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Just FYI chapter 29 . 6/2
Spoke too soon, because this chapter has now made me very sad for them, esp Hunter (obviously)
(You are incredibly talented)
Just FYI chapter 28 . 6/2
This is the funniest, cleverest, wittiest thing I've read in ages. Major kudos, I love reading this
TTFN chapter 20 . 7/1/2016
Note: that's a compliment.
You've got George R.R. Martin-esque levels of "Man, I just HATE these guys, right now" going on.
TTFN chapter 19 . 7/1/2016
Your Dustin and Cam are super-insensitive.
Like, asshole-levels of super-insensitive.
Kei Luna Shoryu chapter 23 . 4/25/2016
Oh my god this is almost everything I could've ever wanted ever omg omg omg omg omg. -rolls around, flailing- Huuuunteeeer, you did gud m8. And Dustin! Yay! Forgiveness and cutes and pouts galore! And Shane! Fond leader-Shane! Steppin' it up just - aww.

SO MUCH AWW. so many great things happening, there's camping, and sad-real thoughts, and *Shane* and *Cam*

Cam you're ruining the grand master plan. I hope you're upset you missed out on the fun sleepover times at Dustin's. For shame. -finger waggle- You two are toxic, I swear. AND SENSEI! SENSEI BEING GREAT AND ADORABLE UGH

Of everything I expected from the next chapter, this was definitely not it. And it was made soooo much better for it. I love it all. I love Cam being sour and Hunter not helping the situation, I love Sensei essentially putting this into motion, I love Shane and Dustin going on a camping trip with Hunter, I love the tent, and the dumb games, and Hunter maybe not really having a frame of reference for normal teenager things, and Shane basically melting in fondness about all of them ever because THAT IS WHAT HE'S DOING SHUSH and Dustin letting Hunter know he can invite Blake and how it's a super-important but also understated thing because Hunter could have been too easily overwhelmed otherwise. I love delving into Hunter's head, and everything that invariably leads to because it's *Hunter.* I love that this was a friendship memory for the future and that Dustin is a little troll that can still get Shane flustered(ish, I realize this is not necessarily the word anyone else would use. Least of all Shane himself.)

Shane don't fool yourself you absolutely wanna make out with boys. Three of them. Well, two and a half, for all that you will continue to crush on Hunter, and steadily be fond of Cam, I think adjusting to the thought of kissing *Dustin* might break something in you a little. OT4 will never die. NEVAR

Second time I'm reading this and Im just ridiculously proud of HUnter aw. AND BLAKE. For being a responsible adult. And not getting soaked. Mucho Bradley points yep.
Kei Luna Shoryu chapter 22 . 4/9/2016
Quiet mopey-Shane is basically quiet angry-Shane but with less reserved body language. Also, even though he only says like three or four lines you're not that bad at reading the leader Hunter. You cute. You're gonna get more than you bargained for with this little plan of yours. You've forgotten the fact that Shane can turn pretty much any situation on its head just by breathing and making strange decisions you didn't see coming because he's slightly better adjusted than you. Slightly. Sometimes. (Let's face it. He had a Tori. You... did not.) Also, the image of Hunter doggy paddling in murky water is gonna stick with me for a while, and the fact that I just realized if Shane were a bit more aware he could probably get everyone but the Blues on his team to talk to him without ever having to say a word. If only you were the stoic type (that'd be horrible, don't actually go for it sk8ter boi)

(I went back and counted. Shane has four lines.) Also it probably says a lot about Hunter that he's willing to just start shedding out of things when he steps into his apartment with Shane. Obviously, that was the point of going to the apartment in the first place, but also it's still trust - twisted and understated but there. And part of it's definitely just that bad communication ability he has - where mostly ppl would be like, bathroom there, towel here, gonna find clothes, brb' he didn't bother but - but- sh-shut up I need this!
Kei Luna Shoryu chapter 21 . 4/9/2016
Dustin falling so hard for Cam is really cute. He's all touched and he's too observant for his own good he just doesn't always... word it well in his head. And he files things of importance in different ways. I just realized that the conversation about Les Mis they had forever ago? Could probably have another layer now, because the end of that conversation had been Ha! You'd tell me you loved me even though you didn't to humor me and everything I am is convenience and a lie! and now it's actually the turth which means that, once again, yes Dustin you are very much needed and muy importante aww

I forgot about the little bit where Cam assumed Dustin was taking over Shane's brief bout of habit there where Shane made him eat and sleep and things. It made my heart all weird twisty-melty sad because of course Dustin would do that on his own but also, that whole thing could be misconstrued as Cam resenting Shane for doing it at all even though that's not really the case either it's just that Cam didn't want Dustin doing sweet things because someone else told him to. Shane really did try to keep (mostly) everyone together. Poor dumb red guy.

