Reviews for Fate Revenant Sword
infadinityfollower chapter 4 . 7/31
Pretty good
infadinityfollower chapter 3 . 7/29
Pretty good~~
infadinityfollower chapter 2 . 7/29
Pretty good~
infadinityfollower chapter 1 . 7/29
Pretty good
SuzuWuzu chapter 1 . 7/29
99.99% cannon. Done
LightningmasterRyu chapter 19 . 7/29
pretty good fanfic. great job
KraftyKidd chapter 19 . 7/28
I'm not sure if my previous review went through, and I already poured so many heartfelt words and praises about this story. If it hasn't, I am saddened by its loss for it was perhaps the best if still paltry attempt to convey how much this story has touched me. Just know that this has transcended fanfic toon and truly became the happy ending everyone wanted, that I wanted since I was 7 and saw the anime. Thank you so much for this.
KraftyKidd chapter 19 . 7/28
I don't review often, if ever, and I'm not sure if you, the author, will see this. All I have to say is that this story has touched me emotionally. I ended up hating it a little partway, because I thought that with Shirou's knowledge he would have had things easier. Now, after seeing the conclusion, and the good end, all I have to say is that you quite perfectly pulled off perhaps the best fan made story, the very best fan fiction of the Fate/Stay Night. It all ties together as a whole that to me(and I will admit to not having the best knowledge other than watching the first anime of it when I was 7) is completely unidentifiable from the original. This is the happy ending I wanted. This is the pure bliss and sweet warmth that I had from the story, without the heartbreak of them never being together. I write this as a guest and not as my profile because I so desperately needed to convey how much love I hold for this story now. The poem lines had new meaning, because even though the dream is gone and it can't "Stay Night", as the dawn rises, Shirou and Arturia are together. A shock traveled my spine, a seizing of the heart stopped its beating for but a moment, and a chill graced my skin as I finished this story. To me, you fulfilled a childhood wish for a happy ending. You truly made a miracle that I have yet to see done in any fan fiction. Instead of making what ifs that revolve around increased power or other traits a, you continued a masterpiece to create a true priceless work. You made another route to that story. At this point, I'm losing ways to just convey how I feel. All I can sincerely say is, thank you.
Neema Amiry chapter 19 . 7/21
xNaruHina chapter 6 . 7/16
sigh, of course the kidnapping still happens...was hoping it would not. Shirou could haves used the noble phantasm thing he did to berserker to Rider saving Sabers mana.
xNaruHina chapter 5 . 7/16
can't saber just ends ruder with Excalibur?
xNaruHina chapter 3 . 7/8
Shirou being a sorcerer sounds pretty cool and epic
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 17 . 7/7
Lovers, bound together by Fate,
Joined together beneath the Dawn,
Contented, dreaming,
Knowing that it will never
Stay Night

Truly the best ending.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 14 . 7/7
"Which meant that he would die if he was killed."

Lol, you just couldn't resist, could you?

"Unfortunately, it was still daylight, so walking around in the clothing he'd been given by the Fae wasn't feasible — it would draw far too much attention."

But..but you're in Japan Shirou. People will just assume you're cosplaying.
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 13 . 7/7
"On the other side, Rin looked as though she were enjoying the latest episode of her favorite drama."

Along with everyone reading this.
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