Reviews for A Difference in the Family: The Snape Chronicles
Tsope chapter 1 . 12/18/2012
I don't know what to say... I've finally reached the end, and now I'm just sitting here, crying.

This story is honestly the best I've ever read on Fanfiction, and I cannot understand why this story has so few reviews and favourites.

I hereby accept this as canon. No one, except J. K. Rowling herself, could possibly rival this masterpiece.
dash11 chapter 1 . 12/14/2012
Can I just say that I love this story?! WOW! I cannot for the life of me understand why this doesn't have more reviews; it's very long and you posted it very quickly and that's GOT to be the reason. Cause this is awesome...

There's so much posted here at fanfiction that I don't read many Harry Potter stories that haven't earned over 1000 reviews - that's my way of cutting out some of the lower quality stuff - but somehow I found your writing and I've been stuck here since then.

I love your humor. I've been chortling all day at the line "I'm torn between becoming a numismatist or a spelunker." (from chapter 16) This story is filled with deadpan humor, and it's just perfect.

I also love the tricks - the clever pranks, the complicated interactions between all the Slytherins. The various DADA professors are really fun too. You think out entertaining plots to fill out the huge gaps that Rowling gives us.

I love the way the tone of the story shifts, very subtly, as Snape grows older. I like how you changed Snape's name - I didn't even notice when Russ become Severus. Or when Severus became Snape. I mean, at some point I realized it had happened, but the transition was so smooth that I didn't notice it when it did happen.

This is shockingly canon-compliant. I mean, you've obviously changed some things (artistic license and all that), but you've managed to place completely new perspective on canon without rendering the original plot or characters unrecognisable. Not many people can do that (I've only seen one other author manage it besides you), and it creates some of the best stories. Brava!

This is probably the longest review I've ever left - of course I'm a horrible fanfic-er and rarely review at all - but I absolutely had to share my opinion of this story. Thank-you so much for sharing!
Owl Winter chapter 64 . 12/14/2012
Fantastic story, brilliantly written!
CastlePhoenix chapter 64 . 12/8/2012
I just wanted to record my appreciation here - in recognition of the time and extraordinary effort you must have put into creating such a story as this. What is perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this story is that, despite my own interpretation of Snape and his backstory conflicting occasionally with what your story provided, your skill at constructing both characters and plot was enough that I appreciated your story nonetheless. It is a talent I hope you can put to good use creating your own works. Finally, I commend your final section which was perhaps the most moving of the entire story - the point when the reader finally realises that Snape's story is over. He is no longer the storyteller.

I hope you do not take my words as criticism because I wish only to let you know that one more person has read and enjoyed your story. Thank you for telling this tale.

F3rn chapter 64 . 12/3/2012
And so, I reach the end.

You are quite an extraordinary writer, you know. If you are as talented with your own characters as with Jo Rowling's then you surely have the capability to be as celebrated an author as Ms Rowling herself. Where to begin?

Perhaps the most astonishing thing about this story is its lack of reviews. Admittedly, it has more than any of my menial attempts at fanfiction, but compared to some of the big ones out there, it has surprisingly little recognition. However, selfish though it may be, I am rather glad. I have come across some truly astounding writing on fanfiction dot net, but it has already had thousands of reviews, and I very much doubt that mine will have made that much difference or that they will even have been read. But here, (despite the fact that this was reccommended to me by a friend) I can hold onto this and treasure it knowing how few people really know of it. It is like the literature version of a secret den. But anyhow, I digress.

This is the most poignant representation of Severus Snape that I have ever come across. No, I am not giving it its full due; it is not a representation of Severus Snape, it is Severus Snape. This is the man himself, from start to finish, as promised.

You have considered every angle, left no possible intricacy unexplored. This reduced me to tears, something very few stories have the capability to do.

You realized the relationship between Severus and Lily before Book seven even came out? You are a genius. Pure and simple, you are a genius.

My favourite bits in the story:

'With the logic inherent in all families who spend an inordinate time choosing names, the little boy was never called any variant of Richard, everybody for some reason settling on the nickname Russ. The neighbors, in fact, labored all his life under the misconception that his name was Russell.' How wonderful. I have two brothers and a sister, and all of us have been given ridiculous nicknames, which have long and complicated origins. (Feathers, Barnstaple, Squee and Woode, in case you were interested.) This touched me right in that little, "I understand exactly" place, for want of a better explanation.

'Russ was doing his maths work when a small click caught his attention, and he looked up to see that three rows ahead of him a girl had dropped her pen on the floor. She bent down to retrieve the pen, and the miracle occurred. Her hand still inches away from it, the pen suddenly leapt upwards and into her grasp. Russ couldn't believe his eyes. A muggle had just performed a wandless summoning spell. A red-haired muggle girl of no account whose name, as Russ knew, was Lily Evans.' I had never thought before to envisage how Severus first realized that Lily was a witch, and now this will always be my answer, whatever JKR may say.

'On an impulse, Remus stretched out his hand. "Pax?" he asked.
Severus hesitated, his cold eyes glittering in the moonlight. Then he took Remus's hand very briefly. "Pax," he replied.' He didn't really let go, but maybe just a bit.

