Reviews for Ben 10: The Slayer Chronicles
StardustPetals chapter 70 . 12h
Ugh, cliffhanger right in the kisser.
StardustPetals chapter 67 . 14h
I think Fullmetal Alchemist :/ Though, this obviously has its differences.
pikachucat chapter 70 . 10/3
pikachucat chapter 69 . 9/22
MugetsuPipefox chapter 69 . 9/21
Maybe there's nothing wrong with subspace and Newt just likes dramatic entrances ;) haha
Yeah, not a lot of action in this one, but plenty of food for thought and plot points that will probably be important later. The phantom pains/emotional trauma or whatever it is Ben's going through seems significant. He's probably more effected by it all than he even realises.
Great job!
MugetsuPipefox chapter 68 . 8/21
Hunh your doctor guys sounds unexpectedly nice to his minions (they have to be minions... right?). Didn't pick him for a caring employer, but I'm pleasantly surprised (unless it's a ruse, in which case I'm less surprised XD)
Troubles in the Caren (? Berter? what do I call them?) department (I inexplicably just thought 'clean up on aisle 1'). It's a very valid question, though, even if I think the answer is that he was falling in love with her before the incident.
Congrats to Kevin! He really is smart, though, so I don't know why he doubted himself (yes I do)
pikachucat chapter 68 . 8/19
cool story
pikachucat chapter 67 . 8/12
MugetsuPipefox chapter 67 . 8/7
Wow that was a brutal ending lol XD Big Bad looks especially bad :P
(I loved that little bromance moment with Ben and Kev - and let's face it, as if Ben's ever not going to take a bullet for his best friend)
Was Carter awake that whole time? From the sounds of things fusing with their gods isn't something that happens very often - or is particularly easy - maybe her 'what' comment was about that? (or maybe the 'I love you' comment?) I suppose I'll find out. (Ohhhh she was probably awake from that moment when her breathing became shallower, huh?)
Great job!
flashyhero chapter 67 . 8/4
Ermahgad, an omniverse story? Make it and I'll unsubscribe!

Every Omniverse-basher ever.
pikachucat chapter 66 . 7/26
awesome story
99Ninetynine chapter 66 . 7/26
And by the way, please update more frequently.
99Ninetynine chapter 66 . 7/25
Please update soon... I loved the story and good job removing the post-HighBreed arrogance of Ben. More romance please? And you also did a great job explaining the god thing. Jesus Christ be with you.
Legacy Of Misspent Youth chapter 1 . 7/22
Good stuff:Awsome

Awsome:good stuff

awsome:good stuff
MugetsuPipefox chapter 66 . 7/21
YOU'RE BACK! (For now, I suppose :P) Life's a real pain, am I right? If I could ditch it, and the stress of uni, and spend my time writing fanfiction you know I would XD
I LOVED THIS CHAPTER OMG (and it probably has something to do with me a HUGE sadist and loving Ben suffering, and Ventus, since he's my fave of the gods you use here :P The fusion thing was great! (the dialogue didn't confuse me at all :3)
You are amazing!
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