Reviews for A Winter's Tale
Mad Hatter Massacre chapter 24 . 8/16
I just started foraging in the Game of Thrones fanfiction section and I fear this fic will be the peak/cream of the crop! Your story had my heart in that first moment Jon went to his knees when first reunited with Sansa. You have a talent with words, thank you for writing! :)
Damascus Steel chapter 1 . 7/29
Wow, very addicting story and very well written. Might be the first fanfic I have read that has managed to do full on romance and love scenes without losing all class. I like reading these stories because I'm a romantic, not because Im into garbage smut which is what most fanfiction writing turns into when sex scenes are introduced lol. I enjoy your style of writing, and I am all about some of these random weird ass pairings. Solid story i much enjoyed, so thank you for that, Ser.
Guest chapter 28 . 7/12
Loved the last chapter. Definitely going to go back and read the rest. Don't judge me, I'm a naughty end reader.
broken barriers-gr8rockstarrox chapter 1 . 5/8
I love Jon/Sansa and I don't mind Jaime/Sansa, but I hope it'll be Jonsa in the end!
One-Step-From-Hell chapter 1 . 1/21
Mr. Aanonymous chapter 24 . 12/24/2016
please write longer lemons.
Guest chapter 28 . 12/19/2016
This was amazing! I loved it!
nerdylittlesecret chapter 28 . 10/15/2016
So unbelievably epic, tragic, heartwarming.
You are astonishingly talented.
I only wish you didn't stop there.
I'm yearning to see them rebuild their kingdom.
Aurang Orlong Severian chapter 19 . 10/4/2016
I disliked your Jon to Sansa interactions (as always) but your Jon to Daenaerys interactions left me wanting so much more.
Aurang Orlong Severian chapter 15 . 10/4/2016
What the hell. I know you're writing a romance, but even romance stories can be written without angst.
casema chapter 28 . 7/23/2016
I had to read this again. it is one of my favorite JonSa fics out there! Yours was written 4 years ago but thanks to season 6, there are now more JonSa fics...well written ones too. I hope these two are endgame in the series. They're the only pairing that makes sense.
Guest chapter 28 . 7/22/2016
Loved it better happen in the show tho
Lunabeegood chapter 28 . 7/17/2016
love it. thank you
Guest chapter 8 . 7/15/2016
I started yesterday & have only read 8 chapters right now & I'm wondering wether D&D had read this fic or what..? 'The token', the 'Thank You Sansa' the tender kiss & hugs, it's like I'm watching season 6 all over again, I haven't read the books though, I'm a show casual & as much as the thought of Jon/Sansa making out gross me out, this fic is getting JONSA grow on me, it's insanely good lolz!
naczekm chapter 28 . 7/9/2016
Such a good story! I had to read it all in a day. I couldn't stop! I hope you write more of this pairing! Loved it!
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