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scifichick16 chapter 12 . 1/25
So, two chapters ago I was pained by the familiar cues of a typical-ish House/Wilson/Cuddy dynamic. A chapter ago I cried over how the characters were evolving within their new situation. Now your brilliant plan is to combine those two themes together.

Stop playing with my fracking emotions!

I think that about covers my feelings for this chapter.
scifichick16 chapter 11 . 1/24
One step forward, four steps back. God, this chapter hurt. I thought being reminded of the old days was bad. This is worse!

It is a lovely written chapter, however. Points for addressing all the physicality in the last few chapters and how out of the norm, but natural to the situation, it is for the characters. It would be House who would completely over-analyze it, so nice job there. Um, what else can I say? I like...well, not like, but aesthetically appreciate that it was House being hurt that sent Wilson careening towards the edge. It's such a fundamental part of the character's personality and the boys' dynamic that it's interesting seeing how far you can twist it to cause them (and us, the audience) pain. Well done, I guess. Also, woot for early season call-backs and the greatest Wilson prank of all time!
Guest chapter 13 . 1/23
OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR WRITING. You strike JUST the right balance between not enough drama and too much, which is so hard to do, and you write House and Wilson so beautifully. Just as I think everything will pick up, something else happens to plunge Wilson back under again and my God my emotions are suffering, I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster! But wow I love the way you write so much, especially that last chapter, I could just see House exploding like that. It was heartbreaking. You are an amazing writer, I hope you didn't end this story on a cliffhanger!
- hoppa12345
scifichick16 chapter 10 . 1/17
There are few things that warm my heart more than Cuddy going into Mama-Bear mode. No wonder Rachel could ring circles around the boys at the ripe age of two. Can you imagine surviving Cuddy as your mom? But I digress.

As much as I am enjoying the small moments of normalcy in this chapter (ex. House eating Wilson's food because...what else is he going to do), they hurt. More then I expected they would. I mean, life does go on.

Again, I love how realistically you've handled what's happened so far. I mean there is clearly a f*ing shit-load of trauma on Wilson's shoulders right now, but you don't cheapen the character by making him overly weak or too closed off. You hit the Wilson-perfect balance and I applaud you. And I give you a standing ovation for bringing out House's kind side while still making him a selfish, conniving, pushy ass. It's amazing and awesome.

And, to round this chapter review out, the assessment of the ducklings through Wilson's eyes was really interesting. Like I said, you've hit the perfect mark for his mental state. Cause I can totally see the response he imagines from the team (Taub's being a chilling kind of accurate). Yet it's very clear he's still...trapped in the moment, shall we say, and is making leaps for them, they may not necessarily make themselves. Like I said, your work is awesome and heart-wrenching.
scifichick16 chapter 9 . 1/14
And their back! For a little bit. Those moments of them snipping at each other give me life.

Well, at least we hit anger. Which, now that I think about it, actually would be the worse stage for Wilson. I mean his friendship with House is always at its lowest when he's angriest with him. But, there is the added advantage of Wilson's natural protectiveness getting the butt-kick it needed. Woo-hoo!
scifichick16 chapter 8 . 1/14
Slow clap for best opening scene ever! Honestly, I laughed and I wanted to cry. It was perfect.

Oh, these two. Again, the way you've handled how the characters would react to an event like this is spectacular and completely reminiscent of the show. Actually, a lot of this chapter reminded me of the boys' argument during the episode where House's dad died. For as much as House needs Wilson to counter-balance his egomaniacal tendencies, I think Wilson needs House more for his brutal honesty. House has always been good at reminding him life can't be prepared for and you can't hide in foresight. I'm happy these two could get some of this stuff off their chests.

That said, it's not gonna be the end of it, though, I'm guessing.
scifichick16 chapter 7 . 1/13
To be honest, I'm a little bit glad Wilson took off. Granted, I quickly checked the next chapter to make sure he didn't get himself killed, but this was a step in the right direction...kind of. It was enough to reassure me at least everyone's favorite oncologist is still in there. Bent and bruised, maybe, but not as broken as he thinks is.

Also, thank you for that mental image of Cuddy cleaning House's man-cave. That was priceless.
scifichick16 chapter 6 . 1/13
Why did you do that? That was uncalled for. And painful! I already want the boys back to normal. You don't need to remind me of that!


It was a good chapter and a nice look into House's head (like I said before, an angry/protective House is terrifying). I'm continually impressed by your grasp of the characters, as well as the show's sense of humor. You've done a really good job interjecting that humor in the right places so the story remains balanced and not just a continuous angst-fest. I mean, it's an angst-fest but an entertaining one. You even managed to squeeze in a face-palm kind of moment with Wilson's snuffling. I can totally imagine House filing that information somewhere so, in future years, when they've established a new normalcy, it will be used in some capacity to embarrass Wilson. Because, again, that's how those two roll.
scifichick16 chapter 5 . 1/12
Forgot to praise you in the last chapter for still giving House THE WORST bedside manner of all time while still managing to be comforting to his best friend. Because that's just how those two roll.


Again, this was really well done. It was nice to get some Cuddy perspective into this emotionally exhausting mess. Heaven knows the boys both need her, House especially. Because if Wilson's is the king of House-handling, Cuddy's the matador who bravely waves the red cape in his face. I just hope the drugs last a while.
scifichick16 chapter 4 . 1/12
Goddamn these two idiots and their fascinating friendship.
scifichick16 chapter 3 . 1/11
Because of course House would use a completely inappropriate and embarrassing story to bring Wilson around. And, because it's Wilson, of course it would work. Oh, my poor broken boys. Well, at least there's some comfort in knowing if House is scary when angry/protective, Cuddy's scarier.
scifichick16 chapter 2 . 1/11
You handled this well. For one, it's...nice isn't the best word,'s pleasantly surprising to read story where a chapter isn't wasted beating around the bush of what happened. Of course, with House,beating around the bush has never been his strong suit Again, your characterizations are spot on, particularly House. I can totally envision his expressions as you go through his thoughts. Well done!
scifichick16 chapter 1 . 1/11
1. I'm already in love with Mrs. Jenkins and can we keep her?

2. So far you've nailed the characters and their relationship perfectly.

3. Fuck!

4. For the love of all that is good in the world, tell me House calls the cops and they get DNA and throw this guy in prison (but not before House does something House-ish).
Guest chapter 17 . 10/28/2014
lastima que no termino esta maravillosa historia
WhenWinterComes chapter 17 . 1/27/2014
I just found this fic, and it's absolutely fantastic - it's beautifully written, and has an awesome storyline. I am waiting for the other chapters!
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