Reviews for Seven Days With The InLaws
LaNaturalBreezeOf-Books chapter 1 . 3/31/2012
Yep. Five Stars in my book for sure

I always wanted to read/write a fiction about this kind of story and when I saw it...I was like...


Really enjoyed it :) I think i can stand Zainab a bit more now
Lilynette chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
If this happens on the show I will be in HEAVEN! I was so glad when Zainab and Masood finally accepted Syed and Christian's relationship. I was really looking forward to the next episodes... but yeah, haven't had anything Chryed-related since then, did we? xD

I love your portrayal of Zainab, and her slow realization of the normalcy of their relationship. Loved the characterizations and the idea, so thanks a lot for sharing! Really enjoyed reading it.
MsNJS chapter 1 . 3/25/2012
LOVELY! Fluffy and poignant! Great work, as always!
kqv chapter 1 . 3/23/2012
I haven't read any reviews yet...I need to give you my gut reaction immediately because I am moved to tears. I feel rather incoherent, but this was lovely, awkward, real...unbelievably in character...Kamil and Unclechristian had me welling up, but by day 7 and Zainab peeking in...well, I am trying not to break down in massive, happy sobs. I don't know why this has affected me so's just beautifully and simply written. I am going to reread now and then read the other reviews...
GiantSeagull chapter 1 . 3/21/2012
Wow I really loved this. Sweet but definitely not sickly so, cringe and awkward but nonetheless nothing but real. Never too soapy but getting the point across. I particularly liked the sheet conversation coz he could have left it, but is beyond hiding and pretending so was never going to. The Kamil part was lovely and I'm glad that little boy will grow up only knowing and accepting that his brother is with Unclechristian and that's just the way it is. He won't ever know or remember the other Syed and will love his brother so very much. Sofa conversation was a delight, if only they'd really get rid of it! And of course the last bit was beautiful in its simplicity and honesty.

Thank you.
Jennafleur chapter 1 . 3/20/2012
Right, time to review this monster of a fic. :p

So, you know how much I love it already, but I'll try my best to be specific! The structure of the fic itself is very clever - the progression of events, from the awkward arrival to a few awkward encounters, and then Zainab gradually starts to come round and then finally accepts their relationship is the same as a heterosexual couple; it's not all about the sex, which is the reason she couldn't bring herself to think about them in the same bed; but wrapped in each other's arms, there's a tenderness which even Zainab can't ignore. And I also like how the fic comes full circle in this way, starting with the spare mattress business (really Zainab?) and then the sheets, and then the final section. It's just so well done! Go you!

Okay, day one. Aw Christian, all nervous and awkward. Syed being the reassuring one - and I loved that he has a "familiar tone of voice that forids any sort of argument." I bet he uses it lots :p And doing a little bit of guilt trip with the shimmering eyes, meaning it's Christian's turn to do some reassuring, then back to Syed again, promising it'll be okay. They can both offer reassurance so quickly at different times, and it's just lovely! Awwww'd at the kiss on the side of the head...cute!

Lol Zainab and the spare mattrass. Let's see if that gets used...but I like it's a signal of what Zainab's thinking...or not thinking!

Day two - I love that this is a domestic-y scene that wouldn't be out of place in their flat. They almost forget they're under the same roof as ZAINAB (well, after Christian tentatively waits behind the bathroom door for five minutes in fear of bumping into her or Masood :p)

Christian jumping on Syed...well, in the half-dressed state he is in, who wouldn't? And Syed running his leg up the towel is both hot and really sweet.

Oh, dammit Masood! Reading that again, it just hit me that it resembles Perfect Moment. Except this time Masood can't run away! Bless, they're so embarrassed, especially poor Sy.

Day three! Zainab trying her best - an awkward yet sweet exchange between her and Christian.

Yay sharing the single bed! Love how they have to smoosh up together to avoid pushing each other out or falling off themselves. And eee, the kiss just feels so lovely and content and happy, especially in contrast to the setting; a single bed in a room next to Syed's parents :o

Kissing and flush against each other and legs around waists and breathlessness...guhhh. So hot. And *whispers* I think Syed should gag Christian anyway -_-

Sheet scene for day four! Reminded me of the old EE scene with Dot and Barry in the launderette, and her realising that he shared a bed with Colin. Liked the tentativeness of Christian, all nervous in the doorway, and Zainab feeling awkward but no longer having that feeling of hatred, and it being strange to her.

A Zainab realisation that he isn't a bad person! And not minding if he was her son-in-law - progress for Zainab, massively. Bless Christian breaking the news gently that only one set of sheets needed washed; and Zainab's brief moment of indignation before realising he wasn't mocking her felt realistic; it made her think about the sex again which she still sees as sordid and that's what brings up the anger. And now, Christian's left something for her to ponder about.

