Reviews for A Difference in the Family: The Snape Chronicles
kickthemoon chapter 64 . 3/4/2016
I've spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks reading the comprehensive history of Russ Snape, it's been a fantastic journey with great writing and a clear, intelligent plot. I don't know how I had never come across this story before but I'm glad that I eventually found it. Great work which should be more widely known.
Guest chapter 64 . 3/2/2016
Holy shit this is fantastic. Literally marathoned this in the middle of midterm week, no regrets.
WriterJace chapter 64 . 2/25/2016
I wanted to write Severus' story as well, but I never could have done it as well as you did, and I felt intimidated by what a big task it was. Kudos!
Aditi chapter 64 . 2/5/2016
You write so so well. Really. The attention to detail (though you slipped in the timing in this last chapter) his thoughts, his character the dark lord and especially, Macnair! That was really clever and interesting foray into the world of death eaters that was still believable.
I am, again, surprised at the small quantity of reviews thi story has received. It's worth so much more. Such dedicated writing and the great care with which the characters have been developed and matured (in case of snape) is amazing and so satisfying to read. Seriously, this is a little slow burning but any thing for a good story!
You are such a good writer. I get the feeling that you're writin for practice more than attention. I'm going to check out your other fics.
Very, very good read. Thank you for choosing the overlooked characters (god or bad) !
Aditi chapter 64 . 2/5/2016
Oh god. I cant stop crying. I've read the deathly hallows a thousand times and I was still hoping for a different ending. And an Rickman in dead too! So unfair!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/2/2016
This is a spectacular work. You've managed to fill in the details of Snape's life with such finesse and plausibility that it seems impossible any other version could be "correct." I particularly liked your handling of prickly and abusive characters, showing how love, fear, and co-dependence intertwine without resorting to flattened roles of victim and perpetrator, as well as your humanizing the villains without making excuses for them. Terrific work, and much appreciated.
bogie88 chapter 64 . 1/26/2016
That was simply marvelous, Rannaro. I was spell-bound through the week it took me to complete your epic, and I'm still wiping away the tears as I write this. I particularly loved the attention you paid to Snape's early years in Lancashire, his boyish nature that occasionally breaks through the painful isolation, and his relationship with Moody was fascinating. I could quibble on some characterizations of certain points of Snape's life, but that is just my head-canon sometimes getting in the way, and no reflection at all on the quality of this work. I really appreciated the emphasis on Snape being small with rickets thanks to his poor childhood nutrition-so many fan works have him towering over everyone. I have to say, as well, that I loved the relationship with Moody. Thanks for sharing your writing, and I look forward to more!
Guest chapter 64 . 1/26/2016
Just finished reading this wonderfully written work last night and I am in withdrawal! I very much enjoyed this story... and hope that the writer will do more works! Thank you for fleshing out Snape's story. Now I miss him even more!
Saudade chapter 24 . 1/22/2016
What an irony it is that just like the character of Snape, this work too remains neglected and under-appreciated.
I was surprised too see that there were only 200 something reviews of this work. This is by far, the most original and detailed work of fiction I have encountered on this site. This is what I've been yearning for- to read as well as write. Sadly my writing skills leave a lot to be desired and I suffer from a perpetual case of writer's block let's just say.
Most of the works are silly things or they're slash. I love that romance has no place in this Snape's life. In fact you have made him so cold and detached (and so Capricorn) that I doubted even his love for Lily.
The question of basic physical attraction too does not arise interestingly. Snape focuses on work, watching out for himself and science. I like to read his thoughts, his inner mechanisms all of it.
This Snape is more real than the book Snape. It just makes me wonder if he was just edited out or purposely left vague by Rowling so as to tweak the ending to her leisure.
And the world! The political developments, the scientific achievements, everything is timed and gradual exactly as if the writer too grew up amidst the same time period or just keenly remembers everything or has done her/his research extremely well. Anyway its impressive and the dedication to detail (to characters -development and creation; to dialogue delivery; to the perfectly executed scenes of the court) is applaud worhy.
I am extremely glad that I chanced upon this work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this may be a complete work. I know I can just skip ahead nd check but I like to wait because then the result is sweeter.
And yes, one does need patience to read this but it's like Game of Thrones- there would be a pattern forming and then the writer will go and shock you despite the fact that you predicted the exact same turn in the story yourself.
It is this knowledge of the plot and command over the words (of the writer) that has made me stick to this novellesque work of fanfiction without even realising that I'd crossed 20 chapters in two days.
And yes, I cried with Snape when he was going through that tough time. Congratulations Rannaro, on your ability to make a sad old boring character and turn him into a hero.
JenniferR chapter 5 . 1/17/2016
-I am really enjoying this. It gives me insight on Snape's early life.
yankeenkw22 chapter 1 . 1/15/2016
I love this story! I couldn't put it down. The only thing I wish I could have seen in this story is how harry had fought to have Severus recognized as a good guy and had his picture put up in the headmasters office but other than that it was wonderful. I would definitely read this story over again like I do with the harry potter books. Thank u for such an amazing story.
