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SFriend chapter 23 . 7/20
With relief I finish this great story! I loved it from beginning to end. Wesker being up and moving was like lifting something heavy and haunting from my shoulders.

See, even though you made Alex a male it all works out in the end. So it's probably a good thing you waiting a few years to finish it. Wouldn't it be nice if Capcom fully realized their mistake and went with something like this?

Anyway, splendid job and I look forward to part two!
SFriend chapter 22 . 7/20
My, my this chapter. It's haunting. Speaking of ominous, it's that as well in some weird way. Seeing Wesker in such a state is weird. Seeing him becoming one of the good guys (sort of) is even stranger. It's like different versions of his conscience are being displayed in different angles by all of these morally sound characters. Makes me wonder if he is finished seeing Birkin.

The changing POV was different, but good. Ugh! I just can nor deal with how this chapter made me feel. This story as a whole, really. On to the next!
SFriend chapter 21 . 7/20
Sorry about not adding this to the last review, but now I see why Jill lacked so much surprise at seeing Albert Wesker, because she had sensed Alex wasn't really him.

Anyway, this was a nice descriptive chapter.

There are times when I wish Chris would just cool it, and this is one of those times. He's so quick to make judgments, which is great for his line of work, but he isn't always right because he doesn't bother to get both sides first. You captured that well.

I am still a little worried for Wesker. Being shot in the face has to blow. And that last line from Jill bothered me.
SFriend chapter 20 . 7/20
*Gasps* oh no no No! Don't kill Wesker! D':

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning. Here we can see his internal struggle; Wesker fighting the person he was brought up to be with the person he could have been if Spencer and Umbrella weren't involved. A hero of sorts. I suppose that's another reason why I ship this pair. I see Wesker as something that is somewhat damaged, and Claire can fix it in some way. Does this mean he is a good guy? Maybe not yet, but we will see. I have a feeling he can't be put down that easily. I've been wrong before...

Having delusional visions of all the people who had an influence in his life was a nice touch as well.

Chris is an ass. Now I'm worried!
SFriend chapter 19 . 7/19
I REALLY enjoyed the fact that Albert was completely turned off by Excella. It was very revealing that he saw Claire in her place. Claire being this simpler, tomboy type is also so plausible. The cheap shampoo (especially by Excella's standards) the rough hands. I love it!

How you tied in the monarch room was cool. I like that it was in reality Albert pretending to be Alex.

Something I was confused about...when Claire got the syringe pressed into her neck. I thought for the longest time, until this chapter for some reason, that it was still the Placebo (or maybe you said she was infected at the very end of the last, I think you did).

Also, I didn't think Jill knew about Alex, like Chris. So that surprised me that she wasn't going insane that he showed up.

Poor Wesker, he's probably like, 'Feelings? What are these?' Because clearly he has something for Claire if he is considering destroying one of the samples to give her an infusion. I can't wait to see what he does.

So sorry for the spaced review. I read a few chapters on my phone the other night and fell asleep. I've also developed trigger thumb from my job, so it's sometimes bothersome to type out a lot on my phone.
I'm getting you to 100, promise!
SFriend chapter 12 . 7/14
What I really enjoy about this chapter is that Claire is coming to Albert' defense. Claire is more of a philosophical thinker (in my head), whereas instead of looking at things from one side or the other and having a bias, she looks at things from both sides, finds the middle ground, and goes from there. Hence why she has sympathy for Wesker. She realizes that he was played much like everyone else mixed up in this from the beginning. There is room for redemption, and growth in her point of view. I wish everyone was as thoughtful.

Talking someone like Sheva down would be tough. Claire uses emotion a lot, but mostly in a practical way. I can see that coming through here. Umbrella affected the lives of each character, and that's what they all share in common. Btw, there's no telling all the questionable things Sheva had to do as a child soldier, though she was fighting for the right thing, sometimes people do bad things to make good progress. In a way, I can see someone interpreting Wesker's actions as such, if they weren't so selfish. But I love the character, and if I can find good intentions behind his actions, I will. I mean, come on, he testified against Spencer under a false identity, and ultimately brought about the downfall of Umbrella by not only that, but leaking the data from the main computer. Chris didn't do that. Jill didn't do that, nor Leon or Claire. Wesker did! Am I grasping a straws here? I totally am (but still).

