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Stefx88 chapter 15 . 1/2/2017
I know you wrote this five years ago but I just wanted to say how wonderful I think your story is.

I expected nothing but crack fiction from this pair and I was truly surprised when I stumbled soon this masterpiece.

Harry and Marv's characters are so well written that the story feels an extension of the movie script. Some of the things Marv said could only have been said by him, my favourite line was, "What kind of fish?" when Harry was telling him about their prison escape.

Their pairing isn't that far fetched. I have always wondered about their relationship given they are polar opposites of each other and have a sizeable age gap. Them putting up with each other's flaws never fails to warm my heart and I had always imagined them being together in one way or another for a long time.

I truly loved Harry's promise to Marv to be more affectionate and open with their relationship and Marv's to stop flirting with women. Actually I'm relived you included the last bit in the story as as much as I love Marv, it was irritating that HE could flirt with women and yet became jealous and upset when Harry did the same.

The romantic scenes at the Plaza were perfect but part of me was thinking your story would end in tragedy given their future crime so I was trying to not get too carried away. And then came the night of the robbery, even then you went further than the original script. The flashbacks to the previous year were a lovely touch and more than a bit heartbreaking especially followed by poor Marv's breakdown when they are finally arrested.

But the escape with the police car I was not expecting.
Honestly, I had not seen this coming at all!

All of a sudden we learn Marv's injuries are more severe than previously thought and we get to see what kind of person Harry can be once he has peeled back all of his layers. His concern for Marv was so sincere that I still wasn't sure your story wouldn't end in tears at any moment.
Harry personality and behaviour towards others changes following several epiphanies but his is still unmistakable Harry. His work at the Performing Arts centre was very well written and also a great addition to story as it gave Harry an opportunity he most likely never thought he had in his former life.

I was a little bit sad when this ended as I'm a sucker for wanting to learn more of their back story. although I can't argue it was a great end to a great sorry.

Marv's final line "We're the Rich Bandits", wow, I felt like I wanted reach into your story and hug him for just being himself!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/24/2015
F what giovonnio or whatever his name says. This story is killer and beautiful and wonderfully written. I absolutely ship them as well.
GiovanniGo chapter 2 . 2/19/2015
Marv says a married couple...are you serious? Going the Gay men route?
S Lila 315 chapter 15 . 11/15/2014
I love this story! You should do it again but this time with the first Home Alone!
Scot chapter 1 . 7/26/2014
I love this! Aww, Marv's a sweet guy really, isn't he? He seems to still be a big kid at heart and Harry treats him so badly. I liked the bit with Marv and the giraffes - that really was sweet. Marv seems so trusting and loyal - he's not really a villain - he only does it to please Harry.
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 15 . 7/10/2012
OH it's the last chapter!

It's a shame that it's the last one because this story is fantastic but all stories have to some to a close at some point - and you ended it just at the right place- they've found somewhere they want to rent, they've got the future to look forward to and their lives have turned around completely.

It was great to see them doing everyday things that didn't involve crime and for Harry to recognize that yes, he gets the urge to steal, of course he would, it was his way of life for far too long and old habits are hard to stop, but he's determined to keep away from crime and hes sticking to that decision.

And Marv. Soooo cute at the end "This now means were the Rich Bandits!"
Such a cute ending :D

I've loved this story all the way through, it's a very iconc story too in that it stands out as a fic that starts in HA2 and runs through HA2 and then takes off in the direction of what happens to Harry and Marv directly afterwards and we see their lives unfold and everythig they have to go through. it carries on seamlessly into a story in its own right after the events of the movie end.

It's fantastic and you have written a brilliant fan fiction novel and it will stand out in the fandom as being one of the best. This is what fan fiction writing *should* be like - it's pure quality.

I consider you a very good friend anyway - BUT all that aside, I ALSO consider you a very fine writer - and I'm proud to know a writer as gifted as you :-)
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 14 . 6/11/2012
Oh I loved this chapter so much!

