to ask.

Since Naruto and Kira are out of the Villiage, then will the secret of Naruto being the 4th Hokages son and Jinchuuriki be out soon? WOuld that mean the S-Raked ninja, Iwa, and Kumo will hunt them down? They are goignt o have to grow stronger to fight them off.

Does Kira have highten sense or can heal faster than normal? Will Naruto and Kira confront the Villiage Hidden in the Leaves about the Bounty on there heads? Do they have any summons or can they summon Toads? When will the Jiraya notice they left the Villiage?

I say Naruto and Jira should atleast be paired up with some girls. They both deserve to find some happiness. I still say you should try to pair up Kira and Black Cat. It would be interesting. For Naruto you caould make up a charater or choose some of the Ninja girls from Naruto.

I wonder how Kira will fell about Naruto becoming a masked hero like Spider-Man? Will Kira become a viglate too? It makes for some interesting drama.

I can't wait to see how they do in school! They are already atheletic, but I wonder what other querks they will have? Will Naruto and Kira be good at Science, Math, Workering, Art, Drama, and etc.? one thing is for certain they do have a back bone to go up against any form of challenge.

I wonder when will Kushina wake up? Will it be soon before the bounty hunters arrive or before the the start of the Spectacular Spider-Man series? Hopefully she teachs them some interesting techniques. I wonder how she will feel about the abuse done to her sons by Konoha?

Will Kira have any special ability that seperates him from Normal ninja? He is half-demon after all. He has to have an ability that is rare or that nonone else can do.
coldblue chapter 5 . 4/1/2012
I like how you have us as the readers look at Naruto and Kira view points of the world, there beliefs, there village, and how they view each other.

I wonder how you are going to pair Naruto and Kira up or are you not? Is this the start or prolog of the Spectacular Spider-Man? How smart are Naruto and Kira are in academic settings? Are you going to have Kira and Naruto stand up to some bullies at there schools. Do you have any ideas for girls that are into Naruto and Kira? Will they be Konoha, mercnaries, other elemental villiages ninjas, or whatever you think of will be the girls that will hook up with Naruto and Kira.

I wonder who Kira friends will be? Will Kira teach some practical and family techniqiues to Naruto? Will they have anymore future conflicts with the Leaf Villiage because of the Civilian Council put a bounty on there heads? ow strong is Kira? Can Kira take on Ninja that are Mighty Guy and Kakashi level? How will Kira and Naruto act around the Aunt May and Peter Parker? Will People find out that they are Ninja?

I have to say you did a good job by aiding that bounty at the end of the chapter! Now Naruto and Kira will have to grow stronger because of the enemies they might face! Will Naruto and Kira gain a interest in science of any kind, I wonder.
alchemists19 chapter 4 . 3/28/2012
Interesting idea
coldblue chapter 4 . 3/28/2012
Good chapter once again.

Thanks for answering some if my questions in this chapter on what Naruto jutsu or skill set he has. Now the questions:

What is Kira skill set if he teachs Naruto? How powerful is he if he only made chunin? Does he have any special abilities that set him apart from the other Ninja in Konoha? Does he sense chakra or has better control then other Ninja?

I like how you method that Kira used to steal things to get by with Naruto. I would say if you do do a pairing I would say do a Kira/Black Cat. It just a suggestions.

I wonder how will Naruto and Kira will act in school and how will disrupt some of the natural order in New York?

I wonder how much of Naruto and Kira absents will affect Konoha? Will they try to get Naruto and Kira back? Will Naruto and Kira come back Konoha and will they put people who wronged them in there place? Can Kira and Naruto beat up and put Sasuke, Sakura or any of his fellow shinobi in there place.

Kushina come out of her coma? YOu sort of hinted that in this chapter. Will she teach and further Naruto and Kira shinobi training? How will she get back at those who wronged her two sons?

Will there be aby pairing for Naruto and Kira in this story?

Keep up the good work?
coldblue chapter 3 . 3/25/2012
Will Kushina ever wake up?

Will Aunt May be like family that Naruto and Kira?

How will Naruto and Kira react to civilian life and Hero's/Villians in New York?

How will they react to Spiderman?

Keep up the good work!
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