Reviews for Once a Month
Hebi R chapter 1 . 9/24/2015
Poor scaly baby. *pats head* Just wait until the morning sickness, cravings, hormone surges, and contractions. Followed by bloody baby, shit, and placenta. Oh dear, these guys are the type to eat placenta, aren't they?
VampbaitInfinity chapter 1 . 9/29/2014
I just plain loved this
Guest chapter 1 . 3/26/2013
Heh...It sucks having your people annoy me,it's easy to make me cuss and swear and what not,ranting of the sort..And I also end up trying to monologue people to I'm still in cussing is not seen nicely..I also have MOOD SWINGS!HORRIBLE THINGS! Guys don't know WHAT we go ,is a dear thing to us,and is a last resort to our pain of no pain killers are there are but you still want chocolate to indulge..I've eaten a whole bag of m n ms and I'M SO HAPPY! I want to read JTHM. :D
Little Pink Neko chapter 1 . 3/19/2012
This. is. AWESOME!

I'm loving your one-shots! And what you wrote Chamissy was too cute. And I loved your mention of Lizenda. Too awesome. I love Chammy, it's official, you sold it for me. Heh-Heh, I love gray-colored anatomy, lol. The humor was hilarity. I choked on my boiled sweet. Yeah, I eat boiled sweets... I'm too cool.

I luuurve how Pluto followed him home. I lurve my Pluto!

I'm real special kind o' idiot.

I loved it! Soooo much. I can't describe my love.

This was amazing. YOU as a writer are amazing.
cutterjohns chapter 1 . 3/19/2012

I'd put one of those cute little heart faces here but the site doesn't allow that anymore. Pshh.

I was hoping you'd eventually write for these two and my wish was granted! It was everything I hoped for and more. I loved how you wrote the relationship between these two. There was something very comfortable and almost domestic about it. :) I like the subtle things, like how they share a room and how she's able to relax around him. The mention of pregnancy made me giggle, that's for sure!

I realize that was your first time writing from Chameleon's POV and I really enjoyed it. He's one of my favourite characters (as I mentioned before) and you definitely did him justice. It was really cute how caring he was of Missy and how he'd do all that for her without a single complaint, and how he handles running the clan since I assume he took over after Hades bit the dust.

The humour was absolutely PRICELESS. Missy on her period... lol! Poor thing! I never thought about her in this situation and how she'd respond to it but it feels pretty in-character for her. "May God be with you." Got that right Lizard! XD Speaking of Lizard, that was one of my favourite parts of this fic. How you added the rest of the characters into the picture and all that, and the implications of the other ships like Lizard/Brenda and Letch/Amber. That was wonderful, especially the mention of Lizenda. That made me extremely happy. Oh, Lord, Chameleon wondering how Brenda acts on her period... I cracked up. I really hope you decide to do some fluffy Lizenda someday, seeing how well your other light-hearted pieces turned out for this fandom.

The conversation between Lizard and Chameleon was great, and the scene where Pluto randomly follows Chameleon home (that is so him) and tells him that he hopes Missy feels better. D'awww. _

But the single funniest line in the entire story:

"There's been cryin' and huggin' and wishin' for a television so they could watch some show about gray-colored anatomy."

I'm so glad I wasn't drinking or eating anything when I read that. Letch, man, you are too funny.

Words can't even describe how much I adored this fic! :D I hope you do more Chamissy when you get the urge. Or more HHE fluff period. Wonderful job!

(Random note: this takes place in the same universe as Notion, correct? If so, I'm definitely liking this timeline you've created!)