Reviews for Blackout
Sesame-syrup chapter 11 . 11/17
Love this story so much!
Luna2315 chapter 1 . 9/29
Plssssss updateeee
Guest chapter 11 . 8/13
Literally amazing. I’ve only just got round to reading the last few chapters and I’m awed at your writing, but so so terrified for Taylor. She doesn’t know what she’s involved in at all, to think of how the Joker treated her when she was young vs now, basically turning her into an addict, shows how much he really doesn’t care how much he has to hurt her. Can’t wait to read more.
MonicaLouve chapter 11 . 7/31
Wonderful, as always. I like the dynamic between the two characters. The Joker who, physically, envelop her, crush her, hurt her with his weight, or just with his overwhelming presence. And now, more than ever, he begins to confuse her, instills the doubt like a poison... But after all, he said earlier the game hadn't begun... I think it's the real beginning now.
Incredible picture, the Joker tearing out her heart, and devouring it !
Can't wait to read the next chapter ! Keep going, you make us dream.
MonicaLouve chapter 10 . 7/31
It's so diabolic and clever to weaken Taylor like that ! And above all, it's really clever that the Joker embody her release. Now, whatever happens, he is almost her fix. He is creating a Pavlov reflex inside her mind. Soon, I guess everything will be confused, and she will be persuaded that he is her true addiction.
MonicaLouve chapter 9 . 7/30
Ok, this chapter is my second favorite :) ! The dialogues between the Joker and Taylor are just beautiful.
You know, when I read Clockwork, I thought that maybe, the character of Taylor, blond, innocent, big green eyes, was the futur Harley Quinn. And that you named her Taylor, create an age difference between the Joker and her to preserve the suspens of her future identity.
And when I read this chapter, I remembered my hypothesis. With this kind of therapy, I was like : "Taylor won't be Harley Quinn, but she suffers the same fate in a way."
Beautiful scene with Austin too. His collapse, the silence, the feeling of slow motion... You portray the human soul as no one. Poor, poor Taylor, poor Austin, and poor William...
MonicaLouve chapter 8 . 7/30
It was a very enlightening chapter about the relation between the Joker and Taylor. Specifically, about the way the Joker sees things. Of course, it's not very clear, because who can understand the behaviour of the Joker ;) ? But we see he wants to mess with her mind. To dominate her.
It was very clever, it was a very good idea to make him sexualize the simple fact of give her water. It's a really strong picture. He wants to humiliate her, but it's also a way for him to get his thrill. It's interesting to try to understand all the contradictions, all the complexity of the relationship between them. And, among all the problems of this relationship, one of them will certainly be that the Joker is unable to see clearly Taylor as a woman. Or specifically, maybe he doesn't want to see her like that, doesn't want a change in her mind. So, maybe, he expects from her the behaviour she used to have as a child, the blinded trust, the total submission, the dependence a child has toward an adult to survive... The way a child can see an adult, like an almighty god... Maybe he wants all that, all the advantages of the former Taylor, and all the advantage of the actual Taylor, who became a beautiful woman.
MonicaLouve chapter 7 . 7/30
Remembered I thought that my fears came true. I was afraid no one would believe the story of Taylor, and it happened ! Terrible ! Even Austin !
Like I said, you're very talented to depict atmospheres... So, when you write about death, violent murder scenes... It's hardly bearable, but it's a compliment ;)
This scene with Jason reminds me of the one between Taylor's mother and the Joker in Clockwork. Probably the hardest chapters I read. I was almost sick reading it. So, although it might sound contradictory, keep going, you're talented :) !
By the way, nice to hear the Joker speaking about "an offer you can't refuse". Going to listen The Godfather's theme ;)
MonicaLouve chapter 6 . 7/30
Probably my favorite chapter... Powerful finding. Thank you, thank you so much to give us that ! "Like he hated her, and everything she represented" : everything resume in a few words... All the ambivalence of their relationship.
I love the way the Joker behaves with her. The way he leans over her, the way he touches her, inhales her, this inability not to hurt her...
A magic finding, surrounded by the bright light of the day, the heat of the sunlight, and the heat of him.
MonicaLouve chapter 5 . 7/30
Remembered I couldn't wait to read the next chapter ! The finding of Taylor and the Joker after so many years passed...
MonicaLouve chapter 4 . 7/30
It was so electrifying to read that Taylor begins to remember some sentences the Joker said to her so many years ago... And that she remembers practically the tone of the voice...
MonicaLouve chapter 3 . 7/30
Aaaaah ! I remembered I could not wait to read the next chapter ! I was like : "Scarecrow is in the plaaaaace !" ;)
MonicaLouve chapter 2 . 7/30
In this chapter, I was particularly amazed by the density of your writing. It was already the case in your previous story, or in the first chapter, but you really have a talent for depict characters and atmospheres. There's really an efficiency, a way of characterize them that is so powerful ! As if there were no words anymore, but real humain beings in front of us. You succeed in make me feel everything you write. Even when you write about the weather, the lights... Can feel everything, the pulse of it. Can smell, can feel the rainy atmosphere, can picture the characters as if they were a part of my daily life...
MonicaLouve chapter 1 . 7/30
Hello !
I read aaaaall the chapters, and even if it doesn't make any sens, I review all of them now.
I remembered I was so happy to have the sequel of Clockwork ! It's a very good and strong introduction here. We refind the Joker in this sticky and red atmosphere... Just perfect to picture him and his henchmen there.
A real pleasure, too, to refind Taylor ! I remembered I was so relieved to discover she's with a good guy, who cares... I was horrified too, to discover a part of her past, after Clockwork, where she suffered so much... You depict the woman Taylor began with a real cleverness. Bravo !
Abbie chapter 11 . 1/24
Best story of all time. I’m dying to see what the joker will do next. The tension is really building. I cannot wait for an update!
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