Reviews for Ghosts of Nightmare Past
Akayuki Novak chapter 3 . 7/4/2015
*soft sigh, feels disgusted* Well... that happened. *rolls shoulders, grimacing* That... could have gone worse, but didn't exactly go well. Pegasus went well, Mariku went well, heck, even Bakura went well, but this was messy. Didn't really expect different, but still... urgh.
MysticQ chapter 3 . 5/11/2014
I thought this was a pretty fitting end for this story.
MysticQ chapter 2 . 5/11/2014
I was pleasantly surprised with Pegasus's attitude in this. Makes me happy that he and Yugi's family got on good terms.
MysticQ chapter 1 . 5/11/2014
I'm honestly kind of surprised that Bakura changed. Wonder what he went through to make him let Yugi go. Amazing writing as always.
Rosenkruz chapter 3 . 4/30/2014
This deserves a review that does it justice, and I may not be able to provide one, but I'll try.

In short, this 3-Shot story has almost brought me to tears. The whole love story, the tales of forgiveness, their happy family life... It's been a very beautiful story, and I am proud to have been a member of your audience.

I wish you the best of luck in all of your future projects.
cocainecowgurl chapter 3 . 12/27/2013
you are one talented writer, you really know how to tug at the reader's heart strings and make them feel connected to each character, even sympathize with the villains. there are many authors on this site but not all of them are talented. hell, most can barely string a few sentences together. I think you should have a go at writing a story of your own, with your own characters, your own plot.
Mana's Madness chapter 3 . 10/23/2013
Loved this, and the one this is a sequel to! I didn't review the other properly in my rush to read this one, but I love how Yami turned everything around and was just what Yuugi needed, and the fact that he was set on waiting for Yuugi. I also loved how Yuugi developed here, by becoming his own person, and was able to leave behind every lie he was forced into believing about life. It was great to see that Mariku got what he deserved (Well, everything but death I guess...) for what he did to Yuugi, Ryou, and countless other teens and children. I think Bakura deserved a bigger punishment than what he got, although I guess Mariku was worse, and Bakura didn't make a move upon realizing Yuugi had a good place in life and that there would be no point in doing anything. I just adored Pegasus; while his previous actions wre anything but decent, he was gentler and kinder to Yuugi than the others, only abandoned him due to the love he still had for his wife, and felt guilty until he was able to make up for it. I loved his attitude later as the family friend, and how he eagerly tried to make up for his abscence in Heba's life rather than doing so begrudgingly because he felt he had no choice.
The foster father's punishment also seems just; Yuugi was in character for not actually wishing him dead at heart, and forgiving him for himself. His suffering was deserved after ruining Yuugi's life.
The children were awesome; loved their personalities, it was cool to see Heba as a girl too, that's not done often. Mana's appearence was surprising, but in a good way, and I laughed when Yusei tried to eat the sand. Atem's personality was brilliant, and I honestly wanted to fangirl over him from the part where he was fourteen and onwards (Hey, that's a similar age to me, so that's not as creepy as it might've sounded XD), his personality was amazing and he had a good taste in hobbies as he grew older!

Overall, amazing! Loved it!
Max Crimson chapter 3 . 5/4/2013
Max: You shouldn't down grade yourself like that.
Helen: True. You Have more story's and inspiration than Max over here
Max: HAY!
Sam: I have a question.
Helen: And what is your question my dear?
Sam: Who was Yugi's foster-father?
Max: I don't know
Sam: Was it Solomon?
Max&Helen: HELL NO!
Max: At least I don't think it was him
Helen: Hopefully it's not him.
Daemon Luciel chapter 3 . 2/12/2013
Sorry for not reviewing the other chapters I'm a lazy reviewer like that :p

