Reviews for A Little Magic
renewagain chapter 10 . 8/1
Alice deserved that after the cockblocking earlier. But it is sweet how her friends stuck up for her and now have come around to adore him. Who wouldn't?
renewagain chapter 9 . 8/1
I started looking at Torn last night based on this rec. I'm not sure I can do another pairing just yet. I'm just curious if you wrote something before this besides fanfic? Because you said this is your first fanfic but its so well do you just jump in?
renewagain chapter 8 . 7/31
Oh huh. I know this cant be what it seems. It can't!
renewagain chapter 6 . 7/30
I love turtles. Oh my God it's been waaaay too long since I had Edward is such a sweetie...they seem like regular people...I can relate.

So far I think I've read most of the fics you have rec'd and loved them too. Faking It is one of my all time faves. But last night I was looking g over Rescission and wanted to read it again. Okay why am I typing a long review about nothing? Sorry.
renewagain chapter 5 . 7/29
Oh that was fast...and now its 1:20am. I have to drive tomorow. I'm so glad I'm reading this, its really good. I think the first story I read if yours was rescission. It's still one of my favorites! I don't know why I didn't t read all the rest then. Who knows!
renewagain chapter 4 . 7/29
I love that Edwards cute grin is so powerful it melts you even with a wink. ;)

This guy is a sweetie. I have friends that met online 2003 I guess. They are married now.
renewagain chapter 3 . 7/29
Haha, online codes for me too. I adore this Edward he's so sweet. And he's like me...if you don't respond I just keep typing.
renewagain chapter 2 . 7/29
Good signs, I know nothing about gaming so its interesting to learn something. Also I used to be a bank teller. Small world, me n Bella have that in common. AND I got some crazy gifts from clients. Tell you later.
renewagain chapter 1 . 7/29
Uh yeah so you quoted the Princess Bride? I knew you were awesome :)
TheUnderStudy chapter 20 . 7/29
"Magic" *crying my eyes out* OMG I loved this ending. It was just so fucking perfect. Thank you so much for writing it. I loved Bella and Edward's development in their relationship. I love that it wasn't so easy and they had to fight for it. Great and strong supporting characters here as well. No story is good unless the support team rocks lol. Just loved the name too. A little magic that ended with a little magic *stars crying again*
TheUnderStudy chapter 19 . 7/29
Oh my god! They are so steamy lol. And Alice and Jasper lmao! I wish I was there to see them. And 5 years later they are just as cute
cullenlvr83 chapter 20 . 7/28
Just finished this story and absolutely loved it. I am definitely excited to read more of your stories!
CSG chapter 1 . 7/28
A girl deff has needs...
drotuno chapter 20 . 7/28
That was really fun and sweet and sexy. I enjoyed it a lot.

Thank you for sharing it.

drotuno chapter 17 . 7/28

I was wondering if they'd figure it out.

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