Reviews for Taboo
Ann O.N. Emoose chapter 16 . 3/31
This story is very poorly written. The vampire thing comes out of nowhere and our only hint is that he pretends to smoke? Wow, what literary genius. Your Edward is also very domineering and in the abusive way not the attractive way. Your Bella is lacks personality and is a disappointment to women everywhere.
Darkward Darling chapter 7 . 3/20
This fic is so scorching hot- I can't even...
Cristina Grey chapter 29 . 3/2
I want to see the dark side od Edward, or should I say "devil side"... PLEASEEEE
pnkats chapter 29 . 3/2
OMG loved it!
SelenaQuintanillaLOVER chapter 29 . 2/26
Whooh I need more from you! Why you leave me hanging so man :( date ASAP please! Love how Edward finally meet up with the family and explain stuff and I cannot wait to see what happens next with the family
hairline chapter 3 . 2/22
So good
hairline chapter 2 . 2/22
Great chapter
Guest chapter 29 . 2/19
yeyyy an update! this story gets more and more interesting by the chapters!
Guest chapter 29 . 2/19
In the begining of this story I loved Edward but after what he did to his family I despise him more than I can express. Because of him Rosalie and Alice will never have children. Because of him all of them lost their chance for to live fully. It would be different if he wanted to save them etc. but he did it because of revenge or anger. Whatever. He destroyed them.
I trully hate him now. It's so strange because I read previous chapters and I remember how much I liked his character.
LOLO 5-0 chapter 29 . 2/20
Sweet Jesus! I've miss this and you ! thanks for the update will Bella be changed?
izlovezvampires chapter 29 . 2/19
Thanks for the update. Somehow I was hoping for some lovin for Alice. Poor girl,,,
penmom chapter 29 . 2/19
I want a clue about what is going on with Bella! Pretty please.
debslmac chapter 29 . 2/19
01katie chapter 29 . 2/19
Can't wait for more.
The all mighty and powerfulM chapter 1 . 2/19
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