Reviews for Ultimate Truth
HoneyBear84 chapter 1 . 8/30/2017
Loved it
BellatrixLepus chapter 1 . 6/10/2016
Yen girl's review covered my thoughts this was so sweet poor sev
rosebud90 chapter 1 . 12/27/2015
I love the story
Azrael Jinsei chapter 1 . 3/7/2013
Thank you
KneazleGriff chapter 1 . 8/28/2012
Awesome... now I am really addicted to this series. Looking forward to reading more. ;)
xDarklightx chapter 1 . 8/5/2012
I like it.
YenGirl chapter 1 . 3/27/2012
You're welcome, dear :D

This is such a wonderful sequel to your lovely Snarry one shot! You have kept Severus and Harry exactly as they were in Ultimate Proof and they are each so lovable in their own ways. Such sweet angst! *rubs her aching heart*

No wonder Harry is in a good mood, waking up from such a wonderful dream of Severus kising him and playing with his hair. Hey, why can't I have those type of dreams? I think it's because Severus hasn't kissed me yet *sniffles* Lucky Harry.

You know me so well - I love a Snarry story where Harry is still underage and Severus practices restraint! Well, I also love it when he doesn't and it's consensual but that's another story :p

Aw... Severus, if you want Harry to stay with you so badly (and you do hence that walk and clock statement), then why he is on your couch and not in your bed? Too tempting for you perhaps? *winks* Ah, just go on in, Harry, you don't have to make excuses... *flaps hand and tiptoes along behind him*

Ooh...! *watches the same drop of water going down that pale, think back* I love me a scrawny Snape! *twitchy fingers* And one with scars! *wants to kiss each one* But I'll let Harry do that.

Damn. Kisses not coming right now, but a misunderstanding of epic proportions! I love the sweet, sweet angst, but damnit, it's so painful! *clutches at her heart* Harry never would think that, Severus, never! *wants to shake him til his towel falls off* Er... for Harry's sake only, I swear! That blast of magic was a stroke of genius, my dear... it hurt so much! And that image of Severus sitting on the floor shaking and trying not to sob... the poor man. Harry will have to try his best to convince him, but I know he will. *smiles bravely amidst tears*

Oooh - a naked, scrawny and scar marked Severus in a bathtub full of shiny water! *wipes away tears and drools instead since he doesn't have his wand with him to hex her* Yes, the pain will stay with you forever if you lose your best friend's son so make sure you don't! *snatches soapy sponge from him and squeezes it over his head and grins as he splutters*

Eeek, he's coming out! *drops sponge and backs away, eyes glued onto certain exposed bits* Hmm, interesting, very interesting...! *starts drooling again*

ROTFL! I loved the bit where Dobby grabbed Severus' things, smiled at him and disappeared! That was hilarious! Poor Severus - no clothes, no wand and no magic. Wish it was no towel as well, but well, we must leave Harry with some uh, privilege, mustn't we? *gracious, drooly smile*

Ah, Albus, you have no idea what you just missed... *whistles innocently and walks past a surprised Headmaster* Hmm, good thing no basilisks were around otherwise there would've been some dead reptilian bodies lying here and there after Severus stomped past. *giggles and hides behind a statue of amour*

There's your young hero, waiting right there. It does seem like a prank, doesn't it, Severus? *leans on his shoulder conspiratorially and examines her nails* Seeing your scars, getting an elf to steal your clothes and wand, taking your magic and leaving you stranded outside your door... whoa! *topples over as furious Severus pushes her off* But you're wrong! *shakes finger up at him while sprawled on the floor* Even after that painful sentence Harry shouted at you *winces*

Ah - there, you see? Harry finally had the chance to say it! He wanted to kiss every inch of your skinny body and scars! *cries happy tears but stops as a furious Harry glares at her* Right. I'll uh, keep quiet for now...

Oh, I can't keep quiet! *wails* I want to scold Severus for not believing Harry, but you wrote his fears in such a realistic manner, I can't even scold him! *blows nose on a corner of his towel instead* Luckily Harry knows what to do, because I sure didn't! *leans on the wall and stares unashamedly at the lovely kiss* Don't they look lovely...

Oh, first interruption - Malfoy! LOL, I half wish he had seen them! *has fun trying to imagine all sorts of reactions from the ferr- uhm, from Draco* Yes, I think the one with popping eyes and a wide open mouth would be my favourite :D

The towel! *mimics the same eye popping and open mouth look when the towel falls* It's OK, Harry, you just keep kissing your beloved and I'll just keep... looking...

Oh, second interruption - Dobby! *giggles and feels disappointed at the same time* Yup, go away, you or the clothes are not needed right now. Harry has a naked Potions Master in his arms and a lot of plans to carry out... oh my! *does the eye popping thing again* Two naked wizards! *drools a river* Yup, you're both beautiful. You hear that, Severus? No more of this cute but frustrating insecurity! Kiss Harry! Kiss him!

And here's to many more passionate activities! *snatches wet towel to keep as her souvenir*