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CileSuns92 chapter 5 . 10/24/2013
Aw, this was so sweet! I missed them, since I had to pause my readings a bit now that classes have started, and I have a lot of homework piling up.

I loved the bond you showed between Kate and the kids, or how fiercely present Ellery is even when she wasn't talking. I could almost feel the sickness through the screen though, poor Dash. I hope Ella didn't get the chicken pox, though!

Thank you for another amazing installment!
Mark C chapter 5 . 7/3/2013
Another excellent Dash companion story.

You did an outstanding job with how you displayed Kate's parenting skills while Rick was away. She took care of both Dash and Ella while Dash had the chicken pox. I really enjoyed Kate and Dash's interaction while she dealt with the pox and not let her little man scratch himself.

Loved how they reacted when Rick came home. They all missed him, especially Kate.

The ending was sweet because Rick and Kate got to truly catch up with one another. The final line to the story tells it all.

Excellent job.
beautyofsorrow chapter 5 . 6/10/2013
You wrote the chicken pox story! And I was gonna ask you for it, too! Mm, I love reading these all in a row. It's like having adorable kids to play with whenever I want and none of the responsibilities.
ER-Freaky chapter 5 . 8/20/2012
Poor little Dash. Great story about Kate spending some time with the kids. 3
SparkleMouse chapter 5 . 7/23/2012

"Yeah. Headed up in the elevator, he said." - Yayyyy.

Kate gave up trying to keep them apart. Ellery sometimes gets it into her head that the only person she can or will obey is her older brother, and when that happens, they just feed Dashiell what to say to get Ellery to do what she's supposed to. So Kate left Ellery in the care of her brother as both of them were supposed to be napping after lunch. - I love nothing as much as I love their relationship.

Castle is grinning even as Ella barrels into his knees, wrapping both arms around his legs. He leans over, but his eyes are on Kate; he strokes a hand through Ellery's hair, drops his bag, then picks his daughter up. - And then my heart exploded in love.

"Love you, love you," she murmurs, kisses the skin just at her mouth, happens to be right under his eye. She can feel his lashes as his eyes close.

"So glad to be home," he says back. - Swooning. Never leave again, Castle.

Dash trudges forward, takes his mother's hand, throwing a longing look over his shoulder. Then he turns bright and somewhat feverish eyes to her. "Are you snuggling with us too, Mommy? We can dogpile."

"Of course, baby. Wouldn't miss it." - This story is MY medicine.

his fingers curled around his father's tie - Castle's wearing a tie? Sexxxxyyy.

"Hey, there, baby girl," she says. "Just helping Daddy loosen his tie."

"Is that what we're calling it now?" Castle says, sotto voce. - Yes. This is why we must marry. For dialogue like this.

They spent the rest of the afternoon in the fort eating mac and cheese and pizza for dinner, Castle figuring out a way to use the couch cushions to keep the adults' backs from seizing up while they lounged in the floor. Every time the kids weren't climbing on him, Kate was, or rather, touching and brushing against him, letting her fingers, her palms, the slide of her knee tell him over and over he was missed. - This is so comforting and beautiful.

Kate smiles at the warmth in his voice, then lays her hand on Ella's stomach, kisses her as well. "Sweet dreams. Love you, Ella."

The girl's eyes flutter, beam brilliant, if tired, blue back at her mother. "All the ways."

Kate's heart flips. "Always," she murmurs in response. - This gets me every time.

"I love the little sigh of her voice," she says, a sigh of her own as he dips his head and brushes his mouth over her collarbone.

"I love the quiet fierceness in it," he murmurs, his tongue at her skin. - I love now much they love their kids and each other.

He sticks his hand back under the fort, wriggling his fingers for her - THE CUTEST.
SparkleMouse chapter 4 . 7/23/2012
Ellery scoots in closer, her little face nuzzling her mother's shoulder. Kate curls her hand around Ella's neck and kisses the top of her head. - Mmm. Love her with the kids.

Ohhh. Okay. Well that explains why baby girl was awake - Until she starts to sleep all hours lol.