First, it's great to know that Marv's vision is going to be okay And he's back to being Marv again, he's better and that's so good to see.

Harry's got rid of the police car and the gun, good. That's the old life out of the way. AND while getting rid of the gun, he thought abut it and came to the conclusion that he *never* should have had a gun in the first place. That's another big turning pont for Harry. He's looking forward with dedication to his new life now away from crime.

And he's showing so much love and affection to Marv and Marv is starting to realize now that this is the way things are going to stay :-)

And Marv had a job at the theater too! Great:-)

He's out of the hospital, he's recovering well and he's got a job with Harry, a real job and that's wonderful.

It;s so good to see their lives coming together so well.

And I loved the part where he took Marv to a hotel - this time, he could pay for the room. This time he did not feel awkward about sayng they were needing a room together, ths time he;sproud to show the world Marv is his partner.

And Marv playing with the fountain because he wanted to pet the fish? Awwwwww *Such* a Cute Marv Moment!Just made my heart melt for him :-)

And Alice. Going up behind Marv, wrapping her arms around him and giving him a kisss, not only a kiss but a kiss he responds to, a kiss he enjoys! Oh wow! My character thought he was her husband! Oh shes kissed Marv - and he liked it too :D Thank you for that magic moment I was like, OH WOW yes! Big surprise there. I think I will be smiling all day thinking about that moment:D

I'm wondering what her husband will turn out to be like will we meet him at some point? Let me see he's tall and dresseslikeMarv so maybe he looks a bit like *another Marv* perhaps the HA4 version? Oh I gone giggles over this!

My character kissed Marv!*And* he liked it! Sorry Harry! LOL I can picture those mistakes happenig alot as time goes by Christmas parties etc... Aicekissing the wrong man again LOL! I want more of this story I love it so much :D
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 13 . 6/7/2012
Wow this was a tense chapter!

It was great to see Harry getting so pushed by Marv's constant questions about all that he can't remember, he was about to lose his temper but then he just pulled it back, he softened up because he loves him, he knows he's been through a lot and he is determined to change for Marv's sake and his change in attitude is so apparent in this chapter, it was lovely to see him being so affectionate and working his way around the questions and giving Marv some answers, and to explain to him that *something* hapenned thatwas bad - but he was willing to tell him the better parts.

I like the way he did that because it really shows how much this experience has changed Harry, and he's determined to keep up that change and work on improving his flaws because he's going to stick to that decision, to be a better person for Marv.

And poor Marv is still having problems with his vision - that was very uch on Harry;smind while he went to work. I could realy feel how much he was wishing he could be at marv;s side instead buthehas ths new job and he wants to get on with it and learn everything (you did a great job of explaining what was goig on to setthe stage up) and he had alot of new things to do thathehad never done before, and that was a task in itself for him, plus he's worried about Marv and why he;s having the vision problems, so he's got all that on his mind...

And then...

Logan started talking about the robbery!

I'm not surprised that this discussion eventually made him freeze the way he did, now he;s got the police car on his mind and he kows he has to get rid of it.

But it was a very tense scene because I was thinking, "Oh no, he's going to lose it and say something..don't say too much, Harry!" But I think when he said he can understand someone being that desperate they would steal, he's only given away the fact that he's seen a very harsh side of life and understand what its like to be homeless, which is fine because he hasn't admitted to doing anything wrong, only sayng thathes had hard times in life, probably veryhard times, which is an acceptible explanation.

AndI love Alice! ';m lookig forward to seeing more of her! And I loved it that the blonde girl is back - hello Erin :D It was a great scene where those characters all interacted so very well. It's nice to see that Harry's going to be getting on well with the people he is working with. I hope Marv will get to see where Harry works too, he will love the theater!