Awww, day five from Kamil's point of view! Brilliantly done; his distress over the tower falling and not knowing who to blame other than the blocks themselves :P And the immediate change in mood when he realises Christian is helping to rebuild the block is so funny because it's realistic; my nephew would do something similar when he thinks Daddy is gone and then when he returns, the tears immediately vanish :D

I love reading the kiss from Kamil's POV: "Pushed his face into the other man's." Haha, it's so damn innocent. And coming to the obvious conclusion that his brother is married to this man because they do that thing with their mouths. And it's amazing that Kamil can just accept this - it's the childlike logic and pure innocence that Zainab could do with learning a thing or two about! Also, "Unclechristian" is a great touch, because he is not aware they are separate words.

This is a great section because Kamil's view of Chryed's relationship is a stark contrast to Zainab's, and I like that this makes it more obvious.

Day six - dinner time. Loving the equal care that both Masoods regard them with - more progress, and Zainab not reacting the way Syed expected her to at the knee touch was also a sign of this.

Christian fits in with the Masoods far more than Amira ever did. He is attentive, and intuitive, and the honesty the whole family have now is something they never had before.

I'm imagining Christian's face to be like it was when Masood was speaking Urdu the other week - which WAS adorable and I can't blame Syed for reaching out to touch his hand -_- Their coupley banter about the sofa (destroyed wicker monstrosity which Roxy actually chose FTW!)

Masood's awkward joke is not only not-very-funny, it's also a comparison to his relationship with Zainab - acknowledgement of their relationship! Very well done.

And finally, day seven - Zainab thinking about how Christian is actually a good man, and wanting to think of it solely as a platonic relationship to be able to cope.

And now she's walked in on the one thing she had tried to block out - the pair of them in the same bed.

Christian's head on Syed's chest - I can see this being a shock to Zainab, who would of course have the image of Christian, the bigger man who stole her son, being the one to hold Syed.

"She watched as a gentle smile spread across her son's face, his eyes fixing onto Christian as if he were the only thing that existed in his world." - so, so sweet! And something Zainab just can't ignore. She not only realises, but sees actual proof that it's not a platonic relationship that she's tried to think of it as, nor a sordid, purely-sexual relationship that she's tried to suppress all thoughts of. It's just like her and Masood - a healthy, loving and sexual relationship, both physical and emotional.

She understands, yay! What a journey of a week Zainab's been on :P

Hmmm, this might be a bit long...sorry for subjecting you to my ramblings! I'll just say here that I adore this fic, and I'm jealous that CC got it for her birthday :P xxx
heartsick chapter 1 . 3/20/2012
Very moving, story, true to the characters and the story, and, it brought a tear to my eye. Loved it.
AlexinBrum chapter 1 . 3/20/2012
Awwwww, that was lovely! I'm a bit teary now. I loved the chapter from Kamil's point of view too. Thank you.
disneynut973 chapter 1 . 3/20/2012
I really loved this, I could picture it all on screen, you've got them all just perfectly :)
lovebites123 chapter 1 . 3/20/2012
Aaaawwww! So good! Well written as well! Thanks Mercs!

ChryedLover chapter 1 . 3/20/2012


The spare mattress was absolutely hilarious! I love how Zainab actually thinks that they're going to sleep seperately! Does she think that Chryed sleep seperately on their KING SIZE bed and sofa at home? Considering that Chryed are about as SEXUAL as you can imagine.. I'm loving how she's missed all that tension between them.. I know that I certainly haven't ;)

""I spent a whole five minutes listening at the door to make sure I didn't bump into one of your parents," he huffed, scrubbing a hand through his damp hair as he took a few more steps into the room. "Not everyone is as appreciative of me in a towel as you are." - I can just imagine Christian doing that, and absolutely kicking himself mentally for not taking any clothes to the bathroom with him.. Hmmm, I bet Syed appreciates that Temple, I know I certainly do :D

"It took a few moments for the scene to register – but, when it did, Masood froze, his hand clutching the phone in a vice-like grip as his eyes widened. Syed felt a flush creeping up his neck as he and Christian sprang apart, both of them sharing a guilty look that didn't really reflect the innocence of the situation. But then again, Syed knew, any physical contact – especially in the state of undress they were currently in – was probably as good as sex in the unaccustomed eyes of his parents." - YAY! You put in an awkward scene that I wanted! LOVE IT! I actually found myself cringing for them, but laughing at it! I can totally see this playing out in my head, and oh yes, they've basically pretty much shagged in Masood's eyes! Although, personally, I'm pretty sure that Masood's eyes were widening because he was appreciating Christian's body... *sleep*

"... but I hope that you don't feel unwelcome here." - Let's hear a big FAT AWWWWWWWWWWW! That's so sweet! Although, clearly Christian Clarke's been working his magic as it's only taken him 3 days :p. But seriously, this is so cute! *totally did not AWWWWW out loud*

" will always be your home too." - OKAY EVERYONE GO AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Zainab, you big pussycat :D... That's even better than I imagined 3

""She wants me - " - Okay, NEVER read that line, stop and think. Zainab wants Christian! Hahahaha, I actually laughed for about 10 minutes, just imagining this! Syed's got a fight on his hands, because Zainab wants him! Unintentional humour is always the best :D

