Reviews for Entwined by Love, Enslaved by Fate
Wondering Hail chapter 71 . 1/25
An amazing story and I hope you find the motivation to continue it. Thank you for all your hardwork
Guest chapter 52 . 1/15
That was just beautiful. I have no words.
Guest chapter 36 . 1/14
The way you captured Shika's care for Naruto is exactly how Kishimoto would have done. Man im speechless right now.
Guest chapter 12 . 1/12
Damn imma keep those words. "If you love two girls choose the second one, why? Because if you love the first one you wouldn't have fallen for the second one." Damn you the man/woman dont know dont care lol
Guest chapter 9 . 1/12
Aaaaaaaaaa i cant the sound track and the fluff love it
TheWundertaker chapter 71 . 12/28/2016
Freaking love this story! You brought out so much emotion throughout and it's so well thought of and I can see how much effort you've obviously put into it. Unfortunately I found this story in November of 2016 so I didn't have the pleasure of encouraging you along the way of your updates when you felt down or bummed out. If I had found this earlier I would've reviewed every single chapter when you posted it. I never found a single chapter to be boring though some people might have claimed that and probably discouraged you. I relished every word I read and loved seeing how everything connected, and while I tried to predict what would happen next (I sometimes got it right haha) I was always pleasantly surprised if t took a different turn. Why some people find the stuff that's necessary to progress the story boring blows my mind, some people just lack foresight I suppose. But I think you truly did an excellent job and should be well rewarded. I wanted to finish this story before I read some of your other pieces. If they are even half as eloquently written as this story then I will love them, and I'm sure they are. I truly, truly hope that you pick this story back up after 2 years of not touching it. It would be a shame for such a brilliant work to go unresolved! Though I understand that life gets in the way and can make the little pleasure like this difficult. I wish you best in life and hope to see you back on this story! Even if no one else appreciates this I would love to read any more of the story you have and would happily provide my email to you if you would so graciously allow me to view more.
Best of luck!
DTComplete chapter 71 . 12/6/2016
To find a hidden gem like this amongst thousands and thousands of stories is akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

To start off, I believe that the overall plot of the story is moving at an extremely slow pace, especially because of the word count for this story. Through 600k words, what basically happens is that we find out Akatsuki isn't actually pursuing a war against the Shinobi nations; rather, Tobi is content to hunt out the remaining Uzumaki clan members for his own reasons. Raia's plotline is extended throughout the entire story, which is great because it's actually interesting to follow, Naruto and Kurama have a twisted/dark relationship, and Sasuke hunts down the Uzumaki members, is mixed in a fighting scene and transplants the eyes of his brother.

Besides this, the entire story is revolved around Naruto and Hinata's relationship and the problems that blossom because of this.

Don't get me wrong though; I definitely love the way you've shown the two's relationship evolve throughout the story, word by word, chapter by chapter, but at some point it's probably better to try and move the overall plot forward while at the same time showing how their relationship progressed.

Otherwise... I really love your style of writing. It's unique and honestly, it's uncharacteristic (in a good way) for writers in general to be able to show such patience whilst writing a long story and having to do what most people can't correctly: keeping characters in character and appropriately developing a relationship between them. I keep going back to this over and over again, but it's true: you did a tremendous job in introducing the romance of Naruto and Hinata and then painstakingly, slowly but surely, revealing to both of them how the other felt. All of the feelings were genuine and authentic and I don't think anyone else could have done a better job with that.

What I said in my last review still holds true. Also, if you ever need someone to bounce ideas off or just someone for checking grammar, I'm here for you.
DTComplete chapter 19 . 11/29/2016
I've been on FF for years and haven't EVER reviewed a story. Though I have read hundreds and hundreds of story on this site and found some true masterpieces, I felt compelled to write a review on this story in particular because of two reasons: 1) I'm shocked that this story barely has only 2k reviews and 1.2k followers/favs, and 2) I felt as though you, perhaps, may have felt disheartened and disappointed that after writing so much and giving everything you had for this story, not many people seemed to care about this great piece of work. My apologies if I offended you on this second reason; I am merely speculating and thinking that if I were in your position, I'd probably feel like that. Though you definitely seem like a better person than me, one who is indifferent to the stats and genuinely loves writing! So rare to see someone of your writing skill and humility, truth be told.

