Reviews for Ain't No Stress When It Comes to Stage
momo0424 chapter 1 . 3/27/2012
This was an awresome story! Great job!
amazinglife18 chapter 1 . 3/25/2012
See Rachel rap with Santana that song would be the most funny thing,but like the great performer that Rachel Berry is i think that she would rock our world with Santana smirking by her side;)
JackyKay chapter 1 . 3/25/2012
Brava My Dear DeniBear! Brava! Simply wonderful, adorable, hot, sexy, and amusing, all in one! Blaine/Rachel friendship needs to be canon because not only are they literally the same person just different genders but they make such a cute team. I just love that Blaine folded and told Rachel the truth because she was his best friend. Sebastian, ahh it only makes sense that if Blaine and Rachel are the same person in opposite genders, that Sebastian and Santana are the exact same person in opposite genders. Which must explain why both PezBerry and Blaine/Sebastian both make such freaking perfect couples. The slightly tougher and harsher bad ass with the cute and preppy midget. ;) It's all just so much perfection! Puckelberry friendship is always a win with me as well as Cherry friendship. I can totally imagine those two boys just adoring Rachel. Santana, one half of my perfect OTP. She has no flaws in your fics. Cutting, conniving, bitchy, and yet still a total perfect match for one Ms. Rachel Berry soon-to-be Lopez. Of course she would try to cheat, of course she would somehow involve Breadsticks, and of course she would still loose to Rachel. It all makes perfect sense. RACHEL FREAKING BERRY! My favorite character to ever grace a small screen television. I love her, occasionally an author can take away some of the personality that makes a character a character. BUT NOT YOU and NEVER with Rachel Berry! I know you and I have this mutual adoration for the diva so of course she was written perfectly. I just love that she gave Santana what she wanted and at the same time still did one of the most Rachel Berry things she could have done and tried to prove herself as a hardcore rapper at the same time. There is no greater piece of perfection then Rachel Berry. Thank You Thank You Thank You! I adore you so much more for writing this for me, and doing it so wonderfully. You have truly made a dreary month so much better with just this. It was excellent! Now the wait begins for the sequel to The Wish List! Yay!