""It would probably be best if we kept it down, though," Syed grinned, removing his hand and pressing a quick kiss against Christian's lips. "Or I might have to gag you." - :O ... Hmm, smutty ;)

"But seeing him that night, and seeing him now – vulnerable, a little scared, anxious, trying so very hard but not quite sure what he was supposed to be doing – was like a switch turning on in her head." - About time too, if you ask me! But it's nice to have a bit of Zainab's POV though :)

"he looked up, noting the anxiety and mild embarrassment that was in his voice; and, as she watched him, she felt nothing but confusion."You know that you…you only need to wash one set of sheets, don't you?" - AWKWARD MUCH? But you put in the bedsheets scene! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! THANK YOU! Christian could have bought down both the sheets and pretended, but I like that he didn't and was upfront with her! Great stuff! I'm actually glad it was Christian and not Syed who is having this convo with Zainab :p.

"He remembered being suspicious of him at first, but Syed had seemed to like him, so he'd come to the conclusion that he was to be trusted." - N'aaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

You're even doing a Kamil's POV! I ACTUALLY LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

"he abandoned his tower and clambered up onto the sofa, pulling himself onto the bulky knee and leaning back onto the big arm – the arm that he'd been eyeing for a while because it looked like it would give a great hug." - This is soooooooooooo adorable! Christian does give great hugs, just saying ;)

"And, as his mother entered the room to take him upstairs for his nap, he clung to those arms, his eyes closing determinedly as she tried to extricate him from the embrace." - My heart is ACTUALLY melting here! I can picture this so well! This is a bubble of cuteness that I want to devour 3

"Only, this time, there was honesty and truth from both ends of the table." - A real token of how far they've actually come!

""I'd watch out if I were you," there was some uncertainty to the words as his father spoke, but it was small enough to not completely override the gentle teasing in his words. "He'll turn into his mother and then you'll end up prematurely grey." - Awwwww! Masood bantering with Christian! That's a brilliant line to use, and I can see how everyone around the table would react! I think it's a brilliant line, especially as with the next line, you can tell that everyone's fallen into a comfortable silence, and it's not awkward!


I've welled up with tears reading that last bit, for Zainab to finally have that acknowledgement that I always saw in her, and I love Syed's little gestures, and it's awesome that Zainab's picked up on them because it does throw how she views them into a whole different dimension that's needed. I love that she doesn't wake them up, but she retreats and leaves them to do. I'm so chuffed that you ended on that, it's made me all emotional!

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for writing this for me, I totally love it! You've pretty much written my entire wishlist, and I didn't expect that much! It was very well written, clearly the details had been thought about and there was nothing 'fake' in your fic, it all seemed very real, and while reading it, I could see it playing out simultaneously!

So, thank you 1,000,000, and especially for coming down for my birthday too! You're the best! :D

Love CC

elphaba7589 chapter 1 . 3/20/2012
Brilliant fic!

Just perfect!

I love how you show so realistically how the relationship between Christian and Zainab/Masood would be. They've accepted him as Syed's partner but like you show, it doesn't mean that they're suddenly completely comfortable with it.

I loved Christian with Kamil, too adorable for words :D I loved you describing things from Kamil's pov:

"He liked the fact that his brother was married. It made him feel happy. And he liked the man his brother was married too. He built amazing towers. Kamil decided he was going to play with him more."

No pre-conceived prejudices, Christian and Syed kiss so they must be married, Christian is nice so he's happy Syed is sweet :)

"and leaning back onto the big arm – the arm that he'd been eyeing for a while because it looked like it would give a great hug."

Too adorable! :D

I also loved Zainab seeing Chryed cuddled in bed...

"Christian the predator, Christian the thief, Christian who had torn her family apart - curled on his side around Syed's frame, one hand slung about his waist as his head pressed keenly, almost desperately, into Syed's chest"

"To accept them as a whole. To accept their relationship for what it was – no different to what she had with Masood, no different to what Tamwar had with Afia, no different to any other incarnation of the love that they shared."

Seeing Chryed as a normal couple, in a intimate and sweet moment, such a big step for Zainab and beautifully described.

Wonderful writing xx
The Ninth Circle chapter 1 . 3/20/2012
I actually loved this. It was so great. You managed to capture that mixture of awkwardness and progress between Christian and Zainab, never crossing the line into being overly sentimental, but making it really touching while still having it be believable. I really liked Christian's unwillingness to hide the fact that he and Syed share a bed, and forcing Zainab to face that fact head on, but not making it about sex. I absolutely loved the Kamil section, it was so adorable, and the little Masood bits were really well done, too, nice and understated, especially the lame joke about Syed turning into his mum, so in-character. Also, Syed and Christian's inability to stop touching each other for more than five seconds at a time was very realistically potrayed -_-.

Okay, this is totally a rambly gush, and it's far too early for it, but I really enjoyed it and felt the need. I really wish we could see this stage in Christian and Zainab's relationship onscreen, it's so interesting to me. Oh, well! Sometimes fic is better.