Jazzy3113 chapter 23 . 1/13/2016
Let me start the review by saying this is a great piece of writing for Snape fans. Well researched, ridiculously long and detailed back story and rich descriptions that were able to arouse emotion when reading. I have barely read any fan fiction – why read amateur writing when there is such a wealth of professional literature out there already reviewed - but came across a mention of this story so many times, I wanted to read it. I was not disappointed. I recommend this story to Snape fans who want to fill in the gaps, who thought the one chapter dedicated to him in the final book was woefully short and just want to read more about the most interesting character in the Harry Potter universe.
But it’s boring to talk about why the story is great (which it is). I just wanted to point out things I would have changed. I like discussion and hearing how differently people imagined this character’s life. In fact reading this has inspired me to write a Snape story, but I am so lazy it probably will just vegetate in my imagination forever.
I am not sure how the writing process flowed or which part were written first. But the back story had much better delivery than the next phase. Why is that? I was not really interested in Snape’s experience at Hogwarts. I wanted to get immediately to the excitement and danger of the Dark Lord. But I felt I owed the author the courtesy of reading it, since she obviously invested so much time and thought. But it felt too much like a retread of the Harry Potter books. We have already experienced the awesomeness of the Hogwarts environment. I wanted to experience the outside Wizarding world.
I did enjoy the interactions with Snape and the pack of 4. Great job showing how Snape was bullied, similar to Harry. But man did I not enjoy the way she took the James, Lily and Snape relationship. I feel like Snape would have gotten so attached to Lily, to an almost stalkerish level. But she had him bow gracefully out of the way? No pining? No anger that his archenemy’s bad behavior was rewarded by getting the dream girl? In canon, yes James matures, but I feel like the wounds go too deep. We have all this build up and the Snape wishes them well and threatens James to treat her right by giving a brotherly warning? He joins the death eaters and she isn’t always in his thoughts? He barely mentions her, then hears the prophecy and suddenly is scared for her. To be honest, the way the story developed, it was more believable to me that he would be motivated to turn good based on the way his Nan died, not due to Lily.
There was great build up and then the love for Lily never materializes. It did not feel very canon like to me in that regard. You feel the friendship, but she never makes the jump to Snape loving her romantically. Strange I thought. Also, so much time was dedicated to Snape at Hogwarts, and this decision to turn against the dark seemed so rushed. I loved that he was being used more as a back office guy than a fighter. But I would have loved to have seen him struggle more with turning turncoat. Snap was too good throughout. I want him flawed, to have more of a bad side. Struggle with his hate for society that gave him a rough childhood, his need to get respect and fear from others, and his love for Lily. He was too likeable. Same criticism I have for Harry in the canon. Have him do some real bad and then feel remorse.
I wanted Snape to join Hogwarts after Vold perished. Wanted more persecution of him and wanted more of a struggle to get him the teaching post. It was like the decision was made in 5 minutes. Dumbledore did not have to do much to win Snape’s allegiance. For a character so untrusting, it did not ring true. I don’t understand how the first part of the story was slow and had nice buildup and then all these important events in Snape’s life, the moments I wanted rich detail on, happen in a flash. It is almost like there were two authors.
Having Snape tutor whole classes while he was still in school was a brilliant bit of backstory though. It would have adequately prepared him to teach at such a young age. But he was not a well-known death eater? He should have been. The other teachers should have been more wary at this teaching appointment. And I appreciate the backstory with Hagrid, but that did not ring true either. In canon, he has contempt for the gamekeeper, and that could never be true if he had been so close to him as a youngster. The role Hagrid performed was well thought out but a new character should have been created. Hagrid’s bumbling, but well-meaning demeanor never would have resonated with Snape. And Hagrid is known to leak secrets. He being privy to Snape’s double dealings really doesn’t mesh well with canon.
Anyway, my criticisms are more of how I interpreted Snape vs. the author’s interpretation. Have nothing bad to say about the actual writing.
Guest chapter 64 . 1/10/2016
Very few stories manage to move me emotionally but yours had me actually shed a few tears. I love this story and I consider it canon. Thank you for wonderful piece of work.
HologramFox chapter 64 . 1/8/2016
This has been by far the beast fanfiction I've read about Severus Snape. I love how you described him through his life, his fascination with the space missions and the magic books that his great grandfather had, how much he liked to read mystery books, and so much more. I love it so much that the ending broke my heart but at least I understood a lot about his actions on the HP saga.
And the last scene made me smile a little bit because he had someone to mourn his death.
Guest chapter 64 . 1/5/2016
This was an awesome story. So well written, and it portrayed Snape is such spectacular way that made him seem so human. Thank you.
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