Reviews for I Missed You
xnightdx chapter 1 . 10/1/2012
lol, what made you wanna write it in the first place? I liked it honestly, and I was wondering if there any Rp forums for night school *puppy eyes*
I 3 Cassidy/Teresa
fiesa chapter 1 . 3/18/2012
I am SO not going to stop you!

Plot, no plot, whatever, as long as it is Teresa/Cassidy or just Night School in general or some other fandom we share, this was perfect, and I seriously can't get a coherent thought into my head right now, I apologize.

This is the best present ever!

Thank you so much! I loved the story all the way through, the same way I love every Night School story of yours, and I couldn't stop reading until I came to the last line. Though I tried to read slowly, as to have more of the entire story... I enjoyed every part of it!

Actually, in the first part, I held my breath with Teresa when she called Cassidy. I refused to believe that he was gone, as well.

And I loved the scenes.

Ten and Rese in the kitchen, Teresa making a sandwich.

Teresa sneaking out of her room and into Cassidy's.

Cassidy returning home, sitting on the side of his occupied bed like the shadow hunters can be...

Really, if you decide to write our favorite couple again and the plot makes a bee-line for it, I'm not going to stop either you or the plot! Because the results are amazing, every time again!


Don't worry about answering my messages late. The last two months I've been head-over-heels in work and barely found the time to post anything, or even answer or write messages, and I'm happy to know you still remember me! This story was wonderful.

I'm going to do some work and then return to read it. Maybe even twice. Maybe twice today and twice tomorrow. Or for the rest of the week. Thank you so much! This weekend was wonderful, and you just gave it the perfect final touch.

Take care, okay?