Reviews for A Difference in the Family: The Snape Chronicles
Era chapter 39 . 4/23
Actually Moaning Myrtle was a ravenclaw
blackrose9 chapter 64 . 4/5
such a wonderful, sad story. poor severus.

you write very well. it was wonderful to have more depth to his character and to see how harrys growing hatred blinded him. well done.
RedzoneJoe chapter 1 . 3/31
A remarkably well written and well thought-out story. I enjoyed reading every chapter. I'm off now to see what else you've written, because after finishing this one could do nothing less.
Yung Warrior chapter 64 . 3/28
Easily one of the best Snape fics ever written. It is clear that you have a masterful grasp on writing, as well as a love for the source material. Nice job with this one.
HesterValentine chapter 64 . 2/18
This was one of the best fanfictions I've ever read (admittedly, I haven't read many). The few inconsistencies can be put aside as the brilliant storytelling and flow of this is just... it's just remarkable.
redrasbora chapter 64 . 2/17
My heart feels ripped out as well. Amazingly detailed story and really loved that Snape was into science and not ignorant to muggle things. Thank you for brilliant read!
HermyLuna2 chapter 64 . 2/11
This made me tear up; stories about Snape make me tear up more easily than others, but this is probably the best fanfiction ever written. I never understood why people called fanfiction better than the books they're based on, but this story actually IS written in a better way. I think calling this 'the eighth Harry Potter book' is an insult! It's depressing, intelligent, deep and beautifully written.
HermyLuna2 chapter 6 . 2/9
I don't know what it is with your writing style. It's so... deep. You took so much care to portray every event and character. Severus' stammering is super adorable.
HermyLuna2 chapter 5 . 2/9
I had read the first chapter of this story once, but thought it was alternate universe so I stopped reading. Now I'm reading it again and I just had to get used to Severus being called 'Russ, that was all. So far, I think Snape is out of character here. Usually, this bothers me. A lot. Not here though. Snape here is kind of ooc, but he's better. More wonderful than in the books. Your writing style is, without doubt, beautiful, splendid. It's almost a shame that it's 'wasted' on fanfiction. That's the key here, this is better than fanfiction. Snape and Lily's obsession with astronouts is really thoughtful. Is it a metaphor of some sorts? You really have a talent for creating atmosphere and the greater context.
baie-baie chapter 64 . 1/19
This is fantastic.
Person chapter 64 . 1/11
Me again. I was looking at Harry Potter wiki under Headmaster Portraits and at the very bottom by trivia, it said that Snape initially didn't get his portrait because of his questionable loyalties during the war but Harry later convince Mcgonagal to make him one. Just in case you are interested in making a epilogue chapter. I think i'd be interesting to explore Snape's response to being a Hogwarts portrait and his reaction to realizing it was Harry who convinced them to paint his portrait. Not to mention that Harry named one of his children after Snape and Albus. Anyway, just something to feed your muse if you're up for it.
Person chapter 64 . 1/11
My heart feels like someone ripped it out of my chest. Its just I KNEW how it would end, but I still can't get over it. I was crying by the last line. i started this story to get over Snape's death in the book, and his only made my sorrow worse. Now I'm an emotional wreck. :( but it was AMAZING and I am privileged to found a fic completed by such a dedicated author. Thank you for this journey. It stayed true to Snape and the books all throughout. Everything was perfect. I don't know if I'll ever be lucky enough to come across a hp story as good as this one ever again. Thank you. (Now off to read the rest of your stories).
Literary Snob chapter 64 . 1/7
The best Harry Potter story ever. That includes JKR's work. Amazing.
AnglBunny chapter 64 . 1/1
This is definitely the best Severus fanfiction I've ever read. I'm willing to just accept this as canon! I love the history you created for him - the family (Nana, Gra, etc), the childhood, his interest in astronomy, everything. Severus has always been my favorite but the books never expanded much beyond him being bullied and being "in love" with Lily (although I'd like to think his feelings were platonic). The first half of your work was an interesting read because we got to witness how Severus gradually mastered skills we saw in the books (i.e. dark arts, potions) and also how his views were shaped. The second half was also good because it was refreshing see things from his perspective as opposed to that of the brat Potter. Anyway, I enjoyed every single word of your story. Thank you so much for posting this.
tallfry chapter 64 . 12/17/2014
I don't write reviews ever, but I am making an exception for this story. It is hands down the best Harry Potter fan fiction out there. Seriously, read this. It is not a stretch to call this the unofficial 8th novel. Thank you, author, for writing a Harry Potter story that is on par, if not exceeds, JK Rowling's original works.
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