Reviews for Resonance Days
akibara chapter 29 . 11/21
Having gotten to something approaching the end of Annabell lees negative character arc. I'm pretty disappointed. Not so much having expected a good end, though one would have been preferrable to me, nor have I really thought this arc was written well, as the disjointed nature of the scenes does not lend it any credit. But mostly I felt like it would have been way more funny to have Annabelle lee and kyouko meet in the course of oblivions stronghold to something of the affect of burai II

We meet again kyouko
At last, with oblivion here I can cut you to pieces
oblivion? I haven't even met her yet, have you seen her anywhere?
What do you mean oblivion is right there behind you
behind me, that's not oblivion that's momo.
Who the hell is momo? that girl behind you is oblivion.
what do you -
Momo: okay wait let me explain.
Lord-Sylph chapter 52 . 9/18
I love the conversation with Coco, especially the part about Mami using the internet to learn about gunsmithing, xD. Reminds me of the Luty, lol
As AKJesus says, you can ban bullets, but you can’t ban my ball (bearings)
popinloopy chapter 52 . 9/17
In the end, this was well worth the wait. This chapter was magnificent, so well done!
D4CLoveTrain chapter 52 . 9/17
Poor Billina...
Excellent chapter as always. Thanks
SquidBlorg chapter 51 . 5/25
Based on Oktavia's little dream snippet I'm inclined to think that maybe Sayaka was the one who took the deal?
Lord-Sylph chapter 51 . 5/13
Oh dear, I have a feeling that Jerky’s existence is gonna bite Kyoko in the ass reeeaaal soon
Guest chapter 51 . 5/11
If anything happens to Jerky... :(
D4CLoveTrain chapter 51 . 5/10
Excellent chapter. Thanks
Shadow of Omega chapter 51 . 5/10
Good work on this chapter! It's so nice to finally see everyone finally getting a chance to rest.
Lord-Sylph chapter 50 . 4/13
Dang Kyoko, you really love to poke the tiger don’t you?
Shadow of Omega chapter 50 . 4/12
This chapter reminds me of a line from Red VS Blue: "Psychoanalyses for everyone!”

In all seriousness though, great work on this chapter. It’s nice to have everyone able to vent their frustrations and struggles to a completely uninvolved third party. This is as close to professional therapy as any of them are going to get for a while, and dang did they need it…Though it really doesn’t help that the reasons they need said therapy are in the same room as them…Ah, heck, they probably need therapy too.
Guest chapter 50 . 4/12
Yeesh. There certainly are no good guys here, except Oktavia and Carol, and maybe Mami. I do wonder if Kyoko confessed to during the interrogation about keeping a secret pet and asking/making sure Jerky hasn't been hunted.
Thatloner chapter 50 . 4/12
Dam. Kyoko almost literally set Anabelle's soul on fire with all that roasting.

Also that bit at the end with the eyes makes me think that she's witch out into her original form, that might make things interesting since it could spark some heavy PTSD from Nikky. As well as force Mami into action from her self loathing.

On the other hand with how the main group is now gonna be on 24/7 watch, Kyoko might have to finally tell everyone about Jerky. Now that's gonna be a fun moment.

Anyway not gonna lie, it was actually kind of unsettling seeing her verbally unload artillery on Anabelle so maybe even Kyoko needs a little break before she snaps like her rival.
NaweG chapter 50 . 4/12
My one wish if I ever won the lottery would be that it would be enough money to get Shaft to animate this story.
WhoWritesThisCrap chapter 46 . 4/1
How much time HAS passed since Elsa Maria was imprisoned?

I do know that even several days left in solitary confinement can feel like an eternity, and it does unimaginable psychological damage if prolonged.

I remember listening to this one guy's personal account on VR chat. He talked about how his mind coped with the lack of stimulus by creating illusions and hallucinations. How his cell turned into a forest. He'd hear voices that weren't there. How the door with the food tray slot turned into a tree where food just poured out of. And everyone he interacted with took on the form of a black shadowy demon.

And it wasn't until he took frequent therapy lessons (with a demon psychologist) and got more and more physical contact that he finally regained his grasp on reality.

It was wild stuff.
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