Reviews for Sea of Tears
Danny Barefoot chapter 1 . 4/5/2012
Nice to see Sayaka and Kyouko interacting the same way as always, but still very much friends, and very well drawn.
Sasaki in a Top Hat chapter 1 . 3/27/2012
Even though there is a bit of a deluge of post-episode 9 fics, I always love to read anything KyouSaya, and this was adorable and really interesting - it was pretty different, too! I liked the way you got into Sayaka's mind without an intense freak out (which I do enjoy reading, but new things are always welcome). It was sweet when it needed to be, and pretty sad when it needed to be... the writing was nice and solid. I'd love to read more from you, if you wanna do more KyouSaya!
MathAtMidnight chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
And now you dip your toe into yet another fandom-and in this case, it seemed to make a splash. (Yes, I know I inadvertently made a pun, but that's unimportant.)

As I started, I thought that this was one of your "experimental" fics, what with the fragmented scenes and the quick switch back and forth between the points of view. However, as you went on, and went into the body of the story proper, I noted that this was a well-played device-showing the disorder of Sayaka's persona as it was swallowed into the depths of her despair. In hindsight, it was an excellent setup, and it served to move the scene very well into the next portion.

I can't help but think that you were inspired by that official art that you showed me some time ago, and that was the first image that popped into my mind as the scene underwater started to unfold. I saw as you transposed back into your wonderful prose, and it was a pleasant sight as I was again reminded of your way with words. Like it was mentioned, your work was a good balance between action and scenery, and everyone remained wonderfully in character.

Overall, this was quite the read and a wonderful look into what lies "beyond the pale" for the two heroines. I think I spent too much time trying to think about the symbolism behind your scenarios when I should have just been enjoying the story. (Yup, that's a very Kevin thing to do.) Hope to hear from you soon.

aestheticisms chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
I had forgotten your writing style, I once thought it was the most intricate of elegancies, but now, that I read it once more, I realize something. It's more than that. It's simple, yes, but it's simple in the ways one can relate, never lost in between extended metaphors, or overly complicated dealings with aesthetics.

It's the correct balance between flowery, and bare.

Now, onto the actual content. I'm not the biggest of shippers in Mahou Shoujou, mostly because all ships hurt too much for actual emotional investment, but I do enjoy the take you have on the Kyoko/Sayaka pair. It's quite adorable. Kyoko is quite the tsundere, and it's probably the cutest thing.

It was quite the enjoyable read, aha. I really did miss your writing.

- RV
aradian nights chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
Very cute. I'm not a huge Madoka reader because I actually don't really ship anyone in the series? I mean, obviously I ship Madoka and Homura, and Kyoko and Sayaka, but I don't really go deep into shipping like I do with most of my pairings (I guess particularly my het pairings? I guess it's just weird for me to ship non-het pairings seriously, since I always ship them as crack! Except maybe VanVen). I prefer to keep the girls at friendship level, though it's obvious it's a bit more than that. Frankly, I don't care, Madoka isn't my romance fandom, it's my beautiful, magical plot fandom.

It's rather to the point, isn't it? This story. I mean, I guess I'm just not used to reading things by you anymore, but it's a lot simpler than I expected. I guess that's how your style is, though. You tend to make things very simple and elegant while I'm a detail monster, throwing in paragraphs upon paragraphs of needless descriptions. And then Angie meets us somewhere in the middle! XD

Not that simple is a bad thing, because I actually got through this really quickly, shockingly, because it usually takes me forever to get through oneshots (multichapters are easier, because I know there's something next). And I don't even know if simple is the right word, because it's really gorgeously written. I mean, seriously, Angel, anything you write is like magic transfigured into words. I really enjoyed it, and I'm surprised to find you writing for Madoka! I mean obviously you like the series, you run a Kyubey roleplay blog, but I didn't realize you liked it enough to write for it.

I don't think we've ever even talked about the series! I know you asked me about it, and I said it was good, but we never actually talked about it, which is uber depressing now that I think about it.

Gosh, this is such an Angel fic, though, you can tell by the way it's broken up, and the style. You've got a signature, Angel-cake.

Gosh, I wish I could go more in depth with this review, and talk about the kiss and stuff, but I'm not sure what to say! It was cute, definitely, and wow Kyoko is such a tsundere.

Ugh, I lost my reviewing mojo what the hell. Well, I'll wrap it up then. Amazing job, Angel! D

I hope to talk to you soon!

Dark Gatomon X chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
It was an interesting story, that continues our impressions of what happened on the anime. Interesting fanfic, you got the talent :)
James Birdsong chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
Pretty cool. Awesome. Great _
Rhyno Holter chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
I actually enjoyed this. Even though I find far too many stories - even one of my own, I admit - take their own version of events after episode 9, yours was fairly pretty. I liked the ambiguous nature of the portal, though I'm sure my hunch on it is fairly correct.

The descriptions remind me of some KyoSaya fanart too, actually. Not many stories do, and none I can name off the top of my head, so kudos for that.