Reviews for SYOC Hunger games story OPEN
Miracle Jane chapter 1 . 8/30/2015
Hey, this is just in case you didn't read my PM! So this is my tribute!
Name: Elizabeth Hopp
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: long, curly, frizzy brown hair and hazel eyes, wears big glasses,
District: 11
Family: Little sister Rae-13 and Parents Leonis and Sashaa
Personality: kind of nerdy, smart, kind, gentle
Skills: farming and finding food
Liabilities: spear throwing, sword, axes (anything that involves fighting in close combat, or anything really at all)
Weapon of Choice: knowledge
Token: a small woven bracelet made of grass from her grandmother
1st station during training: shelters
station you wouldn't go to: axes
Volunteered or reaped: reaped
Rediron101 chapter 1 . 2/19/2015
Name:Red Iron

Gender: Male

District: 4

Volunteer or reaped: Volunteered because a 12 year old boy was chosen.

Age: 17

Skilled with: Dual wielding swords

Interests: Hunting, his reflexes developed to the point where he could slice arrows out of midair.

Personality: He is kind and gentle yet strong and reliable. He is loyal to whoevers team he is on but he normally goes solo. Respective and thoughtful, he is always selling half of his hunt and giving a fourth to hungry children while keeping the other fourth to eat. He never backstabs someone till he just thinks they are killing out of cold blood. He always has a serious burn comment waiting for any comment, comeback or reaction someone has.

Hair: Crimson blood red, midlength bedhead at home, straight to the back at the reaping.

Clothes for reaping: A light red undershirt under a dark red dress shirt which is covered by a darker red jacket that goes down to his heels with a light red Ω on the back. Red tinted sunglasses and dark red pants and boots, then his token, a iron ring with a ruby in the shape of Ω encrusted in the middle. He keeps it on his right middle finger.

Clothes for chariot: same thing


Weight: 154lb

Body type: Muscular

Eyes: Sky blue until he goes berserk, than a sudden mutation makes his sclera and iris go light red and his pupils and the outlining of the iris go deep red like his hair.

Other: He acts like a shield and will not let his fellow teammate be harmed. Also, if you're gonna pair him up, pair him up with someone who respects him and is a bit of a jokester.
totallyawesome chapter 1 . 2/8/2013
Is it okay if I don't have an account? If it is, here's mine:

Name: Darcy Brennan

Gender: Female

District: 11

Volunteered or reaped: Volunteered

Age: 15

Skilled with: Knives

Interests: Hunting, running, climbing trees

Hair color: Flame red, slightly curly, super long, always in a single braid

Eye color: Bright emerald green

Body type: Short, slim

Skin color: Pale, with freckles

Personality: Loyal, stubborn, vivacious, fierce, sarcastic, lively, independent

And that's pretty much it! Oh, and she volunteered in place of her best friend Aiden.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/5/2012
Hey this is LemonScratchPost. I forgot to add Layla's age shes a year older than Katniss.
LemonLemma chapter 1 . 7/5/2012
Name: Layla Pitterodi



Volunteered or reaped: remember me you said it was okay if she was a mentor! Thanks by the way for that.

Skilled with: Knives

Interests: She sometimes reads when shes not busy

Personality: She is extremely smart and stubborn. Layla is also very guilty because one of her allies sacrificed himself for her to live. She can be sarcastic at times and has a dry sense of humor. She doesn't like slobs but will try as much as she can to get her tributes out alive.

Hair: She has long curly black hair that she usually up in a ponytail.

Eyes: she has sharp round blue eyes

Skintone: pale

Height: 5'6

Other:Her family cut her off when she went in the Hunger Games. She hasn't spoke to them since and is completely disgusted with them.

Thanks for accepting mentors! Please consider her and goodluck updating!
OshowottandSnivvvy chapter 1 . 5/20/2012
Name- Sephiria Raven

Age- 17

District- 11

Gender- female

Did he/she die in the bloodbath- prefarbly no but if you must...

