Reviews for Solace in Shadows
JemDragons chapter 2 . 3/11
"A mother's love? It was ridiculous. Numerous mothers would die for their children; that alone would not provide adequate protection against the killing curse."

THANK YOU. Finally someone points it out.
Guest chapter 66 . 3/8
Please don't abandon this fanfic it is amazing and I don't want to see it end you've left it on such a massive part you can't leave it now
elizabater chapter 66 . 3/5
Love the philosophy. Amazing job building HP TR relationship in a way that feels natural. A lot of fics miss this. Didnt need Slash to make it intimate. Another thing that sets it apart from other fics. One thing that bothered me is I've noticed in this fic and Butterfly Heart you use the word "wetted", which isnt a word.
Guest chapter 66 . 3/3
Just finished re-reading this fic and it still remains as one of my favourites. I think I can honestly say you are the main reason I enjoy this dynamic at all, curse you and your magnificent skills at characterisation and character sevelopement and -progression!
Naah but seriously, awesome fic, thanks for writing it x))
Guest chapter 66 . 2/24
I know that I have reviewed many times asking you to update it has been so long and frankly it's killing me I just, I need to know what happens next you can't leave it on such a big cliffhanger you are an amazing writer and you shouldn't stop writing and I'm not just saying that so you will update but to be honest I think it is a bit selfish to deprive the world of your work cos it's beautiful you should never stop cos you have a gift and a damn good one too
krosi chapter 64 . 2/15
I really do hope you’ll update this story again. I have enjoyed every chapter and I’m anxiously hoping there’s more! This relationship is so unique and complex - this whole plot is comple! I mean, can both Voldemort and Tom Riddle live individually I’d each other? If Voldemort does, can Tom keep living? I hope so, I kind of like Tom, even if he has some negative motives. Please keep this story going!

Thanks this far for the excellent read!
Guest chapter 66 . 2/12
Please update it has been so long
2 angryunicorns chapter 66 . 1/29
What's up with you and dysfunctional realationships? This one even if a bit similar to Fate's Favourite it's actually kinda different. Honestly, I don't know how to feel about weird relationship triangle you've got here. The Old Voldemort was present in your other story as well but here he seems to take a lot more space. Making Harry younger than Tom throws off their dynamics a little bit. I mean Harry is still a sassy little shit but he's still much more dependant on Tom. I know it's fanfiction, but I like how you manage to make the most surreal or illogical things happen so naturally. We know Tom is genius, but he can't be omnipotent. Tom becoming a Hogwarts professor made me take a double take but the story flows so easily that I couldn't mind it. I really enjoyed this story! I can't wait for the update!
Guest chapter 66 . 1/10
Pls update
Janie94 chapter 66 . 1/10
I just read your complete story and it was honestly one of the very best I have ever read. I have been reading (and writing) stories of various fandoms for ten years now and I'm usually very picky. But this one completely blew me away!
Your Harry and Tom were not OOC at any point in the story, your plot was so original and even though I wanted to take my time with reading, I found myself devouring your story i record time, unable to stop. You are a very talented storyteller and you have created a wonderful, unique relationship here. And while I had hoped that you would eventually make this slash, I completely respect your decision .
But please tell me you are not going to leave us hanging here, I really want to know how this story continues. I don't want to pressure you, I'm only wondering because it has been more than a year since you updated this. I'd just like to tell you that you honestly created a gem here. I can't remember the last time I have been so enthralled by a fic. You did a terrific job here! :-))
lavinator chapter 66 . 1/7
LOVE, please update. it's really absorbing and has kept me occupied all day
SkyWalkingLuke chapter 66 . 12/24/2017
Wow. This is amazing! This is one of those fics that you find and spend the next 2-3 days binge reading. I’ve only read one other story that had Harry and Tom interacting in a dynamic that I loved, so good job with that. The back and forth between the two was interesting to follow, and the Christmas ‘betrayal’ was heartbreaking. I know you have a life to live, but if you ever find yourself here again I’d be overjoyed.
Happy Holidays
Guest chapter 66 . 11/29/2017
Aw I hope you come back to finish this soon and that you make it slash. That would certainly be an interesting dynamic ;)
Guest chapter 66 . 11/27/2017
Pls update it has been more than a year I need to know what will happen next it's killing me pls I need this
Yours hopefully
Your biggest fan
Guest chapter 66 . 11/20/2017
It's been a long time! Hope you can come back soon
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