Reviews for A Mutant In Need For Comfort
asha74 chapter 4 . 8/6/2013
Please update soon. I would like to read more.
ReviewCritic chapter 1 . 8/5/2012
Personally, I will give you props for you writting your first X-Men fanfic so kudos to you on that.

Personally though, your character is truthfully not creative at all...I mean seriously? Stealing other mutants powers? Thats as unoriginal as you can get. Advice, give or take, you should come up with ypur OWN superpower. Get creative with it. Also, an Omega mutant? Personaly making your main hero TOO strong in the begining kind of ruins it. Slowly progress, show him getting stronger through time so we can bond with the character. If he is TOO strong, then he would get boring FAST knowing he will always win ever time. So work on that part if you can.
xSushii chapter 4 . 7/5/2012
Just Finished reading! :) I liked it. I thought Alex and Laura were cute together x). Whether you take reviews with criticism bad or good is totally up to you, but remember you just started! So of course people shouldnt expect stories to always be 100% amazing. I read some of the reviews this story had. I agree that Alex maybe a little "too" perfect. But i think if you write some chapters showing some of Alexs weaknesses-then i think it will balance out fine :). Grammar wasnt bad at all. Better than mine! If you ever need a beta-reader, Im always up for the job :) OR you can always find someone on here that is willing to also. Dont be afraid to ask! the people here are really nice. But so far i think this story and you have so much potential! so keep writing, practice makes perfect! i hope you find that one certain writing style that makes it your own. Dont be afraid to ADD DETAIL. More detail never hurts. Again dont ever put yourself down just because a review might be more harsh than the other. Just say thanks to them because in the end its gonna make you a better writer. Some people just anticipate too much from people when really, they should be working on themselves. Im the same way :). So lets work hard together!
zeno518 chapter 1 . 7/4/2012
Hate to break it to ya bro, but Alex beith a freakin' Gary Stu. Though the sheer fact that you made him extremely cocky and kinda/sorta have to practice his copied powers (...ish) sort of redeems him (...ish) You're spelling and syntax tends to fluctuate between 3rd grader level to freshmen English (high school not college) Other Than that it's ok (...ish) Ya might wanna brush up on your fic writing skills bra. I rate this a 4/10
afterfake13 chapter 2 . 3/24/2012
Your story was great and the author notes were funny. The part where he accidentally mentally smacked himself was brilliant and original.

There were some grammar, spelling, and capitalization mistakes. Like misspelling gripped and I think you need more commas, but I fail at standard English and don't know for sure. "Yes, bub. It's waiting for you inside the jet," answered Wolverine annoyingly. (unless Wolverine is the one who is annoyed.)

I think this is correct: "You've got to be kidding me; it was underneath the grand staircase. Boy do I owe Jubilee some serious coin."

Also "spark of metal" could maybe be "spark of clashing metal"

The rest of this is only if you were going for accuracy:

From Wolverine, a power mimicker would only get bone claws and a healing factor. The metal claws aren't his powers. This is shown when his powers are copied or when someone turns off his powers, he still has metal claws. Also the reason some mutants can't control or activate their powers is because they don't know their full power or it is something difficult to understand. I believe someone with power mimicry wouldn't be able to effectively use their new powers right away. They'd probably have to be told how to use them or practice/train like the person whose power they copied.

Alpha mutants: extremely powerful mutant without significant flaws to their powers. very rare.

Most of the X-men and their main enemies are probably Alpha level.

Beta mutants: mutants with powerful or useful mutations that are less controllable. For example, wolverine can't decide NOT to rapidly heal, but he has no reason not too. Also, the claws aren't really a powerful mutation; they're useful.

Others examples are Rogue, Mystique, Cyclops (would be alpha without that head injury), X-23, Toad.

Extremely rare omega-level mutants are those with potential far surpassing most other mutants. X-Men with omega-level are Iceman, Elixir, Legion, Nate Grey, Jean Grey, Hope Summers, Rachel Summers, and Quentin Quire.

Mister M and Franklin Richards are omega-level mutants that aren't with the x-men.

Also there are mutants like Elixir and Legion who could potentially both warp reality and mimic other powers by changing their own DNA and would probably be tied for first along with you Alex character, but they don't show up in your story so Alex is easily your most powerful character.

You don't want a character that is too powerful because then he'd never lose and there'd be no suspense unless he's really cocky ALL of the time and always letting his guard down, but that'd make him a somewhat predictable or flat character. I'd suggest another enemy on his level or some form of weakness.

I don't always agree with the mutation level scale because it also accounts for appearance whilst I would just measure power and usefulness. Also, some writers use it differently from others and that could just be your interpretation.

I believe mutants like Wolverine and X-23 wouldn't easily be noticed by Professor X as mutants who needs to be picked up unless they were seriously injured. Cerebro can tell when a mutant is using their powers and that is mostly when Xavier is alerted.

Cyclops doesn't shoot lasers out of his eyes; they're concussive blasts.