And I really, really hope Harry can get rid of that car soon! Once that car is gone, he will have nothing else to worry about. Apart from finding somewhere to live.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter very much indeed!
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 12 . 5/30/2012
This chapter was so emotional, I could really feel for Harry while he was waiting for Marv to wake up. I can understand his impatience, his temper was there bubbling under the surface when he was demanding to see Marv and he understood that he couldn't just walk in there but he was so desperate to be back at his side my heart ached for him. I'm glad he didn't get into a quarrel over it, and he was polite and reasonable even thoughhe was close to not being that way because of how worked up he was feeling.

Harry is definitely learing to hold back on his temper now and that is a good thing, he's really starting to change and recognize his flaws and he's starting to stop and think before he goes off the deep end and loses his temper.

Marv waking up was a very dramatic moment and scary too whe he couldnt see.I was so relieved when his blindness only lasted for a second!

And he was very cute as he started to wake up, the confusion he was feeling was obvious and the memory loss too - but at least he can't remember what they've been through with Kevin's traps.

And Marv made me laugh when he said he couldn't remember his great aunt's birthday...and Harry reminded him he doesn't HAVE a great aunt! And the part where Harry was asked "Is he always like this?" LOL *yes* he is, so Marv is very much back to his usual cute self and recovering now! :D

And I loved the way Harry kissed him and showed him so much affection, and Marv noticed the change in him. Yes, Harry IS going to be softer to him from now on because he's realized how close he came to losing him, and right now Marv has no idea what Harry has been through, Marv doesn't remember anything about what's happened to him but its been life changing for Harry, and in a good way too because from now on he will hold him closer and love and appreciate him all the more because hes come to understand what he almost lost.

And at the end of the chapter it was very warm and very moving, that "He was just grateful he still had his Marvin." Which sums up the whole chapter and brings it to a reassuring conclusion that Marv is going to be okay.

But I hope Harry is going to remind him that he has changed their names, and reminds him too that he's got to keep quiet that they are on the run from the cops. As long as Marv remembers not to say anything he shouldn't say, they will be okay!

And I'm really looking forward to the next chapter! This one came along fast and it's fantastically written and full of emotion and I'm looking forward to 13 very much :-)
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 11 . 5/28/2012
This chapter was amazing, it had a real shock in it with Harry's dream!It slid in there so unassumingly I didn't realize it WAS a dream until Harry woke up again!

I thought Oh NO! But then he woke up and I liked the way that dream stayed with him afterwards because it had seemed so very real - it comes across as very real to the reader, too!

And Harry getting the job in the theater was very lucky for him, he needs that job - and he's very determined now to turn his life around for Marv's sake as well as his own, it's clear he wants to change now.

The work he will be doing was very believeable too. And I could really feel for him, he wants this job, he's doing his best to be enthusiastic about it - but right now all he wants to do is be back at Marv's side once more,and his heart is aching because he wants to be there and that really comes off the page so well.

And aww poor marv, he's been through so much but he's made it through the surgery now. I hope he wakes up when Harry gets back to his bedside. I just want to read on and go "Wake up Marv!" oh he needs a hug so much I hope Harry gets to give him that soon :-)
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 10 . 5/20/2012
This was a fantastic chapter!

It was heavily emotional too. Yes, poor marv! It's understandable that he was so upset about losing his hair because he always liked his hair so very much. And Harry was absolutely magnificent in the way that he comforted him and kept him strong. He did it so well that marv didn't even feel the needle.

Harry's anger is very understandable right now, when he heard "Merry Christmas" that realy got to him because he thought about their plans and how differently everything has turned out, and how much has gone wrong.

His anger towards Kevin is quite to be expected and it completely makes sense that Harry half expects kevin to pop up with another trap even though he's out of their lives now, goig througheverythig they went through has really unsettled harry and hes still feeling the pain of those traps too but probably not noticing it too much because all hsi concerns are wrapped up in Marv and he is only thinking of Marv.

In the cafeteria, when he heard the cops laughing about the robbers who hit the toystore, the way they spoke about Marv, yes I can understand Harry having his hand on that gun.

