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Rogue Ranger chapter 17 . 4/14/2014
This is one of my favorite chapters by far and I remember vividly from the original, though I still decided to re-read it to compare the two. Btw, for perspective, that was chaper 30 and you actually commented at the end about how you felt that the story had drifted off course and you were going to stop with the side stories and bring in *gasp* romance. I'm pretty sure that's one of the moments that stands out in your mind as a lead-up to wanting to make this reprise.

Dustin learns about being gay and suddenly he's a player! XD I'm jealous! I've only muddled my way through this whole gay thing and I've known since at least kindergarten, though I think having very religious parents who watched religious programs helped keep me informed. After all, religious programs are obsessed with gays. Had I just grown up watching Disney movies, I'd assume it just *had* to be girl and boy. Also, times have changed a lot since 2003 and prior. Gay marriage, gay bullying, etc are much more in the public eye. That may be why it seems like so many parents have chosen in recent years to homeschool their kids. I've noticed homeschooled kids are much more intolerant because they never meet other people. In a way, since this openness is all relatively new, it must have been even more difficult for someone growing up gay in the past. In a way, ignorance really is bliss for Dustin because I think it would have made his life even harder had he grown up always knowing he way gay on top of all the rest. But ignorance can't last and really shouldn't. Now he can find a new happiness with...Cam! Yes, I noticed that you removed the mentions of "Shane or" that proceeded "Cam". You're definitely staying focused this time through. Not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the ride, detours and all! I'm just praising your ability to stay focused on the pairings. Even I tried out different pairings in my first story. Plus, you cut out a lot of those "detours", as chapter 17 vs. chapter 30 attests to (the original version of this chapter had references to Dustin's secret meeting with Blake and Tori at the beach and his fear of water, for example).

Speaking of cutting things out, it reads much quicker now, but I still enjoyed reading about things like little Dustin's bubble fun at the fair. You even had a reference to Dustin's missing jar of peanut butter in there. Remember that? Good times. :P Oh, and there was a brief mention in the original of Dusting thinking maybe two guys made babies, which is a whole genre to itself you cut (Mpreg). But, besides that, the cuts made it much better. In fact, I had forgotten how much the references to Cam's birthday and the time of year had confused me. That, and that last bit where Dustin asked Hunter if they were boyfriends was a bit much in hindsight. Frankly, I've always been so in love with your portrayal of Dustin that I probably let you get away with anything. Well, okay, so I was very pro team Dustin-Shane, but this time through I know how the pairings will go so there's no surprises.

So, an awesome chapter and I still have that fondness for good ol' bubble-head Dustin. Looking forward to the *new* (tamer) version of how Cam reacts to the news of Hunter blowing Dustin's mind (and his pants)! :D
iamastory chapter 17 . 10/8/2013
Totally love this fanfic. Poor dustin but i so love him, his my favourite. Is this goin to become a foursome cuz i would totally be alright with dat! Update soon! Please and thank u!
Rogue Ranger chapter 16 . 3/28/2013
Awww, the Shane/Cam scenes were cute, especially flustered Cam. It's nice that he and Shane are bonding so that Cam can work out that he needs someone. Someone like Dustin... or...Go team Shane/Cam! What? That wasn't an option? What about team Hunter/Cam? Because there were hints of both in there along with the Hunter/Shane references. :D

In comparing this with Any Moment, not a lot has changed. Hunter's scene fits in smoothly and the Cam/Shane parts are nicely condensed in. I already knew the whole Dustin's fear of water thing at the cove would be cut, though it's nice there's still at least a brief reference to the others' location. And... Oh, look! I used "the others"! *dances*

I was looking at the email you sent me this in and our exchange about me not having time and you were like, "There's no time table for Any Moment Reprise. Just whenever." I guess you really weren't exaggerating! XD

I re-read the last chapter too to bring me up to speed and I'm not sure if I remembered to say this, but I love the line, "Hunter was a winner. And winners won." I want that as a slogan: "I'm a winner and winner's win!" In your face non-winners!

So, now we just need another spring break for another chapter! XD Just kidding! ...Or am I? My spring break is finally approaching. It seems like everyone else already had theirs. Ah, bed, it'll be just you and me! *blows kisses*
Rogue Ranger chapter 15 . 8/13/2012
Great use of balancing these three scenes and POVs out, having Hunter think of Dustin, Dustin think of Cam and lastly Cam think of *spoiler alert* Cyber Cam. It flows well despite (or possibly *because*) you didn't use all of my punctuation suggestions. I did notice one error the endnotes; right at the beginning. I trust you'll notice it and be please-d with yourself. ;p Anyway, the real change here was the addition of Hunter's scene and, though you claim Hunter can't be awesome *yet*, he is less loathe-worthy and a more understandable character. Also, good use of constantly bringing up Shane on his mind, especially since the red ranger was not in this chapter. Also, Dustin may worry and panic and all that, but I'm starting to think he's the one who isn't overcome with a case of ninja angst, aka ninjangst. I look forward to 16! Hopefully Gmail will cooperate! ;p And after this story, your army will go on to conquer not only the world but the universe! Mwahaha! ...oh, wait. AND the alternate universes too! Can't forget the AUs!
the real vampire chapter 15 . 8/11/2012
Did I tell you how much I loved this chapter? I'm not sure I did but I do. Just... all three of them.