The fact that Albert is noticing these subtle things is definitely interesting *squeals over relationship development and foreshadowing*. I really do love this pairing, and can't wait to see where you take them. Now to take down Excella and screw over Alex and his horrible doppelgängerness.
SFriend chapter 11 . 7/11
I know Albert isn't dead, only maimed. I'll admit that he does seem a bit weaker in your tale, and he is having a lot of mental instability issues with William popping up, offering a plethora of snide remarks. I sort of chalk this down to mental strain, maybe even physical exhaustion on his part. However, if Wesker ever finally lashes out at the phantom, I won't complain.

We can fully expect Jill to show up anywhere that Irving is. Good job, by the way, you've got Irving and his annoying mannerisms down from what little I've seen. If you consider it, Jill would be a suitable opponent for Wesker with P30 coursing through her. She is more resilient, faster (still not as fast as Wesker), and more nimble. Anyway, good work on the fight sequence. Maybe I'll get to see another fight between the two? :D

Anyway, on to something else; Rebecca. I always found it funny and a bit creepy that Wesker, her Captain, had a hidden picture of her in his desk. It always made me think that he was oddly infatuated with her because she was so intelligent, yet I could never get past how young she was compared to him at the time. Still a teen really, while he was in his 30s (38 I think, but not sure). Am I seeing hints here that something may have went on between them? Honestly, The idea always bothered me. Yet so did the notion of Claire and Wesker at first, especially early on (post mansion incident), but I obviously got over that. I suppose I'll get to see more of what you're inferring later on. Thank you for such a well written/thought out story!
SFriend chapter 9 . 7/1
I absolutely loved this chapter. The little snippet into Albert's childhood, or lack thereof, was highly interesting. Having his sensitive eyes explained in this way was also haunting.

Good work.
SFriend chapter 7 . 6/29
Wait wait! I was confused. I see now that you're making it out like Alex appeared to be Albert and he(she) was involved with Tricell. Which make a lot more sense, since the Wesker in RE5 really lost his calm, collected nature.

Claire being skilled in hacking makes a lot of sense. I'm glad to see that she has caught on to the little ruse. Maybe Wesker will continue to get a lot of surprises in this story.
SFriend chapter 6 . 6/29
I can't wait yo see how these two fall into being involved. It seems like fate keeps making them cross paths.

I'm also wondering the lengths Wesker had to go through to get in good with Tricell. There's soooo much more to Wesker than what is in the games. I would have loved if they would have not killed him off and given us a cannon game where you get to play as Wesker in a campaign. We needed to know more about why he did the things he did. Don't get me wrong, you can infer, read all the documents and his bio, but there are still things Capcom could have expanded on.

Anyway, at least authors who write FF can expand on him. So far there are a few things, personality wise, that I could totally take as canon in this story.
SFriend chapter 5 . 6/28
There's a lot of foreshadowing in this chapter. Wesker's delirium makes things a bit confusing, but in the right way. His visions kind of remind me of a Stephen King novel, in that the dead are giving him advice in his wake.

Come on, Wesker! Get some rest!
SFriend chapter 2 . 6/26
And there it is, the mistake that so many of us made before Capcom finally came out with it; the assumption that Alex was a male. Which is a very understandable mistake since Alex is generally a male's name. Don't worry, it's all AU to me. I like your way with words, so I will keep reading.
SFriend chapter 1 . 6/26
I love it when the first chapter draws me in, even when it is this short. Your writing seems excellent. If this is foreshadowing to what it will be like later, I'm game.
Guest chapter 23 . 6/18
Hm. All that buildup to nothing.
Haveyouseenmyghost chapter 17 . 6/17
I've been working my way through this story, and I know that it is already finished with, but reviews make the world go round, aye?
I just wanted to say that as an EMT I read a lot of inaccurate medical references, and it pleased me to no end that you actually knew the signs of shock.
Not to mention, most Claire/Wesker stories are from Claire's point of view, but I like how this one was from Wesker's. I feel as if that is a bit more difficult to write and capture. Kudos!
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