Reviews for Back For More
SAERider chapter 75 . 9/23
So, I waited for all my classes and stuff to be over before I read this. So happy I could take my time! Thanks for continuing!
SAERider chapter 74 . 9/4
Aaaah, I want to hug everybody! Mostly Malik for being such a good friend.

This was a wonderful way to take a break (procrastinate) from studying for my anatomy exam tomorrow. So thank you very much for continuing this series :)
MiyasGabriel chapter 73 . 8/14
Hey there, keep up the good work, love your story. I re read this a lot.

I know how it feels with depression and anxiety xc it sucks a lot. *sends vertual hugs*
SAERider chapter 73 . 8/9
Love the entire drunken "drunk" exchange between Aveline, Malik, and Altair. XD
Justagenericusername chapter 73 . 8/9
WOOO! Two chapters in one day, happy reader over here! :D

Poor Altaïr :( He just froze, not good... You were right though, the second half was way funny!
Guest chapter 72 . 7/18
I must bow at your writing, this is too good for words! I hope you update soon!
SAERider chapter 72 . 6/11
XD everybody is so adorkable! Poor Leo though, I really want to hug him.
Guest chapter 60 . 5/12
On Ezio suddenly dislikes Desmond! Why all of a sudden? He seemed cool with him before...Could it be he has a little thing for Altair or is he just being shallow about not knowing...heck could he like Desmond? Oh this is getting sooo good!
Guest chapter 71 . 5/9
YAY YOU UPDATED! Love seeing Altair struggle! Wow Malik is smart, he hit the nail on the head with Connor impending arrival. Hope you updated soon!
SAERider chapter 71 . 5/9
Is it bad that I'm laughing my head off at Altair? As always, eagerly awaiting the next installment, at your leisure
Justagenericusername chapter 71 . 5/9
Great chapter once again! Loving seeing the other half of the story :D Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 70 . 4/19
o.o omg updated! I love getting these questions of went on in altars head answered. I'm dying for Altair's jealous freak out phone call he had in Arabic with Malik. Oh as soon as Desmond walks out total freak out it was beautiful, I couldn't breath lol.
SAERider chapter 70 . 4/19
Thank you so much! This was a wonderful and welcome break to all the studying I've had to do.
Vladimir the Hamster chapter 69 . 3/20
Bagels with gravlax and cream cheese is my absolute faaaave /dies (btw im Darthtofu on ao3)
Guest chapter 69 . 3/19
Loving the story! Keep it up! :D
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