Reviews for Muting Silent Hill
rllngwvs chapter 74 . 7/5
open dot spotify dot com/user/rllngwvs/playlist/0WHqML3I7ULoGlK3eqXVO1 so this is the playlist i came up with for this story.
rllngwvs chapter 75 . 7/4
i'm going to make a spotify playlist in honour of this fanfiction.
Guest chapter 10 . 6/26
My theory of why Valtiel threw a tantrum here, is that, IF Heather had decided or been convinced by herself or Kaufmann that Valitel is not real, then he would have ceased to exist, or his existence as Valtiel would have evaporated, his very existence would be hanging in a thin thread. He clearly loves Heather like a cat loves his hooman ,and that threat is possibly a very terrifying one for a Silent Hill creature.
GreyRoseOfHope chapter 59 . 6/21
Oh my god. I just realised. Patricia Ackerman is Dolores Umbridge. This makes so much sense now.
Rexx13 chapter 75 . 5/15
I was so pleased to see more chapters had been released! I've been checking in every few months to see if more had been posted! Made my day!
Brumalis chapter 75 . 5/5
Heather forces the monsters to be fluffy and cute things... I love Valtiel ;. ;
Lucerious chapter 75 . 4/27
Don't worry! You're doing fine! I've been really enjoying these latest chapters. I didn't expect to like some of these characters so much, like Laura and her friendship with Walter and Sergei (kinda sorta maybe?) If it's too much take a break and come back to it later if you need to. This story is worth waiting for
Guest chapter 75 . 4/27
*sniff* I miss Valtiel so much...
Guest chapter 75 . 4/27
I'm significantly worried about what the cult is currently up to. :/
Still loving the banter between Laura and Heather!
Also Alex-Samuel gaining more of himself. "Liking the Facebook status" indeed!
Thanks for sharing your story with us! :)
Guest chapter 74 . 4/18
Ok - we have LOTS of wounded, and a possibily dying cultist, and several missing, and freaking Edwin and Xipe, BUT Heather is back! Yay! Now we just need to get everyone fixed up...
Notsae chapter 74 . 4/18
So... was that Valtiel being used as a puppet for Xuchilbara because I can't imagine any puppet of Lobsel-Vith deliberately harming Heather even tangentially considering the main guy is in a weird kinda love with her.
Guest chapter 73 . 4/15
Ahhhh! You keep surprising me every chapter! The banter with Laura and Sergei was hilarious while also being a bit off-putting ( in a good way) considering the circumstances. I'm worried about that choice of Laura's ...
Poor Elle, though I'm glad she's not blaming anyone in our group anymore, she's had a rough time of it in this story.
... I'm ... worried.
The White Crow chapter 73 . 4/15
Thank you for the update!
Notsae chapter 73 . 4/15
Did he pull himself off the spear! Wtf! Or did he turn into a boogeyman?
Notsae chapter 72 . 4/13
That cultist is extremely unlucky/has a will of fucking steel to still be alive! Don't tell Alex (If you want him to live) or he'll set about fixing that little problem.
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