Reviews for A Difference in the Family: The Snape Chronicles
Holywater.Sunlight chapter 64 . 5/23/2012
I think your story is extraordinary in every sense and, at least to me, it seems you have captured the essence of the characters and the work of Harry Potter itself. It is apparent the sheer amount of detail and thought you have put into developing this and I am very grateful for it. I also appreciate that you did not try to excuse or to mellow anything "bad" about Severus Snape as so many do when they write about him.

In the end, I suppose I can't really express how much I loved your story, but it drew me on an emotional journey and was simply a joy to read.
GryffindorGirl11 chapter 64 . 5/12/2012
I love this story. The last chapter almost made me cry. when you think about it Snape had such a sad life. He was basically a prisnor for all of it. It is sad when you think about it. You did abreally good job and I really enjoyed reading this story.
Dark-Side-Of-Dawn chapter 64 . 5/3/2012
This is my all time favorite Severus fic EVER! I have been used to stories where he's shown to be a master occlumens and almost super-heroish, and this was a breath of fresh air! I really appreciate how you portrayed him as such a fascinatingly complex person, an actual human with feelings beneath the icy exterior we all love. Even though I knew from the beginning that it would follow canon, I couldn't stop myself at times from hoping that just maybe...

Still, my perception of canon Sev has changed and expanded thanks to this story. The wealth of detail you brought to life of the area and times he grew up in was amazing, and I can totally see a young Sev finding the space program as facinating as I had in my youth!

I'm not ashamed to say that I read his death and funeral scenes through a haze of tears. That's a feat rarely accomplished, and only the best of authors have done so. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! Along with the 'sequels', this is one I'll never forget!


ps: Thanks for finding and fixing that chapter glich so fast! I was very happy to see the message when I woke the next morning and was able to continue!
Dark-Side-Of-Dawn chapter 35 . 4/28/2012
I absolutely love this story every bit as much as the others! There's one problem tho, there seems to be a chapter missing here. The menace revealed I believe was the title on the ffn chapter list for this chapter, yet the title you give within the post was the hidden menace. In any case, is this something you can fix or would it be possible to send the chapter so I can see how Snape reacts to Quirrel's 'secret'? I would be ever so greatful!

GryffindorGirl11 chapter 35 . 4/27/2012
I don't exactly get the whole "rigged" thing. Did Snape mean the snitch of Quirrell or the broom or what?
BlueWater5 chapter 63 . 4/26/2012
Brilliant! Gret concept and almost perfectly written. I was dreading the ending, almost hoping it could be different but knowing it would follow canon. Perhaps one last chapter analagous to the King's Crossing scene talking about Snape's entrance into the afterlife? I'm also enjoying The Middle Years.
LaTashaMalfoy chapter 24 . 4/23/2012
This chapter honestly made me cry, Severus hearing Lily and his mother's voices. Really sad, but beautiful! You are an amazing writer!
DMMA chapter 56 . 4/21/2012
Snape was actually in the Slug Club, and Slughorn regarded him highly. I forgot to mention that earlier.
LaTashaMalfoy chapter 18 . 4/19/2012
This chapter made me cry :'( Snape is gone from Hogwarts. I never do good with good-byes but this one got to me :'(
LaTashaMalfoy chapter 17 . 4/18/2012
I loved this chapter with the werewolves and James and Severus finally becoming...acquaintances. :)
Nina Sawdon chapter 63 . 4/17/2012
This is absolutely the best "story" written. (Should really be a published novel).

I loved the explanation of why Snape was the way he is. It is consistent throughout and believable. Also, the explanations of his teaching years and finally how it ended. No one knows who face they see at the end (hopefully G_d); but Lily may have been his biggest regret; not so much for loving her; but because she was really the only friend he ever had and he hurt her badly. (although I have to say I am not a big fan of Lily's - but I can understand her not forgiving Sev for the insult - been insulted too many times by the same person and they expect to be forgiven each & every time - doesn't happen).

Never a big fan of Dumbledore's and it would have been interesting to see if he believes he cared for Snape (I think he would have been fooling himself) or if he just saw him simply as a tool that had to be manipulated.

People are complex and what might be a reason at one time is not the reason for a behavior the second time. I think you captured this very well and even the friendship with Hagrid, while somewhat difficult to believe on an intellectually ground, is believeable when all you want is someone to accept you and listen to you and believe in you and that is what Hagrid does.

Sorry so long; this is one of the very few stories I have printed off so I can read it on the nights when I can't sleep and need something to take my mind off my worries.
DMMA chapter 33 . 4/15/2012
Nagini is actually just great. I mean she's so great. I'm intrigued to see if Snape and Voldemort will meet again in the next chapter and how he'll convince him he didn't stop serving him.
justicejustice chapter 1 . 4/15/2012
I approve! I was reading this and then the site that hosted it went down- thank God it's here. I got as far as Severus' first years teaching at Hogwarts and I thought it all was great and insightful. I can't wait to read your later stuff! Thanks for making the bat of the dungeons a little more human for us all ;)
DMMA chapter 30 . 4/15/2012
Oh, to be a cougar. I won't lie part of me hoped something would happen between them so Severus would know physical intimacy, but alas. You nailed the allergy part. I have the misfortune of a tree nut allergy, so in addition to all that my throat closes as well. If only I were a wizard.
DMMA chapter 25 . 4/14/2012
Funny, Hamlet is one of the most celebrated pieces of literature of all time, and I absolutely loathed it. I adore Shakespeare, but I hated Hamlet so much. Good chapter. I'm really liking his transformation from a stuttering boy into the snarky Snape we're familiar with.
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