I kept thinking, NO,Harry! Don't do it!

And thankfully, he didnt. But the murder that went through his mind was *very* believeable, his finger was so close to pulling that trigger.

But he didn't do it.

He's starting to realize he *has* to pull back from both his temper and from crime - he has to get rid of that gun, he has to find a new way of dealing with his own flaws because Marv is injured and he has to become strong and be his hero - in order to do that, he has to change.

And his love for Marv is his strength too and I think hes startig to understand that in order to get Marv through this, he must be there for him, be strong and make changes within himself, he needs to do this and he's starting to understand that now - he *has* to forget about his old ways of dealing with things.

It's a tall order for Harry, but he's got the biggest incentive in the world that he could possibly have - love.

It was a wonderfully moving chapter, I just want to know what happens next :-)
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 9 . 5/13/2012
This was a very exciting chapter!

It was moved along very well too, and Harry's tension isvery evident as he worked to get him and Marv away and to a place of safety.

Harry's anger was very clear too - when he knocked the cop out, he thought about kicking him again - yes, I can see Harry feeling that way, after everything him and Marv have been through, his anger would be bubbling away under the surface and violence would be very much on his mind.

It made sense for him to get them to the motel and get them both cleaned up because in the state they were in, it would have been a big clue that they'd been invoved in *something* and would definitely have aroused suspicion.

Harry was absolutely fantastic in the way that he took care of Marv and got them both organized and cleaned up and even got them a change of clothing - and I'm not surprised he's stealing again, at that point he would do it because it would come automatically to him.

But now he's realized how serious Marv's condition is, that is going to be a big turning point for him - he's come to the conclusion straight away that this is *his* fault, and that's a good thing - because Harry is not stupid, he's bright and he knows for sure things wouldn't have turned out that way if he hadn't led Marv into crime again because yes, they DID have a chance to walk away and start a new life when they firstarrived in New York - but Harry changed all that by planning another robbery.

I'm not surprised Harry lied when givng his details to the hospital, he had to cover their tracks by changing their identities and he's done that well.

This will be a big, life changing point for Harry and for Marv too, because Marv is seriously hurt and Harry knows now he has to take care of everything for both of them - and realizing his life of crime is to blame for Marv's injury will be a big turning point for him.

This was a brilliant chapter and so worth waiting for! I'm really looking forward to the next one, I just want to know what happens next!

You've done a fantastic job of moving them from the end of the movie and into their own story beyond it :-)
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 8 . 5/6/2012
This chapter was well worth waiting for :D

I love the way you have put the movie scenes in with what's really happening from the Wet Bandits point of view- proving Kevin's traps are not as 'deadly' as Kevin thinks they are, but the traps, as seen throughthe eyes of Harry and Marv, are painful - and to Marv, because he;s already got a head injury, potentially life threatening.

Itwas a very effective poit to make about the bricks, I liked the way you pulled the scene back to a believeable level, yes, marv was hit by a brick (but on the shoulder, the pain in his head is from a much more seruious ijury) that was written amazingly, slpped in there in a totally believeable way. Ad Harry is worried abut him, I liked seeing that insight into Harry;s thoughtsthat hewas aware now that Marv is hurt.

And the flash backs, about what happened after the end of HA1 was wonderful because it slipped in so naturally with this story, and added more detail to what happened after kevin got them arrested the first time.

The way you described the traps was fantastic, but it was from Harry and Marv's point of view and my heart was racing as I thought about poor Marva and I knew Harry just wanted to get him out of there, both their thoughts about Kevin were very well written too -it was good to point out that Harry did *not really* want to kill Kevin, although his anger after they have been through all the pain of his traps is understandable - plus Harry is worried about Marv too, and he knows whatever injury Marv has, it's been caused by Kevin.

It was a fantastic chapter, so much detail both from the story's point of view via the characters thoughts and from the point of view of following the movie.