Also, now I have this image in my head where various members of the team all see Dustin exchanging out potato salad in the Ops kitchen at random times, never eating any of it, in fact they're never really even *opened* and all of them either being too used to Dustin or just generally too afraid to ask because they genuinely *don't want to know* because Dustin always give simple answers delivered in a way that make them feel dump like. Oh. Of course that's why. Sure. And then something happens and Dustin makes a mad dash to the kitchen and throws a container of potato salad to Cam who then takes care of the problem and Shane just gives up for a little while because One. He's *not* cleaning this up. and Two. He shouldn't have to explain or have a conversation with anyone ever about the more practical solutions to problems than keeping potato salad on hand. At one point after the barbecue story gets out Blake solemnly gifts a bottle to Shane labeling it 'Hunter Repellant' because he's a special kind of dick.

Kei Luna Shoryu chapter 20 . 3/13/2016
This is my favorite chapter. Mostly because ranger-puppy training can now begin, and partly because this always felt like the turning point when Shane started to see Hunter as a person instead of an invasion or an obstacle and a little bit because finally Hunter gets to some venting and then justifying and then backslides like the complete dork he is but hey, we all gotta start somewhere. And Cam-stin is happy and unified and just being cute all over Ops and everywhere else they go.

I hope the milkshake drug stays. Because Blake needing brain bleach for the next few chapters after that and being traumatized by his jerkass older brother is just the kind of easy trolling they need, really. It's like the Bradley modus operandi for checking in. Tori. Tori how do you even do it.

KLS chapter 19 . 3/13/2016
Ugh. Just. Ugh. Dustin I love you. And the last two chapters really fleshed out more of Cam's reaction and made it more understandable/relative even if it hurt me to read ugh my heart my chest Cam you're supposed to use your words you lovable dork gah -squishes- Idiots. All of them are broken idiots holding each other together as best as they can but don't worry guys okay because - because eventually Dustin will steal a gun sort-of-on-accident and then you will all get support and things beyond your tiny family and that's okay too. GUH.
Rogue Ranger chapter 17 . 4/14/2014
This is one of my favorite chapters by far and I remember vividly from the original, though I still decided to re-read it to compare the two. Btw, for perspective, that was chaper 30 and you actually commented at the end about how you felt that the story had drifted off course and you were going to stop with the side stories and bring in *gasp* romance. I'm pretty sure that's one of the moments that stands out in your mind as a lead-up to wanting to make this reprise.

Dustin learns about being gay and suddenly he's a player! XD I'm jealous! I've only muddled my way through this whole gay thing and I've known since at least kindergarten, though I think having very religious parents who watched religious programs helped keep me informed. After all, religious programs are obsessed with gays. Had I just grown up watching Disney movies, I'd assume it just *had* to be girl and boy. Also, times have changed a lot since 2003 and prior. Gay marriage, gay bullying, etc are much more in the public eye. That may be why it seems like so many parents have chosen in recent years to homeschool their kids. I've noticed homeschooled kids are much more intolerant because they never meet other people. In a way, since this openness is all relatively new, it must have been even more difficult for someone growing up gay in the past. In a way, ignorance really is bliss for Dustin because I think it would have made his life even harder had he grown up always knowing he way gay on top of all the rest. But ignorance can't last and really shouldn't. Now he can find a new happiness with...Cam! Yes, I noticed that you removed the mentions of "Shane or" that proceeded "Cam". You're definitely staying focused this time through. Not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the ride, detours and all! I'm just praising your ability to stay focused on the pairings. Even I tried out different pairings in my first story. Plus, you cut out a lot of those "detours", as chapter 17 vs. chapter 30 attests to (the original version of this chapter had references to Dustin's secret meeting with Blake and Tori at the beach and his fear of water, for example).

