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CileSuns92 chapter 2 . 10/3/2013
Loved this idea of giving each other a Proof of Life. Seriously, it gave me the chills, just thinking about it. It's the picture of what it means to be working a job where you risk your life every day, by simply doing what you do to get a salary.

I loved how Rick got worried for Kate, how he shifted from the doting father taking pictures of Dash sleeping on his feet to the man worried for his murder board idea was brilliant and chills inducing. Once again, having Ryan and Espo there clearly made him relax and worry at the same time, but the fact that he had a good feeling kept him upright.

The moment they finally affirmed how much they love each other and the way Kate told him that she's pregnant was simply perfect. You always implement the contrast dark-light with striking accuracy.

Oh, and for your knowledge, I'm officially addicted to the Balck Keys now. Should I blame or thank you? A little bit of both, I guess...
Mark C chapter 2 . 7/3/2013
This was amazing and the title was perfect.

Finding out that Kate was all right and it was a miscommunication put Rick and the boys at ease.

I liked how you handled Kate finding out about them being worried about her. That certainly makes sure that she will tell them where she is especially if she'll be without her phone for a time.

Loved the ending and seeing how Rick got the right to name their daughter.
conservativegirl chapter 2 . 6/20/2013
Awwww, I love this! The POL's are too cute:) and of course Kate's right about little Ellery...Kate's always right

Also, I read them out of order again *sheepishly apologizes* That's why there's a review with the sleep series! I just want to read them that I go too quick, lol. It's a struggle
ER-Freaky chapter 2 . 8/20/2012
I love all this background stories. This is a great one :)
SparkleMouse chapter 2 . 7/23/2012
His chair is still there by the desk, always will be she told him, but he feels like that sitting in Kate's desk chair will somehow invoke her wrath, call her up. - I love this. The reasoning why he sits in her chair and that she'll always keep space open for him there.

Castle moves, but Esposito has already beaten him to it - the board is flipped to the clean side and the marker is placed in Castle's hand. Black for the timeline. Castle nods his thanks to Espo and starts to fill in the details. - I love that he works like this. That he gets down to the facts, just how Beckett would.

Castle takes the last few steps to meet her in the hall and wraps both arms around her, lifting her off her feet, his breath stuttering. His heart pounding. His body shaking in relief.
"Kate." - And once again I love how much he loves her, no boundaries.

The guys wanted to show you something on the case," he says, shooting Esposito and then Ryan intense stares. - Oh man. So he can erase the board before she sees.

"Yeah, break is good," Esposito says quickly. Ryan nods, Castle nods, they are all nodding, so relieved and feeling stupid too, at least, Castle is. Feeling stupid. He glances at the boys and sees on their faces the same pact.

She will never know of this.

How they overreacted. - And yet there's so comforting in that they DID freak out because they all care about her and love her so much.

"How much I love you, I love you, I love you," he murmurs into her neck, nudging her to the middle of the living room, his fingers at her waist, sliding under her shirt. - SO FREAKING CLENCHY RIGHT NOW, I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU.

His fingers dig into her hips as his mouth closes over her exposed skin, his body bent nearly in half over her. - Oh that is so sexy.

"Oh, I know I will. You're wearing black stripes. Saw 'em this morning," he adds, his thumbs dipping below the waistband of her pants. "Sexy as hell." - They're so perfect.


"Oh God," she whispers, lifts her eyes to him. "I am so, so sorry." - I don't know what I want to say here but something. Yah.

He nods, cups her face in his wide palms. "I just - I love you. I really do. And it scared the shit out of me to think you might be hurt somewhere, and needing me, and I was just here, and I didn't even know it. All day I was here writing and having fun with Dash, and how could I not know you were - could be - might have been dying?" - All the clenches and tingles in the world.

"We haven't done this in ages," she whispers.

"Two days," he laughs, but it's also a growl by the end that makes her hips jerk.

"Two days is too long."

"You say that now." - I love that it's only been two days.

I'm watching the video on Brazenhead Books right now. SO cool. I should go next time I'm in NY.

She watches his face as he flips open the picture book, finds the father and daughter in a magical castle by the sea-

He looks up at her, stunned. Kate presses her palm against her still-flat stomach, and she sees the knowledge pass from her to him, sees it bloom in his eyes. - I love that you mention these moments and then go back and complete it for us.

"How does it feel?"

"Easy," she laughs, raises her hand from under his to stroke his cheek. "It feels like the best thing in the world." - SO IN LOVE.

She chuckles against him and lifts into his embrace. "I knew this time. Before you did. Yeah?"

"Yeah," he admits, laughs too. :) Smiling like a moron right now.

"I could feel it. Feel her," she whispers, brushes the back of her fingers against his chest. "I could feel our baby girl." - Man it would have sucked if she was a boy lol.

She hopes their baby has his eyes this time. - AW she will!

She cradles his face between her palms and lifts up into a kiss, gentle and adoring for the man who loved her through the first one and loves her enough to do it again.

But this time it's different. - So amazing and beautiful.
SparkleMouse chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
And so the Life series reviews begin.