Where should I start..hmm
First chapter in the beginning was pretty creepy with the way Marik was there… Hell I’m surprised yugi didn't flip instantly but he was locked up PARTY! *confetti in the air*
The whole part with Bakura was actually surprising to me I thought he was gonna be slightly more violent but that just me :p It was really cool that he was cool and peaceful with Yugi. And A smile? From Bakura? Talk about unexpected! He never smiles unless its for evil purposes :p
Two down and…..Wait I know this..Shhhh don’t tell me XD…. TWO MORE TO GO!
For chapter two OMG! Pegasus! He was actually looking for Yugi after kicking him out in such a rude manner! To hell with him even if he gave them so much support. And money. And a house. And aww hell he was still mean to yugi XD It was pretty funny when Heba and Atem were pretty much printing a long list from their heads of things they wanted Pegasus to buy for them LOL! Yami Your still cool even though your not rich!Ps. (((Enjoy the car, but lock the garage door if you invite your husband in with you,there are too many tots in your house to make that care, Pegasus))) Hilarious PS btw
Chapter 3 Yugi sees DADDY?! Oh my gurd! (I know I say this a lot) the one who started it all. Even if he was old and cancerous I would of still beaten him. Cruel I know but hey he deserves it XD
But Yugi is finally free! Yes!
This was not as emotional as the first one but it was awesome being able to read how Yugi healed forgave and moved on with his now amazing life Congrats on this awesome story I really love it :)
JudyTheMangaFreak chapter 3 . 10/3/2012
It was amazing I was hoping to see how you solved all the puzzles you started, and it went pretty well :D Amazing! I hope you would write more
GirlWhoHasNoName chapter 3 . 8/24/2012
Oh wow... This was emotional, I'm telling you. It was. This was the worst - the place where it all started. His stepfather. Man... I can't even begin to imagine what poor Yugi must have felt. I mean, how do you feel when THE person that was supposed to protect you started this whole mess? Man oh man... that is a toughie.

But still you did it. AWESOME!

"a deep tremor beginning from is core and rattling out until it surfaced his skin." GREAT DESCRIPTION I LOVED IT!

"H-help? Help? You ruined my life!" WOW! YOU'RE THE FIRST PERSON WHO DID THAT REALISTICALLY! See, most people make this "happy ending" where someone who went through the stuff as Yugi did, just... magically forgets it all. As though it never happened. Sad reality... IT HAS AN EFFECT ON WHO YOU ARE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. You can just decide if it will be a negative or positive influence, but influence it will have. And Yugi still KNOWING his life was "ruined" (putting that in inverted commas as he met Yami so his life isn't really ruined in the end, but could've been) as he could've led a normal life, just placed realism back into the story. Great work! I'm impressed.

"Avoiding the question, the man gave a hum of approval, "…Yugi chose well, I am proud." " that's probably the ONLY thing the old man and I agree on.

YOU MADE YAMI HUMAN! Lol, what I mean is, some people make Yami this perfect person that can't do anything wrong. Fact is, he's a PERSON and PEOPLE make mistakes. Like the one where he wanted to lash out at the man in front of his children. Not the best course of action in the world, but I understand why. I'm just glad you made him human! Lol, I've always thought of Yami having a bit of a temper XDDDD


GAH! I JUST SAID DON'T LET HIM HEAR THE TRUTH! Damn... Atem has the same temper as his father... Well, if it was me I'd prolly feel the same... Poor Atem D:

"With a final gesture, Yugi nodded as a sign of his forgiveness, but soon looked away with a deep breath and closed his eyes, attempting a new start... a new beginning." Good work, Yugi. We can all look up to you. You are well in your thirties and only now you have begun to live. THIS IS HOW LONG IT TAKES FOR SOMEONE TO GET OVER TRAUMA OF THIS MAGNITUDE! NOT FIFTEEN MINUTES PEOPLE! BLASPHEMY! IT TAKES COUNTLESS YEARS! Great work Candy-girl. Great, great work.

HAH! DON'T TELL YUGI ANYTHING, YAMI! That old man is as crazy as a friggen grasshopper that ate some dagga by mistake. He tells Yugi he did what was best for him and now suddenly he says he deserves his cancer and is sorry? YOUR INCONSISTENCY SICKENS ME, OLD MAN! Just... hush!