Castle bought it before he left, and Kate's fairly certain Dashiell and Ella have been working together trying to reach it. This or the nutella. Depending on the time of day, probably. - Awesome kids are awesome.

I'm gonna check on our baby girl." - I love that she says our. It makes me want to cry. I'm such a big baby.

"What's up with you, huh? Looking sad, baby girl." - I'll watch her!

"The freezing, Mommy. It was freezing." - Yessss. I also love that both Beckett stories and Castle stories involve the other regardless.

Oh right, he likes to stress exposition. - LOL. Of course he does.

"Yay! Tio and Uncle Kevin rescued you." - Awwwwww.

"Daddy said you do karate," he says, now suspicious, his brow furrowed. He looks like he's found that a lot of the things Daddy says don't end up being exactly, specifically true.

Welcome to my world. - I love that last line and how you weave together this family.

"Not that old. I'm 35 and Daddy is almost 45."

"How old?" Dash gasps, like it's some strange and crazy concept.

"Older than you," she rolls her eyes. "But Tio is older than me. And Uncle Ryan is too. But not as old as Daddy." - Wow daddy is old compared to Kate lol. I mean I figure ten years too but still. I also forget how young Kate is.

"You'll have a little boy of your own, maybe. Or you'll be a space cowboy on the moon where Daddy bought land."

"Daddy has moon land?"

"He does," Kate grins, shifts her knees so that Ellery's bony butt isn't digging into her mother's femur any longer. "You like the moon?" - Love love love.

"My engine is very low." - Ugh so cute.

"Yeah! Hot sauce for the win!"

Kate startles, laughing as she turns back to Dash. "For the win? Daddy say that?" - Oh Dash. You're such a Castle.

Ella lifts her head, staring back at Kate, such deliberate intent on her expression that the kid doesn't even need the words. Try me.

Kate's no stranger to it - it's her own face looking back at her. She bends over. "Two." - LOVE this. That she's so Kate.
SparkleMouse chapter 3 . 7/23/2012
She presses her lips together and shifts him off her chest as she explains. "It's when you drink something that's easier to swallow than the first. So we'll do the medicine - which will taste bad, but you'll be okay - and then we'll take the Benadryl so that the last taste you have on your tongue-"

"Ohhh, Mommy you're so smart." - Hahah he's so cute. And one day, daddy will teach you all about an alcohol chaser.

"Hi, hi, hi," Dashiell chirps into her phone - I want to snuggle him. Chicken pox and all.

"Right." She gives him the Benadryl in a similar dosing spoon, hears Castle gasping on the other end.

"He drank the kool-aid? You are kidding me." - I kind of enjoy that Castle is so surprised. I feel triumph on her behalf.

She watches his throat work as he swallows roughly, the way his gag reflex kicks in and his shoulders hunch - That is so me. Worst gag reflexes ever.

Ella buries her face in Kate's shirt, making her mother sigh and rub her back slowly. "It's okay to be sad, to miss your mommy and Dash-"

"And Daddy," she whispers softly.

"Oh, I know. I miss Daddy too." Kate rubs her nose against Ellery's cheek, kisses her ear. "Come see your brother, but don't get too close. He's sick. And then you can talk to Daddy on the phone, okay?" - Nothing to say that I don't all the time. I love this family

"Hey," Castle says quietly over the phone. "I miss you."

She squats down behind the kitchen island in front of the sink, opens the cabinets and closes her eyes for a moment, letting his voice wash over her.

"Miss you more," she sighs, opening her eyes again and looking for the wipes.


"You're always good at that," she answers. "You do the same for me."

"Yeah, where do you think I got all my practice?" - So perfect. Love that dialogue.

Oh well. Screw it. They'll both get chicken pox. When Kate got it the first time, she remembers her best friend's mother sending the girl over to Kate's house so that she'd catch it too, get it over with. - Huh. That's oddly smart.

Ellery climbs over her lap to settle at her other side, both kids burrowing in closer, little bodies trying to compete with each other for how much of mommy they can claim. - I need and want to see this so badly.

