Reviews for A Difference in the Family: The Snape Chronicles
Linda Parker chapter 64 . 2/20/2018
I finished the last chapter last night, and I when I tried to review it, I had no words to describe just how excellent this story is. Now that the ending has had time to set in, here goes: the beginning (before Russ goes to Hogwarts) was just perfect. I never quite pictured his life like that, but this dark and bittersweet way was undoubtably the best. I wish that his Hogwarts years had been better elaborated on and that his relationship with Lily had more emotion to it, just because when Severus’s emotions finally start coming through about how much Lily meant to him, it wouldn’t quite be such a surprise to us as readers. The thing about Dr Carmichael was hilarious and one of the best parts! The twist on Eileen and Toby’s death was so cruel but just perfect. And Phina and Moody and McGonagall and Dumbledore... everything was perfect. Even though I already knew what the ending would be it stole my breath and left me with a huge hole in my heart. The slightly disconnected writing was fantastic and really pulled the whole thing together. I’ve recently gotten into reading HP fan fiction and this is one of the best I’ve read so far. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read another Severus Snape one just because nothing can compare. Thank you for writing this :)
Guest chapter 64 . 1/28/2018
Beautiful. Just beautiful. I have been reading this story for what seems like years; savouring it, laughing out loud and crying over it in a way that only fans of Rowling books could know. The detailed research and intricacy of this elaborate and decadent piece of literature echoes its muse to perfection. A triumph. I only wish I could place it on my shelf with its brother. Thank you.
Deakydeaks chapter 64 . 1/20/2018
Wow. What a fantastic, in depth, detailed story. I loved it from start to end. I really appreciated the detail to keep it canon compliant. Really gives an amazing insight into his character and an adult's perspective of canon events. Wonderful.
One small thing - Snape sees the thestrals pulling the carriages as an adult and seems to have no knowledge of them - however as a student he's feeding them with Hagrid? Obviously he can't see them in the earlier encounter but he must have some knowledge.
Anyway, amazing story. Thanks ️
Guest chapter 3 . 1/17/2018
I remember someone saying that they wanted the Harry Potter books from snape’s perspective; I think this is it!
Guest chapter 64 . 1/5/2018
a very wonderful story... i am one of those who find severus snape even more fascinating than harry potter ...hats off to the writer
CarminaVulcana chapter 1 . 1/2/2018
I just read your story for the second time. And I am writing this review through a haze of tears. You told Severus' story in a manner that gives him the dignity he was denied for the entirety of the series. Your story makes him come alive and I cannot thank you enough for writing it. He was more than a spy, more than a death eater that turned to the other side. He was a flesh-and-blood man who felt emotions that were never really talked about in the books. He had people he cared about other than Lily. He had a story that JK Rowling didn't tell us. You did. And I am grateful for that. You are a wonderful writer. Thank you. Thank you for this gem.
SaDiablo394 chapter 29 . 12/10/2017
Bet she poisoned herself. Snape maybe doesn’t, but I do find her repulsive, slimy old bat. If this was the other way around, it would’ve ended after the welcoming feast and labeled as sexual harassment, disgusting from start to finish and I’m hopeful this all soon will be over. The good thing that came out of it: Snape blushing no more with any sex reference. The bad thing: Even more ideas about hiding his true self, more thoughts on how to become unreadable, someone else. It just makes me sad. (Also I dunno about the release of the movies but first I thought it’s Mrs Doubtfire but now I think more Tootsie. :D)
Guest chapter 64 . 12/9/2017
SaDiablo394 chapter 25 . 12/4/2017
Love it. Loved all the Hamlet references and parallels with the ghost, and also the ending. Snape’s teacher personality’s starting to shape up.
SaDiablo394 chapter 18 . 11/30/2017
Since my point of view has always been more dramatic and romantic than it’s depicted in this particular part of the story (which also corresponds with Snape’s sometimes even blind loyalty to Lily through Harry), it’s hard for me to believe that the goodbye between him and Lily would be like that (or between him and James) because then I can’t really imagine his loyalty to such an extent later on in the story if this goodbye was such shallow and distant (it goes perfectly with this whole story though so I just can’t wait how it unfolds) ... but also, this story gave them more time and friendliness in the end than I could’ve asked for. So either they will meet again which will deepen his anger and spite (because we know he hated to owe James for saving his life) or it will stay like this and the hate will flow through the poisonous talks of Death Eaters only. Oh god I wish we could see him with Lily one last time. :(
Snape chapter 61 . 11/30/2017
You clearly have no understanding of Voldemort's character. Rowling's villain was never as banal and one-note as you write him. What a joke.
Snape chapter 59 . 11/30/2017
Snape's thoughts on Malfoy's injuries are completely one-sided. He never once asks who started the fight and thus has no idea that Draco was about to use an Unforgivable Curse on Harry. Of course, Snape wouldn't have cared or would have found some way to make Harry the villain. Your fanfic does not match canon at all. There are dozens of little gaps everywhere. Snape wasn't a good man. He was brave, yes, but a cruel bully to the end. Spiteful, bitter and petty.
Snapeswidow chapter 64 . 11/29/2017
Wow, just wow. I am at a loss for words. This was truly amazing. Finally canon told from Severus' point of view that is believable. I loved how you opened the window and let us peek in at Severus' childhood. I love how even after more years in the Wizarding then muggle, he still held onto his muggle roots by going to plays, eating in muggle establishment, and even grocery shopping the muggle way. Your ending is perfect and brings the relationship between Snape Hagrid and Snape and Minerva full circle. I like to believe that Min saw him sort of like a son or nephew and that in the end, even in JKRs Canon, that she made sure Severus got the proper burial he deserved.
SaDiablo394 chapter 12 . 11/26/2017
Powerful chapter, especially the ending (but the part with Hagrid was so sweet before it turned black). I know how these things work and am glad Severus had at least the grandmother to lean on (though it didn’t much help in the long run, at least a tiny little bit). I was appalled once again by the parents and I’m intrigued what happens next (though the recruitment on one side and the bullying on another is not something to cheer for)... but still I’m excited how the story develops further.
SaDiablo394 chapter 8 . 11/24/2017
“There were no hugs because there never were.” It honestly breaks my heart to think the mother never wrote him, not even once. Over the years, my headcanon’s always been more severe than in this story, about the abuse Snape endured as a child from his father, actually both he and his mother. I felt sympathy for Eileen nevertheless because it’s truly horrible to be on the other side of addiction and domestic violence. In this story, I have zero sympathy for her. It perfectly follows one pattern that actually happened in my family; Severus having a loving and caring grandmother who educates him in fun ways, makes him feel helpful and as an adult with actually remembering that still he’s only. a. CHILD. So how come such a lady has a daughter who acts totally indifferent, distant, cold, not resembling her mother’s tenderness at all? It’s really, really painful for me to read at this point, because Snape is my ultimate favourite from hp universe and one of the most misunderstood characters there is. I know this is just chapter 8, but even now I know I can say everyone who “hates” Snape and is not able to see the full picture should read this. So far, I’m completely satisfied with the story.
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