Personality- she is very shy and she is also super nice and super kind but she is also kind of crazy ever since she saw her parents killed she hasnt been totally sane sometimes her mind just switches off. she doesnt like to talk to people she only wants to be by herself but she is supper sweet

Apperance- she has wavy dark brown hair and green eyes she is medium height and she is very beautiful but she hates to be paid attention to

Family/Friends- she doesnt have any family exept her brother who doesnt talk to her she has one freind and that is a cat that lives by her district

Fears/Weaknesses- she is terrified of guns ever since her parents where shot in front of her

Stenghts- she is fast and is a good climber she can also identiy plants well and tir knots also when she is in the arena and she can kill visiciosly if you has to whn her brain switches off if someone attacks she freaks out and attacks back

Reaped/Voulunteered- reaped

Reaction to Reaping if reaped- she froze and couldnt move she started crying but finally moved

Why they voulenteered if they did-

Training Strategy- she is going to try to work on her plant identification but practice on the things she is good at like suvival

Arena Strategy- she wants to stay on the down low get food wait till the last one is there and then kill them

Interview Strategy- she wants to play the kind sad innocent one

Weapon- she could train with a axe i guess

Tolken, if they have one- a pebble her mom gave her once

Allies, if any- maybe

Reaction to if they win- she is horrified she is traumitized and she goes even more crazy because she has killed she is haunted by all of those who she killed

Reaping Outfit- she has a white florar dress to the knees

Chariot Outfit- she can have a long flowy beautiful midnight blue dress

Interview Outfit- a short green dress the same colour of her eys

Romance (might not happen just depends)- yes

Possible Reason for Death- she died trying to save someone else she is very selfless
lifeloveandharrypotter chapter 1 . 4/9/2012
Name: Tella Glitz

Gender: Female

District: 1

Volunteered or reaped: Volunteer

Age: 15

Skilled with: A two knives

Interests: Winning, fighting, reading, tracking and nature stuff

And then personality: she knows she's going to win, she's been training all her life. She's clever and witty, she knows how to get people on her side

appearance: she has big green eyes and wavy blonde hair, she's short and skinny but a bit muscely from all the training.

I'd like for her to be one of the careers but halfway threw she leaves and joins one person from another district. Also a love life would be kinda interesting
Waterbender of the South chapter 1 . 4/2/2012
Co author? Explain a bit more and it would be my pleasure.

CatnipKatniss chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
Name:Mellow Mansfield

Gender: Female

District: 4

Volunteered or reaped: Volunteer

Age: 17

Skilled with: A spear

Interests: Reading and understanding.

Personality:Dangerous, But only when angry. Caring to thou who is reflecting for her. Once had a love but he died with family.

Thinks life is a waste and volunteered for a girl with so much ahead of two sisters. Was eldest. Dad was shop clerk mother was laundry lady.

Very natural but has long wavy red hair. Not life 'Foxface', even redder. Has no one in life [So far] That she loves, and feels she does need someone. But she ignores that.
ByThePrickingOfMyThumbs chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
Name: Caitlyn Evanov

Gender: Female

District: 7

Volunteered or reaped: Reaped

Age: 16

Skilled with: A small axe

Interests: Hunting, climbing

Appearence: Small and quick, but not strong at all. Very good at climbing. Tanned skin, brown hair. Left handed because she is missing 2 fingers from her right hand from a wood-chopping accident.

Personality: Quiet but intelligent. Has a phobia of loud noises, so never shouts and can't stand other people shouting. Prefers to be on her own, so probably wouldn't join a big alliance.
Aaavbgthn chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
Name: Scarlett Jameson

Gender: Female

District: 11

Volunteered or reaped: reaped

Age: 14

Skilled with: tricks/clever thinking

Interests: staying alive, drawing

Personality: quiet but mischievous. used to get into a lot of trouble with the goverment, but she's a hard worker who is very suspicious of most people. She's very clever and quick on her toes even though she doesn't talk much.

Appearance: light blue eyes, blond hair, relatively short, and an innocent look.
O chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
Name: Theodore "Teddy" Jones

Gender: Male

District: 7

Volunteered or Reaped: Reaped

Age: 14

Strengths: very crafty with wood (with a hatchet, he can carve almost anything out of wood; this can get him very far), good with a flamethrower, good at climbing.

Interests: Insulting the Capitol, Designing buildings, drawing

Personality: Sarcastic, Creative

Appearance: Curly brown hair, 5'3", Looks a bit like an elf.

Additional Details: His parents tried to start a rebellion and were killed in the process. The Capitol hates him and will stop at nothing to kill him. He lives with his two older sisters.