I'm glad Atem and Yugi had a little talk afterwards, cause the guilt and confusion must've been awful for both of them.

"It was over now, and he could sleep in peace, but not before praying for his foster father's pain to end. He didn't wish pain on anyone" I don't know if you did this deliberately, but this is one sentence that is soooo true. HOW do you know you've really forgiven someone? It's the day you can look or think of that person and NOT wish for them to suffer. THAT is the day you have honestly forgiven them. Good work. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you'd live through something like this.

"He was finally free." Yes, Yugi... Yes you are *tender smile*

GirlWhoHasNoName chapter 2 . 8/23/2012

DARN HEBA DIDN'T WIN! AND HERE I WAS CHEERING SO HARD. Lolol. Good to know you made Heba be mature about it! Good sportmanship! But uh... the tennis racket at the head sounded fair p

I lol'd at the girls' loud complaining at Mana's diaper. Yeah, those kids DO go at the most inopportune times, but, like you said, they can't help it. But try telling young girls surrounding the baby that! Pfft. They never understand. You captured the reactions of both Yugi as mom, Yami as dad, Atem as teenager and spectators (smelltators?) beautifully!

BWAHAHAHA YAMI AND ATEM STREAKING ON A GIRL'S TOURNAMENT! You know, for some reason, if the "world didn't rest on his shoulders" I Do believe Yami/Atem would have such a mischievous side to him XDDD. But maybe streaking was a little extreme hahahaha but you captured that quality brilliantly! YOU CAN'T BE SMART AND NOT HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR! Oh wait... unless your name is Kaiba.

OHMYGOSH PEGASUS! This one is going to be a toughie. He did nothing... well... torturous to Yugi, but still there are bad memories surrounding the two... Starting with Yugi was only a boy.

I'm glad Yugi stood up against Pegasus. Good! He didn't let his past take control of him! You made the situation a reality. Great work!

YAMI TO DA RESCUE! *insert superhero theme song here* Poor Yugi though. I'm glad he took everything so well. Lol that whole part was amazing I like I like! GREAT WORK!

THEY'RE GOING TO MEET UP IN THE FUTURE?! Well... seeing Pegasus IS Heba's father... Yeah. Guess that is fair. Wonder how Heba will handle it?

"Yugi was excited too, but he was nervous. And whenever he grew silent from it, Yami was there right next to him, bringing out his voice." Ahem... soooooo... did you think this one up or did a guy do this for real? CAUSE I WANT HIS NUMBER DKLFJDKLFJKDJF Gosh CANDY THAT PART WAS SOOOOO SWEET! LOVED IT LOVED IT! NEVER HAD I READ A LINE THAT MADE MY HEART GO AS SOFT AS WITH THIS ONE RIGHT HERE!
Guess that makes me a big softy... ehehehehehe

"but to think of him as a father that dumped her and her mother for another woman and now suddenly wanted to jump back in their life was easier to image than a millionaire father." Wow... shows how brave Heba is... and what a bad life she had already. I would've been the over emotional one and rather try think that my father is a billionaire than think about how he left me and my mom... GO HEBA!

"Daddy Peg"... I don't know why, but I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed until finally most of the funny went away. But it... it just tickled me. I don't know why lololol. Thanks for the laugh XDDD

I'm glad Pegasus thought about Yami and how he would feel in this situation, being the actual provider and all, so GOOD ON YOU... daddy Peg *gigglesnort*
It's normal that Yami would get jealous, buuuuuut, his family showed him otherwise ) THAT IS AWESOME! IT MADE MY HEART ALL FUZZY!

WOOOOW... Lololol I wanna Daddy Peg too XDDDD. YOU DID THE KIDS REACTION TO HIM ASKING WHAT THEY WANTED SOOOOO BEAUTIFULLY! Only wanting more and more without thinking about modesty hahaha.

" Being the millionaire he was, he could afford to have Disneyland dragged to his backyard" THIS FREAKING LINE DESCRIBED HIS WEALTH BETTER THAN ANY LINE I'VE HEARD SO FAR! LOVED IT!

