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but-the-clouds chapter 12 . 7/16/2012
This story was awesome! Great job!
Adeepenedsoulopens28 chapter 12 . 7/15/2012
Hey i love the story how have you been haven't heard from you in awhile?.
always.theheartbeat chapter 12 . 4/17/2012
Woah. I like.

Like, seeing - reading, ahem - how Licoln was worrying and basically freaking out because Lena got hurt was interesting. How he wasn't sure just what got damaged or how he couldn't remember how to stop the bleeding and the thoughts he had of her being hurt without reason. Yeah.

Pluuus it's good to know that you didn't kill them. I woulda been sad, cause I like these characters a lot. All of them, really, which is rare cause I generally hate someone, love a few, and all the others are just meh. But that didn't happen here, so, I'm glad you kept 'em.

Also! I like the ending - "the entire world going back to normal. For now." it's so ominous! :D I like endings like that a lot cause they leave the reader with the 'uhum, what? What's that supposed to mean?' feeling.

Awesome awesome job! As a whole, seriously. I love this. A lot. I'll probably reread, to be honest.
always.theheartbeat chapter 11 . 4/13/2012
Awww, shoot. Soon as I read Kurt's words that you can't outrun it, I knew Lena was screwed. Sigh.

I do like that she dove out of the closet in attempt to get away. I found that to be a better action than to just sit there, honestly. Then I was reminded of the time I practically jumped on top of my sister from across a couch in attempt to get away a door being pounded right next to me.

Anyway! Now, of course, I'm freaking about Lena's well being, cause y'know, she happens to be my favorite. And Lincoln tore his stitches! That's worrysome.

Oh, but hey! At least the demon is reduced to ash!

Unless that somehow doesn't do the trick and it comes back. Buuut you mentioned this was near the end, so I'm not sure which route I think is more likely. Probably the 'it's dead for good' actually.

Go Kurt though. I like him.

Great job! :D This makes me happy to read.
always.theheartbeat chapter 10 . 4/12/2012
Uh, hello. Y'know that feeling you get when even if you're not scared, something is just so freaking creepy that all you wanna do is burrow under blankets? If I had been either of these two, that's exactly what I'd have loved to do, either when Bloody Mary smiled, or banged on the door.

Seriously though, I cringed when Lena opened her mouth. That's like... I dunno. I just knew as soon as she spoke that, oh crap, they're screwed.

Now I'm like, super curious! Hee. Cause I gotta wonder about the rest of the crew, and how in the world are Lincoln and Lena gonna get themselves outta this, cause they're screwed (again) in that too. Maybe someone will come to the rescue.

It'd suck hard core, but I think I'd laugh had they jumped into a room with mirrors, or something reflective. It'd just be so inconvienant that I'd hafta be amused.

Great job, again!

...I so hope the show comes back for a second season. Reading this, while it helps calm my love for it, kinda makes the hope for a new season like, a whole lot larger.
always.theheartbeat chapter 9 . 4/12/2012
Oh, no. I'm behind! And I didn't even notice that I had skipped chapter nine - y'know, there were some problems with loading it or something - then I started ten without remembering and yeeeah... I'm late! To which I apologize for.

Totally on the edge of my seat over here! I was all "Why isn't Lincoln listening to her? Everyone KNOWS that when someone gets a bad feeling, ya listen to 'em and do what they say!", so I was a little spazzy when he took his sweet old time gazing into the water. Well, the blood.

Which, by the way, was so interesting! Ugh, can you imagine falling into that? Sick. At the sight of that, I'd book it out of there and back down to ... to somewhere else. With a door. And a lock. And that jazz that makes you feel safer.

Anyway. Great job! :D Of course, now I'm wondering if it's out for all of them or just the three who stumbled upon her grave. It was a thought of Lena's, so it got me wondering too.
Ollie chapter 10 . 4/11/2012
Amazing story can't wait for more
always.theheartbeat chapter 8 . 4/7/2012
Oh, dang. The part just where Kurt's view ended was actually what freaked me out most in reading this whole thing. Not the blood filled sink or the claw marks on the bed, but the fact that she uses reflections and they're living on one huge mirror.

First I was confused as to why you decided to keep the mirrors. Then I gave it a little thought and decided that it was a good thing they had, because that's a way to stop her. Although now they could just look off the edge, really...

Anyhow! Great job. :D I liked that part in Tess' view where she's thinking about Lincoln and how he doesn't like to be a bother to others. It's just so Lincoln. And I found it to be very Tess of her to be thinking that, for some reason.
always.theheartbeat chapter 7 . 4/5/2012
Of course I'll always have something nice to say. Unless I'm being stupid and it comes out mean... and that won't even be on purpose, so!

