Reviews for Fate Revenant Sword
Wulin chapter 5 . 11/12
Despite his knowledge... This story is trash
charly22salazar chapter 2 . 11/7
The lamest fight against berserker... for the love of god that was hard to read!
JackRaiden23 chapter 1 . 11/5
You forgot his structural grasp, that skill is what makes Shirou very skilled at Air gradation
Guest chapter 11 . 8/23
This comment is pointless since it has been years since the story finished, however even if Escavaltine is designed after the 3 sisters of holy blades, it couldn't actually replicate Excalibur true strength. Excalibur is a blade of the planet that is forged for the sole purpose of defending the world from those who threatens it at ANY cost, it doesn't have a limit to the power it could output, it's title of the Strongest Holy Sword isn't for nothing, as Excalibur has been once used before to defeat an extraterrestial threat that surpasses even the Types known as the White Titan which had destroyed and consumed many civilisations within the universe.

All in all, if the world deems it necessary, it would provide the necessary amount of mana to Excalibur to overcome any and every threat like they did with said Titan. In other words, when Excalibur is used by "King Arthur", it would carry only the hopes and dreams of the Kingdom of the Britons and a superior Kingdom may surpass it, however when Excalibur is used by "The Wielder of the Holy Sword", it would carry the hopes and dreams of all of humanity and the will of the world itself as the defender of the planet, and the strength of the Holy Sword Excalibur would appropriately be parallel with the strength of the World.
Call to arms 1234 chapter 3 . 8/20
I believe Altria is the name of saber alter but I could be wrong
Clavyus chapter 19 . 8/17
Well thought out and well-written. A nice story.
goodgunth123 chapter 13 . 7/31
What a Retard guilt... did he trade his brian for stone or something? Guilt for saving sakura succesfully? Maybe he rlly need to die by archer hand to end this happily for him.

Fucking beainless use your time for regret by RETARD reason to do something useful pls
ArkhCthuul chapter 10 . 7/29
Too bad you didn't really finish the rewrite, or rework this, as it's naming is, for its origin, really quite bad.

Otherwise, yay, loot
ArkhCthuul chapter 7 . 7/28
On one hand, amazing end.

On the other, kind of lame rest.

Still, not bad.
ArkhCthuul chapter 6 . 7/28
Hmmm, more than a bit confusing overall.
ArkhCthuul chapter 3 . 7/25

Noooooo, there already is a red dragon heir here... No need for dumb yet funny harem protag.

Also, funny.
Jacks-Noah chapter 19 . 7/1
Dbot15112002 chapter 6 . 6/20
I can't take this anymore, Shirou is a fucking idiot.
Episoidal chapter 2 . 6/18
Some criticisms:

1. Unrealistic dialogue and actions. Example. When someone who you don't really know barges in your home and acts like an asshole to you, you immediately kick them out while feeling angry; what you don't do is treat the intruder with civility and naivety like Shiro does. Even though Shiro knew Rin because he's from the future, that doesn't excuse Rin's atrocious behavior nor Shiro's blatant willingness to allow such an abhorrent personality to do whichever she pleases. Plus, the conversation literally doesn't make sense. Shiro questions Rin several times why she's illegally there but Rin just starts talking about tea and Caliburn from last night's event- not to mention the unnecessary insults she constantly threw at Shiro in waves. Also, who the fuck does that? Rin meets someone (Shiro) who she never talked to until the night before and then starts verbally shitting all over him? No one does that. No one. That's so unbelievably unrealistic that my brain just hurts. Even the games and anime don't portray Rin as an incomprehensible, unreasonable, illogical prick.

2. Shiro comes from the future, meaning he's supposedly wiser. But I have yet to see any of that wisdom associated with age and experience. He literally acts and thinks like an idiot teenager. For instance, it is very clear in his mannerisms and disposition when he talks with Rin and Saber. Adults tend to have a sense of authoritative impetus that allows them to start and control the flow of conversation with those much younger than them. However, I do not see any of that in the dialogue/actions/thoughts of the time-traveled Shiro. He, an adult, gets treated like a child by both Rin and Saber. Can you imagine you, a twenty-something-year-old adult, being treated in such a disrespectful manner by children who are still under age? What the fuck? Also, Shiro blushes like a little schoolboy when his stomach grumbles in front of Saber. What is he, in kindergarten? Is he not an adult who experienced war, loss, and trauma? Yes, I am aware that your stomach grumbling is embarrassing, but it is not something worth acting like a shy kindergartener over for.

3. Throughout this chapter, you, Shiro, and Saber keep on saying in some form that Rin is intelligent, but I disagree. Saying that someone is intelligent in writing is completely different from showing that that person is intelligent. Such an understanding should be obvious, but I beg to differ for this chapter. There was nothing actually witty/intelligent in the dialogue between Rin and Shiro, only unbridled arrogance. And when Saber said that she told Rin about her being King Arthur because she fell for some 'trick,' I was just like, 'what?' Saber, who is King Arthur, who is supposedly a 'wise king' known throughout history, gets tricked by an arrogant eighteen-yr-old (or something like that) prick? How? What did Rin say to Saber to get her to reveal her identity unwillingly?
electron1877 chapter 19 . 6/10
This was a really fun read. I like all the things you managed to do with a simple idea of Shirou starting over with his prior knowledge of the war. The different endings and epilogues showed how much effort you put into this story. I know it’s been some time since it was written, but I think you did a fantastic job!
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