Reviews for Solace in Shadows
Cutiepie120048 chapter 9 . 7/12
I'm going back and re-reading this and that ending sentence...

F*** you, Dumbeldore.

There was SO many other ways to accomplish what you wanted but doing all THAT and leading Harry to be this vulnerable - which defeats your purpose of having him relying on you for personal comfort, and as not the authoritarian elder that always makes things right - and commenting that you basically see yourself and Gwindlewald in Tom and Harry? That makes you worse than some Dark Lords.

They have the guts to tell their plans and passion how it is. They ruin lives, yeah, but not as meticulously as YOU did.

That ONE LINE Harry thinks says more than anything how much you messed up his psyche.

But enough of this mini-rant! Pleaee continue this and don't be dead!

Keep Up The Good Work~!
Trinity-Raven9 chapter 66 . 6/11
love it please continue
Kichigai17 chapter 66 . 6/9
Noooooo this story is SO AMAZING but it hasn't been updated since 2016?! What happens?! Ahhh!
Klenevieve chapter 66 . 5/31
I love this! Please keep going!
Belletrist chapter 66 . 5/22
I've followed this story's development for years now, and this is the first time in a while that I've fully reread it. It might be the virtue of a serialized publication, but this story feels rushed and a little jumpy in places, particularly when Voldy returns and Harry escapes the Dursleys. It feels like the story is racing to an end now. I hope to see the story's end one day because it is too good to not follow. Whatever you decide with this story, I look forward to seeing it.
ava da keda chapter 66 . 5/14
dear god is this intense!
This is so epic, I hope you will see it continued one day!
Skendo chapter 66 . 5/10
I do hope you return to this story. I read it ages ago, and recently spent hours trying to track it down again. I was disappointed to see you hadn't continued it since last time, but I loved it so much the first time around that I re-read it! Please come back to it, even if it's to just give us an ending, I really do love this story, and think it's beautifully written!
TheOneWhoMustNotBeNamed chapter 66 . 4/30
The way where the dynamic and chemistry of the two is written-
It was very realistic and somehow it could really make you think about how people should see the shades of black and white. In a way to make it simple, think outside the box. The way the story flow progressed is really realistic and it complements their characterization in which it captivates the heck out of the readers. The story appeared to be simple but once you plunge in, you can see the complexities of the situations and I really like how you used Tom to portray that belief is the guiding action rather than belief. Morality is not really something to be set aside but you can hardly see fairness in reality. Society really needs this but I can hardly say for myself as I do it too. Hypocritical but that makes me feel in a way with my impaired ability to be be empathetic to other's suffering. I would end this review now for I think this will be getting too personal and would be not related to the story. I am rambling and for that, I apologize. I do it often enough to make people annoyed with me.

By the way, I want you to know that I am one of your fans from the year of 2013! Hmmm. Curiiooooous. Hello peopleeee

TheOneWhoMustNotBeNamed chapter 66 . 4/30
Ohhh. Anticipation is killing meee. I have been reading this for 14 times and it was still as great as the first time. I hope you will continue updating this for this is really a deep story that is beautiful in a way there are parts I could relate to and make me reflect.
Kizmuth chapter 66 . 4/23
Beautiful story you have here! I was completely obsessed and read it in two days! Your characterization is so amazing and fluid to read, not ooc like AUs usualy bring with them. The stockholm syndrome is well done.
I hope to hear from this story !
Thank you for writing it
3darlingbirds chapter 66 . 4/14
Awwwwww. This is a great story! The constantly shifting dynamic between Harry and Tom is amazingly well done. Please update soon!
Lavi1444 chapter 27 . 4/5
Hey! I'm reading your story, currently at chapter 22. I just love it so far, and I've noticed that there are a lot of words written twice by mistake or sentences that don't make a lot of sense in their currenct build and grammer. Since I've read the story for a few days now, and I've seen how the writing got gradually less and less 'beta corrected' - I assume that the reason for that is that you simply did not have the time to re-read and correct those chapters when you wrote them in the past. If you want and only if you do, I offer to go over the story as I read it, and correct any of the parts that are a little off, in order to make the story more readable. It's a wonderful story, and the only reason I continue to read despite all the mistakes is because I know you can write better. I truly don't want you to miss other potential fans because of English missteps. I know how tiring it is to go back to things you've written months and years back and corect them. So... Since I'm already reading it all anyway :) if you're interested, contact me at lavi1443 gmail . com
Doc Junior chapter 66 . 4/4
This is a so epic story. The kind i love that are not simple, very complex and yet never boring. I really hope you will update this again one day because this story really deserves to be continued !
Miss.White00 chapter 66 . 3/31
This is one of the best stories I have ever read, this story continues to ameze me. At the beginning I was kinda of bored and I was tempted to drop it but I continued on and on and when everything in the story was set I couldn't stop reading it and you have wrote a master piece in my opinion I have never read such great fanfic as this one the plot twists are the best, how you could still keep the essence of the characters was also something very good. It so sad that it has been on hiatus.

I hope that someday you come back, this story is really good and I love it, thank you for taking your time to write it and specially for sharing it with us
Guest chapter 66 . 3/29
I love your story and hope you continue to update it. Your characters are authentic. I counldn't stop reading the 66 chapters.
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