Speaking of cutting things out, it reads much quicker now, but I still enjoyed reading about things like little Dustin's bubble fun at the fair. You even had a reference to Dustin's missing jar of peanut butter in there. Remember that? Good times. :P Oh, and there was a brief mention in the original of Dusting thinking maybe two guys made babies, which is a whole genre to itself you cut (Mpreg). But, besides that, the cuts made it much better. In fact, I had forgotten how much the references to Cam's birthday and the time of year had confused me. That, and that last bit where Dustin asked Hunter if they were boyfriends was a bit much in hindsight. Frankly, I've always been so in love with your portrayal of Dustin that I probably let you get away with anything. Well, okay, so I was very pro team Dustin-Shane, but this time through I know how the pairings will go so there's no surprises.

So, an awesome chapter and I still have that fondness for good ol' bubble-head Dustin. Looking forward to the *new* (tamer) version of how Cam reacts to the news of Hunter blowing Dustin's mind (and his pants)! :D
iamastory chapter 17 . 10/8/2013
Totally love this fanfic. Poor dustin but i so love him, his my favourite. Is this goin to become a foursome cuz i would totally be alright with dat! Update soon! Please and thank u!
Rogue Ranger chapter 16 . 3/28/2013
Awww, the Shane/Cam scenes were cute, especially flustered Cam. It's nice that he and Shane are bonding so that Cam can work out that he needs someone. Someone like Dustin... or...Go team Shane/Cam! What? That wasn't an option? What about team Hunter/Cam? Because there were hints of both in there along with the Hunter/Shane references. :D

In comparing this with Any Moment, not a lot has changed. Hunter's scene fits in smoothly and the Cam/Shane parts are nicely condensed in. I already knew the whole Dustin's fear of water thing at the cove would be cut, though it's nice there's still at least a brief reference to the others' location. And... Oh, look! I used "the others"! *dances*

I was looking at the email you sent me this in and our exchange about me not having time and you were like, "There's no time table for Any Moment Reprise. Just whenever." I guess you really weren't exaggerating! XD

I re-read the last chapter too to bring me up to speed and I'm not sure if I remembered to say this, but I love the line, "Hunter was a winner. And winners won." I want that as a slogan: "I'm a winner and winner's win!" In your face non-winners!

So, now we just need another spring break for another chapter! XD Just kidding! ...Or am I? My spring break is finally approaching. It seems like everyone else already had theirs. Ah, bed, it'll be just you and me! *blows kisses*
Rogue Ranger chapter 15 . 8/13/2012
Great use of balancing these three scenes and POVs out, having Hunter think of Dustin, Dustin think of Cam and lastly Cam think of *spoiler alert* Cyber Cam. It flows well despite (or possibly *because*) you didn't use all of my punctuation suggestions. I did notice one error the endnotes; right at the beginning. I trust you'll notice it and be please-d with yourself. ;p Anyway, the real change here was the addition of Hunter's scene and, though you claim Hunter can't be awesome *yet*, he is less loathe-worthy and a more understandable character. Also, good use of constantly bringing up Shane on his mind, especially since the red ranger was not in this chapter. Also, Dustin may worry and panic and all that, but I'm starting to think he's the one who isn't overcome with a case of ninja angst, aka ninjangst. I look forward to 16! Hopefully Gmail will cooperate! ;p And after this story, your army will go on to conquer not only the world but the universe! Mwahaha! ...oh, wait. AND the alternate universes too! Can't forget the AUs!
the real vampire chapter 15 . 8/11/2012
Did I tell you how much I loved this chapter? I'm not sure I did but I do. Just... all three of them.

Also yay minions! I've always wanted to be a minion *cackles* Hmm. Laugh needs practice methinks. And why stop at taking over this story? There's a whole world out there... :-D
ValkyrieNyght chapter 14 . 7/10/2012
Hunter being less of a dick. I like this. I mean come one, we all knew he could be like this, why is it such a shocker to have him become awesome earlier in the story yo?
Paisley, you stay classy.
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