So much detail went in and it all fits so seamlessly too!

And YES! Harry is going to escape, he's going to get him and Marv out of there and save them both! I'm so glad Harry is rescuing Marv like this, it was a wonderful moment :D

And you are welcome for the ideas I suggested - you are making a wonderful job of this story, it's great, I love the way you write Harry and Marv...I am on the edge of my seat waiting to read more, it's just great, its so exciting to it going beyond the movie, too!

But of course Marv is injured so Harry will have to do something about that, he's saved him from the cops, but now he needs to get him some help, so what will happen next? Oh this is such an exciting end to a fantastic chapter! I can't wait to see what happens next! I'm so glad they've got away and they won't be going to jail :D

This story is SO exciting I love it, I just want to know what happens next :D
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 7 . 4/22/2012
This was a spellbinding chapter! I loved the way Harry had decided to become more relaxed and open about his relationship with Marv - he's realizing how precious he is to him and he's starting to want everyone to know that, which is a big step for him and wonderful for both of them.

I liked the way they ran into Kate at the hotel, too - that was a good piece to add, and I loved their romantic evening and the strawberries? Marv was so happy about that!

It was so nice to see them so happy together and so much more harmonious together on every level too - if only they had every day to live like that, they would have such a fantastically happy relationship, but of course there's trouble on the horizon because tonight is the night they will rob the toystore.

And Marv clearly has done himself a bit more damage (probably a lot more) than a slight concussion, Harry was right to notice that and worry about him, because he's showing signs of having a major head injury which isn't surprising after hitting his head on the concrete when they slipped over like that. What he's going to go through with Kevin's traps obviusly won't help that at all, Harry is worried about him and although hes got the robbery on his mind and dealing with Kevin too, he will have to look out for Marv but I think he's going to have other things on his mind during this night because of the traps and what they are about to go through.

Oh I love the way the story fits so well with the events of HA2, and I love the drama and the romance-and I SO hope after all they are both going to go through there is eventually a happy ending, their love story is such a rollercoaster with the quarrels and the making up and the way they are now getting stronger together than ever before- I think they will both have a lot more to go through before the chance of a happy ending, though.

They have all the traps to deal with and what then...I don't know, I hope they stay together, I hope they make an escape from the cops! And Marv is hurt too - Harry will have to watch out for him in so many ways.

I think after Marv saying he couldn't cope with being separated from him, Harry is very much resigned to the fact that he would go anywhere do anything and at any cost to stay with Marv, he had realized at last how precious his relatonship with him is.

I cant wait to read the next chapter!
fanfictioncollection2013 chapter 6 . 4/19/2012
They were definitely in character, their quarrel over the gun was very emotional, especially for Marv, who felt like Harry was keeping him in the dark for all the reasons that he couldn't change - (simply because his is Marv and can't be any different), so Marv was really aching and hurting over what Harry had done. I really felt sorry for him, but as always, Harry made up with him, I'm glad they made up because I couldn't imagine them having a quarrel that would break them up.

And when they caught Kevin, Harry feeling the weight of the gun in his pocket makes a lot of sense because they are burglars, but not killers and he has reached a point where he's wondering how he ever let things come to this, I think.

And the scenes from the movie were very nicely interwoven, this story is filling in the missing time when we don't see Harry and Marv in the movie very well indeed.

The movie scenes and the missing time are very well planned out and put together, this chapter must have taken a lot of planning out.

I always thought they must have been feeling sore after they slipped on the pearls in the street and both fell over, it's nice to think they have some time to recover at the hotel. And poor Marv was very stunned by that fall, he seems to be quite vulnerable often, is he okay?

But what ever happens next, Harry is there for him - I hope after the movie ends we will get to find out what happens next - will they go back to jail or will Harry help them both to escape?

Once again I can't predict what will happen next but this was a great chapter and I am SO looking forward to the next part :D
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