So, to my actual review:

As I've said before, I've read some true masterpieces on this site and felt that those authors could have easily become actual writers and started selling their own original novels. The way that you write this story... I love it. I've never read a story where someone was able to so convincingly and genuinely blossom a relationship between Naruto and Hinata like you have. I've definitely read my fair share of stories where Naruto is engaged in another relationship with a character(s), but you took your time drawing it out and didn't make anything spontaneous happen, while keeping your characters in check and not out of character. That's... impressive, to say the least, and takes a lot of patience to be able to develop both the relationship AND the characters at the same time. I'm only on Chapter 19 so I can't, unfortunately, comment further on any other relationships or how the plot moves forward, but everything has me hooked so far. The only thing that I must add is that, in my opinion, you added too much fluff chapter after chapter. One thing to remember is that *most* people prefer action over fluff and you don't want the story to ever seem like it's simply dawdling and not moving forward. Sure, we all definitely like reading about fluff, but that was what the story revolved around for about ~11 chapters straight (Ch.7-Ch.18, I believe.) What's probably a better idea is to have moved the plot forward by talking about Akatsuki further, adding in scenes that centered around them maybe, and then gradually adding in the romance stuff in between the action scenes. That way you can have a mix of the two most popular genres, and everyone is more likely to be engaged and hooked on to the story.

A great example of this being done is Genkyouien by Daneel Rush ~ definite masterpiece
And also Arthain's The Ninth Sekirei Pillar did it really well ~ another great story

That's literally the only negative thing that I have to say about this story, and even then it's something that can only be considered minor. You have the ability to not only write from your heart, but also be able to love writing this story, regardless of the numbers involved. I can tell that easily because of your author notes. To me, finding an author like that is extremely rare and I'm grateful to have found this story.

Wow... when I checked on the reviews of this story, I was shocked to see that the last time this had been reviewed was way back in July. I truly do hope that this story receives the attention that it deserves but moreso than anything, I hope that you find the necessary inspiration to continue forward with this story. I think everyone who has reviewed (and those that haven't), can attest to the fact that we love this story and would like nothing more than to see you write more. If you're busy and simply do not have time to update anymore, I completely understand and wish you the best moving forward! Regardless of what you do, thank you for writing this story.
raider of d lost soul chapter 28 . 7/11/2016
Finally hinata will tell him
Lets see how he reacts
raider of d lost soul chapter 18 . 7/11/2016
Very nyc story
I admit i felt like not reading it during the early mission due to very low naruhina moments but i did continue n its not made me regret
Finally dey r couple
I really loved hinata n her mother moments they were exquisite
Nyc job as of yet
arsenicminds chapter 68 . 4/18/2016
I love Raia's sarcasm! And I didn't expect the Hinata part.
arsenicminds chapter 52 . 4/15/2016
anoonymous chapter 52 . 4/5/2016
very good
Valker the Generic NPC chapter 71 . 2/28/2016
Dude it's already been 2 years, but I'm still hoping for update. This is the very first Naruto FanFic that I read and I liked everything in it esp the music you put in. I started reading this story when I got bored of the anime with it's endless fillers (I dropped the anime back in 2013, I just kept reading the manga)

I guess I'll start reading from the start chapter by chapter every week 'till you update xD.
Cothn481 chapter 3 . 1/2/2016
Why. Oh fucking why! You made me cry so fucking much. I can't even. Chapter #3 just gave me the Damned feels. Why that track. Oh god was it beautiful.

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