BWAHAHAHAHA PEGASUS'S LETTER TO YAMI WAS HILLARIOUS! LOCK THAT DOOR YAMI! This sounds like it really could work out... not the door! I mean Yami accepting Pegasus into their lives XDDD. I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS! *softy*

Hahaha and here I thought it would be Yami ravishing Yugi? Lol, nonetheless, that paragraph showed they loved each other dearly, which is good. I'M SOO GLAD EVERYTHING WORKED OUT!

Wow... I loved that part where you said another ghost was over and done with, but that this ghost instead turned into hope and support... We should all take our ghosts and turn them to be our greatest allies. THIS CHAPTER MY FRIEND, HELD A LOT OF WISDOM. YOU KEEP TO THAT, YA HEAR?! YOU SPOKE THE TRUTH!

Hahahaha! Yes, cringing at neked... Daddy Peg *gigglesnort and gag*



Who knew I'd ever be on Pegasus' side? SHOCKING! the poor man. XDDD. CAN'T WAIT TO READ THE NEXT CHAPTER!
Darke Eco Freak chapter 3 . 8/20/2012
Yay, Puzzleshipping has it's own little family now! Marik's in jail thanks the Gods but did you really have to include poor little Ryou into this? Oh great, now you have me wanting something on him! Damn you for being such a good author. I expected Bakura to do something...more but this worked for his personality as well, shows that he's still human, somewhere. Pegasus is creepy, as always, but at least he tried to help them, tried to make up for his sins. I will never forgive him but the man's heart is in the right place, if not his mind, so it worked out well, strangely enough.

And lastly, Foster Father. I laughed so hard when I read the part about his having cancer and Yami wanting to beat the crap out of him. Yeah it's supposed to be emotional, what with Atem claiming he would have killed himself if he looked like the guy and all the crying but still. It ended off nicely, with that man in as much pain as possible with a horrible disease for what he did to poor Yugi. This was a wonderful conclusion and sequel, it wrapped up everything perfectly for Yugi and his family.

Buuuttt, if you ever have the time and the inclination, could you do a little one shot about Ryou? I'd like to know how he got involved with Marik, was he kidnapped, was he like Yugi?
GirlWhoHasNoName chapter 1 . 7/24/2012
Okay, before I start this off... there is one line I just have to quote: "some scars do not fade"
That is sooooo true. Sometimes, time can't even heal some scars - they're always there, waiting for a trigger. That is so true. You have listed the most truest thing I've ever read. Beautiful. Hit me to the core.

I'm soooo glad Yugi is back, up and running; and seemingly a lot more mature than he started out. I love the fact that they are a happy family now - yay!

Lol! And Yami having trouble with the boys ogling his pretty daughter! That made me laugh. Especially the way you said it; great wordplay.

I'm honestly relieved that Yugi made peace with his past (Marik and Bakura at least). But I have to say, the way Bakura looked back at Yugi made me kinda... wonder. Here I thought he had no feelings? What was that all about? Hmm... curious.

Another great chapy! On to the next one! Yay!
Kieran-Prince chapter 3 . 7/19/2012
I'm sorry you lost your inspiration for the story. I can fully understand why and inspiration really isn't something that can be forced. And I know the feeling of not wanting to abandon a story either.

That considering, I can say that this chapter did feel kind of forced. But despite that, I think it was a good ending for Yugi's ghosts. And I absolutely adore the fact that Atem and Yugi are basically helping each other deal with their sadness towards the end.

I don't really think I need to address my complete disgust for Yugi's foster father, since it may be obvious. But the compassionate part of me feels bad for him. Even though what he did to Yugi was absolutely disgusting and he deserves any bad thing that happens to him, I'm just not sure how to feel about him having cancer. Yeah, he deserves to suffer, I do agree with that. I don't know. I don't know what to think at the moment.

Sorry again about your inspiration, but I hope that the rest of your stories are going well. :)
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