Reviews for Catalyst
mizzanimequeen chapter 26 . 7/21
Great story. I love the AU and I love how Sakura wasn't portrayed as a weak woman. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read the rest.
MoonTearGirl chapter 26 . 7/5
Oh I'm so glad you're back at writing this story again! I had chills thinking if Sasuke was going to make it through the front gates or not!

Hope to see your next installment soon! Good luck on the writing process!
Lady JayCee chapter 26 . 6/25
Thank you for updating! I had stopped reading fanfiction for a while, but this amazing story reinforced my love for it. I'm excited to see what happens next!
PerniciousPenny chapter 26 . 6/21
Yay! Back at it again with the awesome story!
Aquarian Charm chapter 26 . 6/17
This story is so awesome.
I just found it yesterday and pulled an all nighter to complete it.
It's a good thing that Sasuke has the marriage contract with him so that Kabuto won't cause him any trouble.
I hope something bad don't happen to Sasuke since Orochimaru is not going to trust him blindly forever and also because things are finally progressing between Sasuke and Sakura.
Waiting for the next chapter.
Please update soon.

~ charm
Saphira113 chapter 26 . 6/14
This story of yours is so old I don't even remember it :)

Thank you for writing more, as always. Kabuto seems like an arrogant (if insightful) jerk. I hope Sasuke will get him in the end.
RalitsaR chapter 26 . 6/14
This is so good! I was reading the chapters so fast, I even surprised myself! :D I loved it, thank you and Good Job!
Lauren chapter 26 . 6/13
Hi Daisy! THREE story updates in one week! You have made me an incredibly happy girl. Once again, a beautiful chapter - Catalyst is one of my favourites out of all your stories. Although Over There remains my top fav. I understand you're a doctor and I have absolutely no idea how you're able to manage between writing and your work and personal life but i commend you. Thank you so much and please don't feel pressured to update quickly. Know that us loyal fans will stick with you no matter how long you take to finish the stories! :) xx
ochakos chapter 26 . 6/13
all i really want to do is keyboard smash this review, tbh, but i won't because i want to tell you just how much i love this story. like, the concept is so overdone in fanfics, but as always, you manage to bring it to life and make it your own with your quirky and gREAT writing, amazing plot and its annoyingly heart-wrenching twists, and the way you stay true to the characters and bring them to life.

i just really loved this story, and how badass everyone is - especially sakura!, and sasuke too. please keep being as awesome as you already are, while i continue to binge read your fics. hope you're doing well!
LLuNarEcLiPsE chapter 26 . 6/13
I loved the moment you had with Sakura and Tsunade. Great chapter!
theClosetPoet7 chapter 26 . 6/12
you're back! Looking forward to the next chapter :)
guest chapter 26 . 6/12
great chapter!
xXFallenxBeautyxX chapter 26 . 6/12
Really love this story! Looking forward to the next update (:
supaajina chapter 1 . 6/11
Please update again soon!
Yami no Emi chapter 26 . 6/11
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