Also yay minions! I've always wanted to be a minion *cackles* Hmm. Laugh needs practice methinks. And why stop at taking over this story? There's a whole world out there... :-D
ValkyrieNyght chapter 14 . 7/10/2012
Hunter being less of a dick. I like this. I mean come one, we all knew he could be like this, why is it such a shocker to have him become awesome earlier in the story yo?
Paisley, you stay classy.
Rogue Ranger chapter 14 . 7/4/2012
I realize I pretty much covered everything during the editing process, but I must say I'm pleased with your choices in which punctuation to use (use of "..." or " - " particularly come to mind). Also, I almost feel like calling this chapter Hunter Has A Heart because the new ending ties into the first part where Hunter supports Dustin. I even see this as a direct lead into the famous "bubble scene". Also, this chapter shows that Reprise is less about just condensing the store and more about its broader overall improvement. Also, it's an enjoyable read!
Rogue Ranger chapter 12 . 6/9/2012
I read this through from beginning to end with the scene cuts and it does actually flow really well. And, to answer your question, I really like the shower scene and the only thing I can think of that it needs is for the two to break out into nude wrestling. But that might have been too much of a distraction from Cam's woes.

Poor Cam... He needs Dustin so much before he worries himself sick. Or maybe his subconscious somehow knew that he'd end up in bed with Dustin... Boy, Cam's mind really is impressive! Speaking of pimps, I like how Dustin ends up with Shane *and* Hunter in his lap and the first thing he does is calls out for Cam. Boy that Dustin makes me so jealous...

Yay! You used my transition word for word! I guess I'm like your ghostwriter for that part. Oh, and about the army of betas, wouldn't one be a gamma? Or delta? No wonder you just say army of awesome. After all, we're all awesome. To that there can be no argument.

Image manager? I didn't know about this. I'll take a look to see the details. After all, if it's really small, about all you can put are the letters AMR or a single object. What represents this story? Dustin? Would your group picture of them on the couch fit? I'll let you know if I have some ideas, but maybe using colors like yellow and green and shades of red is a good starting point?
Rogue Ranger chapter 11 . 6/9/2012
I like how you manage to make Shane and Hunter spending much of the chapter just having a conversation so interesting and compelling. Bravo to you! Oh, and congratulations on winning our nonsense war! At least, I think you won... We'll just go with that. And I like the order you put our conversation in. I wonder what people think when reading our bantor. I'm thinking they must think we're crazy. But good crazy of course. No granny panties stealing here!
Rogue Ranger chapter 10 . 6/9/2012
Bahaha! We're funny! I still can't get over being part of the endnotes, especially such a significant part. I do a little happy dance in my head.

Ah, Dustin feeling up Hunter's abs...accidentally. All the pairing combinations you tease your readers with! ;p But Dustin had to reject Hunter because he loves Shane more. Er...Cam, I meant Cam. Dustin and Shane are at least good friends and work well together. But, what's this? Hunter's not always smug? Dustin is apparently a lot better at reading people than me, since it took me forever to figure that out.

The fight scene moves quicker than I remember (I'm just going by memory) and flows well, while also keeping Dustin's witty mental imagery. Aww, poor Dustin, don't blame yourself!
the real vampire chapter 12 . 6/7/2012
It was so good to see this altogether (the chapter with the extra shower scene). It worked so nicely! :-D
the real vampire chapter 11 . 5/27/2012
Yay, this was one of my favourite chapters :-D Loved the *talk* between Hunter and Shane... Shane's defensiveness and denial is just adorable. And Hunter really knows how to wind him up. Looking forward to seeing the next chapter (because I know what you're adding!).
Rogue Ranger chapter 9 . 5/26/2012
Bahaha! I have to comment on Hunter's scene first because it's just so funny. I love how he can be so sarcastic and cut straight through all the BS, like with poor Tory or "the mess" but yet he can't find a green button. Maybe this is a setup for what happens between him and Cam later. You know, because he wears green? Nevermind. Still a good establishment section for Hunter.

Now, onto the meat of things! The birth of Cam's elephant is well timed in here and sets up some coming Cam-angst. Yes, I just said "the birth of Cam's elephant", but you know what I mean, right? Anyway, not only do you address Cam's feelings (even some jealousy), but also show that Dustin's encouraging Shane to make out with Hunter. I mean reconcile with Hunter! You know, make things work out. That's what I meant, I swear! Also, I like how Cam and Shane work together in their leardership roles and I'm trying to remember when this kind of interaction first started.

Aww, I'm grammatically gifted! No pressure there! ;p Seriously though, I can't adequately express just how it feels to be a real visible part of the amazing world of Any Moment! Thank you for inviting me!
Rogue Ranger chapter 8 . 5/26/2012
I heart this chapter bigtime! Seriously, one of my altime favorites. It's what I think of as the "world" this story takes place in, if that makes sense, and it's what I see when I look at that fanart you made for this story; you know, the one with the couch. See, this chapter manages to give all the characters their moments while also check in on the progress we've made in the story (relationship-wise) as well as establish the next targets for said relationships. That, and it's seriously a super funny chapter! So, had you taken it out, you might have heard some nasty words from me. No, I can use nasy words! Like..."Dash it all! Bad play, Paisley!" Ooh, harsh! But fortunately we didn't have to experience such vulgarity. Score!
Rogue Ranger chapter 7 . 5/26/2012
Awww, group hugs are the best! I like how you can portray Dustin's Dustinness so well outside of his specific POV. I see the way Cam thinks of him and the fondness he already has. Also, it's still pretty obvious how Dustin thinks and feels about Cam. This is a good relationship building chapter between the two and you even manage to work in resolving Dustin and Shane's tiff in here in what feels like a perfectly fitting way, with Cam (post skating) using his magical logic. And, no, magical logic is not a paradox!
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