'Handing him a glass of the wine, Phina pulled Snape down onto a cherry-red loveseat with rounded back and arms. "Kiss me, dahling," she intoned in a neoclassical '30s drawl, and encircled his neck with her arms, still holding the wineglass. Trying not to laugh, Snape did as he was told, and the first touch of their lips reminded him why he enjoyed her company so much. He managed to deftly remove the glass from her hand, and they kissed lingeringly, lost in the moment of intimacy.' I'm so glad Snape had a bit of love. Even though she died, it felt right.

And the entire last section, from 'McGonagall and Hagrid came for him after it was all over' to 'Because, for time out of mind, there have been witches in Pendle.' I was crying the whole way through.

I hope you don't mind how long this review is. I do have a tendency to get a little carried away.
Flags-R-Us chapter 64 . 11/26/2012
Truly brilliant. I have come to the realization that Severus Snape is one of the hardest characters to write about-he has such a complex background, his character holds so much depth, and JK Rowling sure left a lot of gaps in his life. I applaud you for writing this chronicle on his life. Though it may not be the official life Rowling imagined of Snape, this story filled in many moments of Snape's life that I always wondering about in the actual Harry Potter series

Overall, please continue to post on here. FanFiction does not have the reputation of hosting well-thought stores, but when I see a series like this it makes me remember why I come on this site.

Sometime in the next few years, I hope to find the time to resume posting stories on here. But not the ones I was doing; but to write the ones that require more depth to truely enjoy-like this one.
rachel.marie1210 chapter 64 . 10/13/2012
This is beautifully written. I've been recommending this to everyone I know for days, and will continue to always do so. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.
tiffany palmer chapter 64 . 10/6/2012
Excellent! I loved everybit of this story. Truly amazing only Rowling could have done it better..I must admit that STS is my favorite HP character and Iwas hoping he lived... but alas u really stuck to the story line even killin dear sevvy... this is still my fav fanfic I'm hopin that the other snape story that goes with this story has him alive and not as a memory or portrait
ShortySC22 chapter 64 . 9/23/2012
I absolutely LOVED this story, it took me forever to finish but I could not put this story down at all! There's so much I loved about this story and the details, the relationship Snape had developed with Phina, his past, Mrs. Hanson and his neverendign frustration with Harry.

Lovely story and I can't wait to read more of your other stories.
shhIwasn'there chapter 64 . 9/22/2012
You are brilliant. I absolutely loved your writing. I loved your characterizations. I admire the ingenuity of the way you showed everything, almost every single event of the canon, through Snape's eyes; and how you manipulated it in a way that even at his pettiest moments in the books, he still came out noble here. I love the original bits about the Apollo obsession, Mrs. Hanson, the fox patronus, nights at the theater (the part about Hamlet especially) and Delphina, his relationship with Moody (boyo I loved that one!) and other staff at hogwarts. and of course...Lily's rock. That bit always got me emotional. But most of all I loved how Snape's psyche worked and was moved by his near suicides and tantrums.

The only thing that let me down the tiniest bit was his death. I wanted him to look into Harry's eyes and let all the doors that had been locked for years open. I wanted him to hear the voice he loved best as a child to echo in his mind 10, 9, 8... before he went to the moon.

I did wonder about one part as well. After he graduated from Hogwarts he was so angry that he couldn't go to muggle college cuz he didn't have A levels. But he had bought so many books on muggle subjects and studied them and was so smart...why couldn't he just sit the exam? besides he is a wizard. I know you wanted him to be too honest to cheat his way in using magic, but wouldn't that have been better than the alternative? especially since he already knew the material it wasn't really cheating?

I believe this story really deserves way more reviews. Probably you must have uploaded it all at once and people are reluctant to read this much all at once with few reviews to recommend it. I'm going to recommend this amazing piece of literature on any forum I go.

Out of curiosity, what do you teach?
KawaiiRiniBunny chapter 8 . 9/19/2012
I don't understand why this story doesn't have millions of reviews. It's the greatest Snape-centered story I've read yet. Honestly, this is so well written, it's almost canon. Fantastic job.
MerryLore chapter 64 . 8/28/2012
What an amazing story! Very well done, and I loved many of the explanations you gave. Bravo!
Iva1201 chapter 64 . 8/27/2012
I remember this one, excellent story!
justanotherweasley77 chapter 64 . 8/19/2012
Wow. This is so freaking fantastic! Snape is so interesting... I neither like nor dislike him because he is so complex and one of the best characters ever written by anyone. This really opened my views of him and I really love how specific every part was. (the Carmichael part was one of my favorites.) and you completely rationalized his love for Lily. Really it's just great! I also love Reflections in the Silver Mist and both Elementary, my Dear Potters.
shyfoxling chapter 64 . 8/18/2012
I am actually crying here, in a way I don't think I did when that scene happened in the book... and I'm not even sure what to write in this review, just that after nearly 650,000 words I feel I ought to say something (especially since I almost never stick around to read a fic that long - it's like reading 2/3 of the series itself over again). But this was a wonderful experience to go through.
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