Pssh. Men and their macho-ness. Sometimes annoying, sometimes not. Like here, for example, I wasn't annoyed when Lincoln kinda downplayed his pain, because his reasoning was to not worry Lena.

But anyway! For the record, I agree. Honestly, baths are kinda nasty anyway - sitting in your own wet dirt - but when you're covered in blood and you feel the need to just chill in it because you want a bath? Something is wrong with you. And you might deserve whatever crazed killer comes and attacks you.

A bit off topic, huh? Yeah...

Well, I loved it. I find it to be a good sign that they were smart enough to take down the mirrors - hopefully they broke em - and that Lincoln is strong enough to be getting up and showering whereas before he could hardly walk. It's kinda reassuring, I guess, because he's Lincoln and I need him to be in somewhat good health.
always.theheartbeat chapter 6 . 4/3/2012
Yeah, there it is. Stumbling upon that grave was not a good thing.

I find amusement in "Why was Kurt always so...curt?" because seriously, to me that was funny. I like when you can play with words like that.

I wasn't expecting Mary to mess around with the mirrors and Lincoln and such when so many others were in the room. It makes sense, actually. I get the idea that she's toying with them, and if she is, I like it. That may sound creepy... yeah.

Ignoring that my mind is messed up, I like this chapter a lot too! Glad to see that everyone is basically on the same page here, and that they're at least gonna try to figure out how to put a stop to everything.

Oh! Also, I like how you describe Lincoln's pain (also sounds totally creepy). Like, how it's not just something you mention at the start of the chapter and leave it at that, but you mention it throughout everything. It's not overboard or anything, but you're aware of it as you read instead of forgetting right away. Annnd it's realistic, too. Well. I mean... real as you can describe about the situation.
always.theheartbeat chapter 5 . 4/3/2012
Well lookie that. The summary even says Bloody Mary. I tend to not pay attention to that as soon as I start reading, which explains why I was guessing on what was going on. Makes sense about the mirrors, too.

But anyway!

Naturally, because I just can't help it, I aww'd when Lena was helping Lincoln. I'm sure anyone on the Magus would have done so, but still. Gah, he must be in so much pain though... And Jahel, she's gotta feel somewhat crappy too, I'd assume.

And a mission from a few days ago... I'd guess that's how something got disturbed and led to things going bump in the night.

Well, awesome job here. :D
Louise chapter 4 . 3/30/2012
This story is wonderful, excellent use of suspense and character and refreshingly accurate spelling/grammar. I look forward to reading more.
always.theheartbeat chapter 4 . 3/30/2012
Well. Bloody Mary. Guess that answers the mirror stuff I was wondering about.

Gotta say it: Awwwwwwww! I can't help it, even if this isn't meant to be romance, that doesn't take place in my mind. Lena and Lincoln had a cute moment together, dispite his passed out state, and that's all I focus on.

So, naturally, I loved that part.

But as for everything else, great job. Bloody Mary I didn't expect, but that's not a bad thing and she's seems to be a large possibility for this, so she ain't out of the equation.

I like the takes on Lena and Tess here. Lena trying to appear strong when I'm quite certain she just wanted to curl up somewhere else, and Tess as a worried, protective mother. Her emotions, both of them actually, I see as very in character.

Great job!
always.theheartbeat chapter 3 . 3/30/2012
Oooooh, I like the change of view points.

Hold up. Are the prints at the mirror because mirrors are gateways for those of the other world? That was my first thought, anyway.

But... there's a mess of blood, seemingly too much spilled for Lincoln to still be living, is what I gathered. Well, maybe not. But if so then something else would have had to bleed. Which would be strange for the situation.

Except, not really, because this IS The River... (and oh, how I miss it).

Well anyway. Great job here, too! I like that Lena noticed the prints - curious as to if she'll share with anyone - and yeah. :D
always.theheartbeat chapter 2 . 3/30/2012
Huh. That's a little crazy...

Okay. So he was being chased by a chick with clawed hands and feet with hooves. Also with red and gold eyes, which I must say is an interesting combo. If she weren't so bent on harming him I'd say I'd like to see her myself.

But anyway!

Wow. Just, great job here too. I'm left like, on the edge of my seat, and as I read I'm always giving a little bit of a thought to just what could be going on here in the big picture.

Of course, I never get so far as to figure that out.

Still! Loved it.
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