She calls or she leaves him voicemail or she comes over unannounced; she doesn't text him either. Their emails are filled with inane and stupid things - videos of flashmob pillow fights and medieval weapons, go figure. - I love the details in this. I love (despite the circumstances) them sending these kinds of videos to each other. Also that she'll come over unannounced like it's just what it is now, like after tragedy there are no rules.

But it's not just text, it's a photo of her beautiful, wide-open eyes, her soft and gorgeous face in the bed he just left, hair in a halo around her, lashes so long, that smile curving her lips: I opened my eyes, it says. He saves it, saves it everywhere; it's the screen lock picture on his phone. - I love that you went back to this and that he saved it everywhere. I've said this before but I love how you write their love. It's beautiful.

She texts him back immediately: Nice to see your face. How's this for POL?And she's attached a photo of the hickey he left just above her belly button.
Damn. - Damn is right.

He wishes he could call her and talk, but Alexis is curled up against his side, half-asleep as they watch stupid romantic comedies, neither of them talking about Ashley or the break-up (he knows she'll spill everything to his mother later, so he's okay with this). - There's something I really love about him texting Kate with Alexis next to him. Normal, but not. Flirty but innocent.

I like POLs that include Beckett skin. - So perfectly him.

all of this in texts between them, of course, because saying these things out loud just isn't how they work. - I feel that's so true of most people. So much easier to say it when you don't have to look at them. I love that after this, that's who they are.

POL: eating this amazing manicotti. veggie. you'd love it. leftovers in the fridge when you're done cheating on me with my book. - So much about this. That he leaves her food. That he calls it cheating as if they're dating even if technically they're not. That it's with his book.

she often interrupts her bath and book and wine nights to come over late, eat his leftovers and sit with him, too close, on the couch, making out or talking or laughing. - I JUST WANT TO SEE THIS!

"Oh my God, Castle. I'm pregnant." - Going back to the beginning is so fascinating knowing where and how they end up. And it's comforting to know that people change and lives change, sometimes without warning.

She sent him the video of her ultrasound appointment, the baby on the monitor. Proof of life. - That gave me chills. The connection and the meaning behind it now.

"I know I'm not being good about this," she says into his shirt. "But you're coming with me next time, okay? I shouldn't have - shut you out."

His heart soars.

She presses her mouth to his ear. "Next proof of life - you should be there in person." - I just want to sob at your brilliant words.

"Foot?" Toes. He felt actual toes. "This is - this is beautiful and yet so very weird, Kate." - I love that even though he's a father, he's done this, he hasn't like this and it's so new for him too.

"He's a wild man," - AWWWWW. Dash!

When did he make her promise anything? He's been so very careful not to ask for promises from her. - Hm. That makes me sad.

"What about when Bueller showed up?"

"You mean when Matthew Broderick came in and reported his car got stolen? That was a special occasion. What's the special occasion now?" - Hahahaha. Excellent.

His heart flips. "Ah. I got - I sent her a text a few hours ago. But. No. I-"

"Okay, just wondered. Gotta go!" And the phone clicks in his ear. - UMMMM. Ryan? That causes some panic lol.

Castle laughs. "Yeah, actually. But - for the night? He loves it at your place, and I-" - Is this the night Ella is conceived?

His chest constricts, between the warmth in Kate's father's voice and the warmth of his son at his feet, and hovering over all of that, haunting him, is the shimmering vision of doing this without Kate. - I know she's clearly not dead but this clenches my heart.

"Never mind. I won't plan on hearing from you. Trying for a girl, right?" - . My little Ella.
TrapperII chapter 2 . 5/10/2012
Guh. Thanks so much for these companion pieces that fill in the gaps so deliciously! This was perfect in every way. Loved her realization at the end of how much she wants to make up for her selfishness/fear from the first pregnancy.

This expresses his inexpressible emotion so well:

He shakes his head, a hysterical sound bubbling up his throat that he absolutely, absolutely cannot let out, but that also means he can't answer her immediately.
TrapperII chapter 1 . 5/10/2012
I'm still basking in the afterglow of Always :)

Very happy to have more to read in the Dash universe. Love this POL concept.
Arrant Schemata chapter 2 . 4/28/2012
I love the way you tell a long passage of time through little snippets, and how it all fits in with what I've already read. Brilliant.

itsourinsidejoke chapter 2 . 3/30/2012
Love this!

Love how different their circumstances are with Dash and Ellery. It's amazing how they go so well, even though they're different.

Topsy chapter 2 . 3/29/2012
I loved it, as usual. On to the next. :D
Guest chapter 2 . 3/25/2012
Man, I just love your stories! Cant get enough!
onepowerball chapter 2 . 3/24/2012
Loving this new story Chezchuckles :) little bit of angst to go with all the sexy family goodness, just the way I like my fic's. Thanks heaps!
Nat84 chapter 2 . 3/24/2012
KMacD chapter 2 . 3/24/2012
Ah. Magical, just magical, and Kate realising the joy she denied him the first time? Oh, wonderful. I do wish this one had been longer but I guess 2 kids, 2 chapters? I don't know but I love these 'in-between stories' for the Dash verse.
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