Reviews for My Biggest Mistake, My Greatest Salvation
RoryCullen chapter 24 . 2/10
Seriously? He left her alone, while Alice strikes again. Alice and no doubt either James or Alec strikes again. Or maybe Jane this time. Or maybe you are playing with us and Bella is in the washroom, which if that is the case well that would just be really dumb of her not to tell Edward that is where she was going. Why didn't Edward bring the body guard to Vegas, that way he could shirk his duties in the keeping his wife safe and out of harms way to his hearts content. Damn this is really annoying.
RoryCullen chapter 23 . 2/10
I really don't like the sound of this. I don't like that Bella called her mother now and told her everything about Alec and James... it could put her in danger again and it could put her mother in danger too for that matter. He is not going to take any back-talk from Renee about how he treated Bella that's for sure. She is also going to spill the beans to him about going to Vegas to meet Bella, which will of course provide him with an opportunity to go see her. What is it a two day drive away? This is bad. I don't like that they have both lied perpetually to his family, over and over and now they are going to come clean. I don't like that either. Oh boy... those crazy kids.
LolaTheSa chapter 1 . 2/10
And no... I pass on this story... She is basically going to bring her problems and a BABY into his life. She is pregnant. Ususally i'll read and see where it goes. But i see no reason for edward to even give her the time of day, she could a fucking whore off the streets for all he knows.

I'll pass since i see edward is just going to be that guy in this fic.
RoryCullen chapter 22 . 2/9
If i were Bella I would never want to go to Vegas again and certainly not so soon, and not while I was pregnant. Edward could probably get out of going on that trip too; another company employee could go instead. I would not want to travel west and put myself anywhere close to Washington. Just say, "No", Bella.
RoryCullen chapter 21 . 2/7
I'm with Emmett in this matter.
RoryCullen chapter 20 . 2/7
Very nice; I'm glad they finally felt comfortable enough to do the deed. I wonder if they have found a house, or a bodyguard? I keep picturing Emmett as her bodyguard but I know it won't be him.
RoryCullen chapter 19 . 2/7
The calm before the storm, you can just feel it...not to mention that you confirm it in your author's note. Well at least they will have a little peace and tenderness before the rug gets pulled out from under them.
RoryCullen chapter 18 . 2/7
Oh such a worry. Bella and the baby and Edward are in for a world of trouble, aren't they? I mean it isn't over with Alec and James is it? Beautiful scene with Edward saving Bella in the parking ally, with his head lights shining on the 'bad guy'. I half expected Edward to growl and for him to tell Bella to get in the car. I loved the scene in the hospital most of all, with Edward telling Bella he loves her and his knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bella loves him too, without her even needing to confirm. But of course she did. Very moving scene indeed, they both are so happy. I think if I were Edward I would take Bella and run away to a European country or somewhere to keep her out of reach from Alec and his minion. However, like in the movie, "Safe Haven", Alec being a Police officer means he could probably track them down wherever they go. Great Chapter.
RoryCullen chapter 17 . 2/6
I have a feeling he found her through the grandfather when she told "Father Cullen" her name was Swan. Oh boy. I'm glad Bella is having a baby girl. I think it would be hard not to think of a boy's similarities to his father, but a girl she might see more of herself in her. So this is James who is not her former friend. I wonder is he waiting in a car somewhere and James is going to toss her into it. This is really shitty that he has found her. I sure hope the baby is not hurt and that Bella is safe as well. Hurry up Edward.
RoryCullen chapter 16 . 2/6
I wonder will they all go into business together some day, Edward, his parents and Bella? House hunting must be so much fun. I can't wait until Bella and Edward get to the point where they know where they stand with each other; when they know they love each other.
RoryCullen chapter 15 . 2/6
I wish I could see those photo-booth pictures; I bet they look cute. Great chapter. I like that their relationship and closeness is progressing with a minimum of angst between them. I sure hope I have not spoken too soon.
RoryCullen chapter 14 . 2/6
This Edward is so forgiving and so responsible, still wanting to follow through with the promises he made to his brothers even though right now they don't deserve it. They owe him an apology, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie each owe Edward an apology. I'm so proud of Edward for doing the right thing and also for not taking what happened to him out on Bella. I'm proud of Bella for being such a rock for Edward and a sweetie too. They make a good team.
RoryCullen chapter 13 . 2/6
I think it is time...
RoryCullen chapter 12 . 2/6
Which quote? Do you mean from New Moon, what Rose says to Bella about envying her, her humanity, or was there another one I missed? This quote fit the situation between Edward and his brothers very well, he envies them, and but they are jealous of him. I had a hard time believing they could think Edward could do something like this to them, after going on a boys camping trip with him, like he is one of them. It seems their being nice to him is just an act. As long as he is doling out money to them, paying for their weddings and houses, then they will keep up the ruse. I agree with Bella the way they treated him is bullshit. The last ten years he has done nothing but try to build a relationship with them, and then in this instance they are so quick to condemn him. I would think it should be obvious who did this to them. Don't they have any idea what their grandfather is like? Or how he treated Edward his whole life? I don't expect a reply from you, I'm just venting, but I really hate how they treat Edward and I hope Edward can except that Bella is really there for him, on his strings attached.
RoryCullen chapter 11 . 2/6
What a great chapter. I loved Bella's surprise for Edward, and that it was so well received by Edward. I was wondering what he was going to do to let Bella know that he was starting to have feelings for her, since I'm sure he didn't want her to feel uncomfortable around him should she not reciprocate. I didn't think Bella would act on her feelings for him, since she would probably think he didn't feel the same way. I like how you did it. I'm so glad he took a chance and showed Bella how she makes him feel toward her. I'm worried though about what you wrote about the grandfather, not being the type to let sleeping dogs lie. He is going to find Alec isn't he and reveal where Bella can be found. If that happens I sure hope Edward does everything in his power to protect his Bella.

Oh and I saw the movie, "Ender's Game", but I have not read any of the books. I couldn't remember who Bean was at first, but I remember now...his friend, well one of them.
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