Reviews for Hands All Over
Guest chapter 1 . 3/29
I meant to say Theo Rossi has become my favorite actor
Guest chapter 1 . 3/29

I know you wrote this story awhile ago but I'm a late bloomer when it comes to SOA. I binged watched S1-6 before 7 started and thought this show was one of the best TV shows I've ever watched. Theo Rossi has been my favorite character since. Your story is how I wished the story went. You even kind of made me hate Jax in this story lol. Did you watch Theo's new show Luke Cage? Ever think to write a Shades story? Anyway Thankyou for your story and any other stories do you suggest!?
Ambroisie-Seduisante chapter 130 . 3/8
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story with the world. it's rare to find a fanfiction that flips the original story on it's head by delving into the deeper meaning of the plot, exploring alternative avenues, expanding on and improving current character, all while seamlessly adding in new characters. You have fleshed out not only your own characters, but existing characters within the SOA universe. You really have done an amazing thing. FF writes of any fandoms could stand to learn from you. You are very very talented, and I have no doubt that should you ever decide to create your own original tale, that'd you do so with the same grace as you've done here. I am completely impressed and in awe of your work. Saying "good job" doesn't even come close to cutting it. I hope you are very proud of your work. I feel that reading your story has even encouraged me and my own writings. If I could be even half the writer that you are, I know that I would be doing my own fandom a great service. Kudos to you for a job extremely well done.


MIA chapter 68 . 3/4
uhhh i thought Angel was Cuban? Why is her aunt making... a mexican dish lol tamales. i dont even know why you chose to make her cuban in the first place. she is living in california and grew up with a mexican gang, you should have just made her mexican. but oh yea americans all are racist pos against mexicans so you have to make her non mexican. damn thats fcked up. get your latin american cultures right.
Alice1290 chapter 130 . 2/9
So I dropped the ball on reviewing every chapter but I was reading them so quickly and I just had to know what happened next. Juice and Angela's goodbye in the mayan's storage closet... oh my god, I cried... cried so hard. That was beautifully written. Their heartbreak and sorrow was tangible and real. My heart was in my throat when Happy let Juice go, and of course I cried again when they came to tell Angela Juice was "dead". Loved that Happy said gone so that he wasn't lying to her. So happy that they got their happy ever after! Beautiful story! And a great use of Juice's last words there at the end! Fabulous job!
Alice1290 chapter 92 . 1/28
Another good one.
Alice1290 chapter 91 . 1/27
Can't wait to read what happens next!
Alice1290 chapter 90 . 1/27
Love that she didn't get a crow and instead chose to tattoo Juice's head tat on her body. Nice touch!
Alice1290 chapter 89 . 1/27
You do a good job carrying on the heavy tones true to SoA, and do well adding the little cute or funny moments to make it lighter. ;) good job.
Alice1290 chapter 88 . 1/27
"You've been Gemma-d" ... hahahaha best line ever.
Alice1290 chapter 87 . 1/27
Another good chapter.
Alice1290 chapter 86 . 1/27
Another good one. :)
Alice1290 chapter 85 . 1/27
Cute chapter, always love some Happy and Chloe interaction. Juice with his baby girl is pretty stinkin' cute too!
Alice1290 chapter 84 . 1/27
The baby has made her debut! How sweet.
Alice1290 chapter 83 . 1/27
So glad Angela told Tara no... wondering if she's going to use angela's pee to make a false positive pregnancy test of her own. Poor Juice, I always hated how Jax used him in the show. Jax was a really shitty 'brother' for doing what he did.
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