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SourlessCherryxx chapter 23 . 13h
Okay, so I finally finished your amazing, touching, exciting and wonderful story! I started yesterday and I wanted to read it slowly, but I was literally addicted to it, so I couldn't put it down and now, today, I finished it! And I'm so sad because it's over. I loved every part of it! I loved the characters, how you built BB and Raven's relationship, the storyline, the villains, the dialogue, basically I loved everything about this story! I think this is the best BBRae story, I've ever read. Definitely my new favourite story! I think I might reread it later. Thank you so much for this great story! I enjoyed it so much.
1.6180339887498948482045868 chapter 23 . 6/17
wonderful story. made my week.
Screamindivr145 chapter 1 . 5/24
mochafraptor chapter 23 . 5/19
A wonderful story, perfectly executed. 10/10
jane fire11 chapter 7 . 5/5
This is my at least 30th time reading this. NO JOKE I LOVE IT SO MUch! I wish I could write like this
Plutonimus chapter 23 . 5/1
Oh well done! Well done indeed!
Anon chapter 8 . 4/22
Surprised BB didn't point out the fact that he's the reason the Brotherhood still existed, having let them escape twice.
pisceanchic101 chapter 23 . 10/5/2017
Great story! I really enjoyed reading it and seeing Dr. Light from a different light (get it? get it?). Good job!
NillyNarwhal chapter 23 . 9/15/2017
I've just recently stumbled back into the TT fandom again and I am so glad I found this fanfic.

Maybe my tastes are changing, or I'm still maturing, or something, but I've found it harder to really get into a lot of chapter fics. However yours drew me in right from the start and kept me pressing the 'next' button as soon as I had finished one chapter (perks of reading an already complete fic).

I liked how this story was more mature, but not in a way just for the sake of being darker and whatnot. I also appreciated how you developed Beast Boy's and Raven's relationship; them becoming closer wasn't sudden, but a slower buildup, especially from past conversations through their communicators, and their actions in the present felt a lot more natural because of it.

Basically, your writing was just really enjoyable to read and I'm definitely going to check out what else you got :)
jane fire11 chapter 23 . 8/21/2017
This is like my 20th time reading this... I LOVE IT!
jane fire11 chapter 1 . 8/20/2017
I read a lot of fanfic's and I think this one is my favorite
WaterLily888 chapter 23 . 8/6/2017
This is my favorite story from you, hands down. I can't stress enough how amazing I think your writing is. I read once about the kiss rule: "If they have to kiss for you to know they're in love, you're not writing romance right" and your writing follows that rule. I love the pace and how you built up their relationship, because it wasn't too slow or too fast; it was perfect and believable. I also really enjoyed how you thought of the plot; adding the Justice League and how they handled Dr. Light was brilliant (see what I did there), because it shows that even heroes themselves can go wrong in the pursuit of trying to do the right thing. And I know this is a long review, but I also want to say that I love how you added how the Titans suffered from mental health issues after fighting The Brotherhood of Evil; it gave maturity and credibility to this story. Thank you for taking the time to write and finish such a beautiful story; I wish I had read it while you were writing it.
Guest chapter 23 . 3/2/2017
I loved this so much. It was so unlike any TT fic I've read but that's one of the best parts about it. I loved the suspense, drama, romance, and action it had. Amazing job. Really.
Captain Ea Rayos chapter 23 . 10/6/2016
Ok i just pulled an all nighter reading this fanfic, in a college night and my battery is less than 20% and got lots of stuff for classes. I loved every chapter and just 1100 out of 10. Thanks for this!
LiquidLove chapter 23 . 9/25/2016
Wow, this was incredibly dark. I don't think the description highlights what you're getting into well at all. I don't even mean simply the Dr. Light subject matter but the fic started dark. I found it got lighter in tone around 2/3 in, though, and it was a pretty comfortable level. Ultimately, I found it a pretty good read and worth the time it took to get through.

For anyone who hasn't read the story who wants to remain spoiler free stop here. If you're concerned with the content after Dr Light shows up, read the next line and then stop.

The only character who is raped within this story is a civilian side character unique to this fic.

The plot for this story seems to have changed mid writing. It starts as a hard sequel to the animated show - adhering very strictly to elements introduced in it. Once Batman appeared, elements drawn from the comics started appearing in more frequency. The title and description suits the start of the fic well, but when taken as a whole, neither really captures the story. Overall, it's not too noticeable, but it does make some things seem odd in hindsight.

I noticed that it's never explained how Phobia is able to track Raven. She abducted the maid from the first hotel. She found Raven on the roof. She was able to find the new hotel. These all can't be coincidences.

I laughed aloud when Doctor Light started tearing at Ravens clothes in the middle of a fight with Beast Boy standing only a few feet away. Despite seeming super threatening at first, I found Light ultimately was just as self sabotaging and short-sighted as when he was mindwiped. He's still a petty criminal who's willing to hurt people to satisfy petty grudges because he's too incompetent to actually hurt his enemies directly: exactly like identity crisis. I must admit, I think Light's portrayal is the strongest part of this piece. I really enjoyed that someone somewhere has done something worthwhile with the Doctor Light fallout from Identity Crisis. That whole "Dr Light fights everybody who's ever been a Titan" in the comics was terrible, and after that he very quickly devolved into an even more pathetic villain than before. It's really nice to read a story that capitalizes well on the setup.

I really liked the JLA stuff. There wasn't much of it, and it really wasn't anything unique, but it was fun.

There were a couple of odd things introduced by having Identity Crisis seemingly running concurrently with this story. They're not insurmountable, but they do seem to contradict. Kid Flash should be the Flash by now. Deathstroke is loose and Doctor Light found him pretty easily, so the Titans would likely be aware he's around.

I probably have more I could say, but at the time of writing this, I'm now drawing a blank. This doesn't really concern the story itself, but I did also want to mention that I found the disclaimers very amusing. They may have been my favorite part, arguably.
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