Reviews for Hands All Over
Ang R chapter 130 . 9/21
So this is my 130th review for thus story! I've throughly enjoyed your story, what an awesome undertaking tackling 7 seasons & spending 4 years writing this. I admire the heart & time that youve invested into this story- bravo.

You did a great job weaving Angie into the canon, though times I was so hoping for AU! I know it had to be tough when you started writing this not knowing where Sutter eventually took the characters we love- down a dark hole. I'm glad you went off canon for season 7& I love that juice story ended with the cherry pie just like on the show- great twist!

You wrote a very complicated & loving OC in Angela & thought provoking characters in Happy & Juice- never straying too far from who they esentially were. I look forward to the sequel!
Ang R chapter 129 . 9/21
I like how nervous Juice was waiting for the plane & Dino made me laugh wondering how Juice didn't have an ulcer as an outlaw.

I like that they talked about their normal life & their love for each other, very sweet. I love the bracelet for Evie.
Ang R chapter 128 . 9/21
I like her goodbye with Tig. I find Chibs regrets interesting, especially since he once considered ratting.

I can't believe jojo would tell Alverez about Juice being alive! Why would she do that?

Her goodbye to a Happy made me sad, he loves her so much.
Ang R chapter 127 . 9/21
I like thatvJuice was hiding her shoe so she couldn't leave. I like that Juice is pushing her to talk to Happy.

I'm so glad Happy just showed up & they finally talked. The whole situation was tough on both of them.
Ang R chapter 126 . 9/21
It kind if seemed like a bit of foreshadowing on a new normal day for them. I like it. I like that Kenny brought up his adoption & juice said he would be proud to call him son.

I'm wondering what will happen when she goes back & sees Happy.
Ang R chapter 125 . 9/20
I love that they're finally together, her immediate anger shocked me. I thought she'd me be more affectionate as soon as she saw him.

I could really feel her anger at Jax for killing himself after taking so much from her.
Ang R chapter 124 . 9/20
I'm so excited for them to get to Texas! I like that she gives Evie juices shirts to calm her.

I love how happy Chloe is & that she tells Happy that she loves him.
Ang R chapter 123 . 9/20
I like that you have juice listed on Kennys adoption papers, very cool!

I think it was very appropriate that Jax & Angie ended up at the Mayan clubhouse together, I like how honest she was with him. He had such tunnel vision in season 7 that he never saw the obvious in front of his face. I wish Angie could take Abel & Thomas as well.
Ang R chapter 122 . 9/20
I like that the brother in law is making a MC video game. Too funny.

I love that Evie was saying dada, I could feel juices pride & heartbreak- well done.
Ang R chapter 121 . 9/20
I loved Kenny saying "I got this." I like that you had him saying that in front of Tig. Very powerful.
Ang R chapter 120 . 9/20
I like that Angie called her sister in law to tell her about Juice & that she's talked her into visiting. I like juice writing the notes on the pad. I like his sister.
Ang R chapter 119 . 9/20
Gemma was just so mean. I hope that Angie tells Jax her suspicions about Gemma killing Tara.

I like that Juicecwent to his sister for help.
Ang R chapter 118 . 9/20
I hate faking his death, I wanted them to get free & clear with the clubs blessing. I guess that could never happen though. It makes me sad that she thinks he's dead. I loved that he made all the videos for Angie & Evie, so thoughtful. I like that he wrote a letter to Kenny as well.
Ang R chapter 117 . 9/20
Juice& angela in the closet is just so heartfelt & heartbreaking. I loved that he wanted to talk about who Evie would grow into, it made me sad when Angie said Evie would be a daddy's girl.

I can't believe that Happy's telling him to run.
Ang R chapter 116 . 9/20
I knew this was all a mistake running away & going to Alverez. Ugh. I also didn't like him robbing the carry out.
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