Reviews for Hands All Over
SamanthaMarie0930 chapter 118 . 8/1
I cried :'(
wabi-sabi1090 chapter 118 . 7/30
So... I have a headache, my eyes are burning something fierce, and my face is wet. Those symptoms have nothing to do with allergies or me washing my face. This chapter was heartbreaking. Even though I know Juice is alive I still feel bad for Angela, Kenny, and Evie. I feel bad for Happy and Tig also. Happy had to lie to Angela in order to protect her and Juice. He's on father duty. He knows she's going to hate him but he's doing it to protect her. Hate me now, love me later. Tig finally put others before him, that weren't his brothers or for club business. This is Tig's catalyst. After all the pain he has caused directly (Donna) and indirectly (Opie) in Kenny's life he is giving him something he hasn't truly been able to experience, which is a (permanent) family. It doesn't change what he's done but I'm glad Tig has gone from a loyal dog to a loyal man. He's making choices and decisions with his eyes open. He was Clay and Jax's lap dog for so long so it's nice to see him become his own man. I don't know how I feel about Chibs. Disappointment comes to mind. Even if he's in on the plan I can't ignore the past. I understand he was disappointed in Juice but if you compare that to Jax then Juice should have been forgiven in a heart beat. At least Juice is fighting for his family. Jax is supposedly fighting for Tara but it has become an excuse at this point. Amazing chapter but you already know that, if you didn't now you do. Writing, creativity, and development are always exceeding my expectations for this story.
Rue Dawn chapter 118 . 7/30
Wow. I love your Fast and Furious fanfictions, you're an amazing writer who always manages to weave your OC seamlessly into the story and make them realistic and flawed and just real well rounded people. I'd been waiting until I started watching SOA to read this and now I have completely overtaken where I am in the series and yet it wasn't spoilerish in the least. I can honestly say I find it so weird to watch and not see Angela popping up all over the place. I love what you've done with Opie's kids, I love what you've done with everything. I'm so happy Juice isn't really dead and I cannot wait to see the reunion. This is a really amazing work of art, I hope you're proud of it because you really, really should be. It's fantastic. I can only aspire to one day be able to work in an OC as beautifully as you do yours and create a story so wonderful that it truly makes me care about the characters. I have laughed, cried and worried along with them while reading this and I love the way it's turning out. I really hope there is a happy ending since we clearly didn't get one on the show. I just love love love this story. I don't have the words to convey the pure admiration I have for you and your writing. This is a gem. You are truly talented. I hope you update soon, thank you for this story, it's really hit home with me and I appreciate all your hard work which has gone into it.
Storylover00 chapter 118 . 7/28
Great chapter! Can't wait to read more!
Samantha Renk chapter 118 . 7/28
I have to say I had tears in my eye even if I know he was alive I just hope that happy and his girl can bounce back after she is back in Juices eyes. I loved it great work
kaytelyn90 chapter 118 . 7/28
Wow! Wow! Lol seriously was a great chapter! Sucks that they had to play it out this way but great to know that happy came around and let him be the man he needed to be for Angie and Evie! Kenny is manly at 14 he has a lot of his parents in him, love that! He will be what pulls Angie threw and Evie until the find out the real truth! I can imagine Angie being quite pissed but very happy and grateful that they went about it that way, can't wait for more I want to know where juice is and how they explained it to jax, that would be interesting... Thanks again
Guest chapter 118 . 7/28
Wow this was soooo good! The chapter hit right in the feels. The idea of Happy and Juice faking Juice death is excellent. Cant wait to read the following chapters!
ShellBell126 chapter 118 . 7/27
I'm surprised I was even able to read this through all of the tears. That was really difficult to read, even though I know Juice isn't really dead. So glad Angie punched Chibs in his stupid face! I'm also glad she had Kenny.
Lamminator chapter 118 . 7/27
So, know how I said you squashed my heart in the last chapter? Well, you down right ground your heel into it, obliterating it in the dirt. You're Ang and Kenny, anyway.
Make them happy! Now!
Or, you know, whenever you have that planned for. :-P
janet.mccormick.5 chapter 118 . 7/27
Omg tears here felt so real, Kenny gotta love him stepping up and helping Ang with Evie, omg can't wait till they are all reunited...need more great job
lizmynameis chapter 118 . 7/27
I got the alert this morning that you posted and I forced myself to wait until I got home as a reward for making it through the day. Glad I did because I would have been weeping like an old lady. Beautifully done and Tig is my hero. Cannot, cannot, cannot WAIT to see what happens next.
Pompeii1224 chapter 118 . 7/27
Omg I can't wait to Angie to put Gemma in her place and let her know that she has no leverage over her anymore!
Guest chapter 118 . 7/27
You should have Juice go to his sister! And poor Ang I know not telling her is a good thing but man shes gonna be so happy when she knows hes really alive!
MaraPeep chapter 118 . 7/27
I had to stop and read this in increments because I kept crying! Excellent chapter. Love what you've done with Tig (he's always been my fav). Can't wait to see where you take us!
Guest chapter 118 . 7/27
Cried the whole way through this. Hoping she forgives happy in the end and finds out gemma killed tara
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