Reviews for The Special Two
need2no chapter 1 . 11/24
Recently read your two most recent stories and really enjoyed them. So I've gone to the very beginning and started reading. Have read the first several, up to this one. I like your style. So I'll be reading all your stories from the first to the most recent. your writing is very prolific, so it may take me awhile. But I will do my best to read them ALL. I'll check in from time to time and let you know what I think.
pandora jazz chapter 1 . 3/21/2012
I love this line. 'Little Sammy smiled and cooed and drooled his way into Dean's heart, never again to leave it, no matter what the future might bring;'

I think you did a good job of capturing John and Missouri's thoughts concerning this episode. I always love visiting the first season as it is a wonderful reminder of why I fell in love with the show.

Thanks for sharing another story with us.