"Exactly like it. I'm going to make us hot fudge sundaes while you both work on the fort-"

"Yay! Sundaes!" - How can I get her to be my mom?

but apparently Dash sees she was thinking it. Loudly. - I love that that goes back to Castle and BECKETT'S (I just want to note my iPad capitalized Beckett's. Awesome) not speaking very loudly.

"Yeah, actually, helps to keep him distracted so he doesn't think about how scratchy he is."

"Ahh, there's the culprit," he murmurs. "You're the one encouraging him to say it wrong." - I love this whole conversation but I can so easily picture them like this.

"Hey," she says.


"Tomorrow, yeah?"

"Flight leaves at two."

"Kids miss you."

"You miss me too," he says.

"Yeah. Definitely."

"Ditto - all around." - Chills from all the perfection.

"No, just - not where I want to be right this minute. So take a picture, Beckett."

"And rub it in?"

"Sure," he laughs. - So Laura. Let's have a fall wedding. I know that's soon but I want my stories soon. So quick planning!

"Yeah. It seems to work. And it's not like I'm really that famous."

Kate laughs hard, dislodging Ellery's head from her thigh, having to catch her. "Oh, oops. Wow. You just admitted that?"

"I figured I'd get that in there before you could. Just, you know, pre-empt you there." - Perfect. I'd also like to see those photos.
SparkleMouse chapter 2 . 7/23/2012

"Yeah, baby," she murmurs into his ear, stepping onto the elevator. "How do you feel?"

He gives a pitiful noise against her chest, his teeth at her collarbone like he did when he was a baby. She leans in and presses the button for their floor. - Ugh. My heart aches for him.

He whines against her skin, making those pitiful Castle noises as she heads for their door - LOL. Poor Castle. But I like the comparison.

"Hm. A lot of emotion. A lot of heart in things. All right out here where everyone can see it and pay attention."

"Oh, I like drama then." - Hahaha yup. Sounds like Dash.

He even has a spot on his big toe, another under his chin. He's got it bad. - I'm getting itchy for him. Don't like it.

"Where's my Ellie?" - OMG. He calls her MY Ellie. My heart.

"Can I leave a message?"

"Of course."

"Video message?" he asks, lifting one little eyebrow.

"That too, if you want." She strokes a thumb over his shoulder, eyebrows furrowed as she feels more chicken pox than he had only an hour ago. - I'm picturing Castle getting the message. So sweet.

"Please? I'm sick, and I don't feel good, and I want to play with my spider-mans."

Jeez, she's a sucker for that face. Has Castle been giving him lessons? - Hahahaha. That is such a Castle move. Totally.

"Please, Mommy? Daddy's got cartoons. Here let me show you." He takes the remote from her and calls up the list of recorded shows, scrolls through them. "See? This one." - OF COURSE Daddy has cartoons lol.

"Oooh, them is bad guys," Dashiell slurs. - I love this sentence.

"I miss Daddy."

Kate huffs a laugh, squeezes Dashiell a little tighter. "I was just thinking the same thing." - Awwwwww they're so precious.

"Just Papa?" her father laughs on the other end.

"Sorry, Dad. Dash was looking for Rick." - I love this family so much.

"Ella," she says softly. "Please talk to me."

A little whimper from the other end and then the breathy sound of her name.


"Okay, okay. Papa will bring you home. Don't be sad, little cricket." - Awwwww. My little love.
SparkleMouse chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
I should not start this now but oh well.

After Dash was born and before Rick left the precinct, he gave her private lessons on how to operate the espresso machine. Very private. It's seared into her brain, that hot, steamy lesson. - He should do that. It's always good to, uh, learn things.

"Mm, I got the kids to preschool all by myself."
He chuckles again. "Good job, Beckett." His voice wraps around her last name like a caress. - I love that he calls her Beckett. I love that they're just discussing their kids while he's on tour. This perfect little family.

"What's wrong?" Her stomach churns, the bagel a hard knot in her throat.

"Dashiell's sick." - Oh THIS story. Chicken pox. Yes. Again I love that I know cause you've mentioned it before. It's like knowing secrets.

If Castle had been here this past week, he would've caught it. She's fairly certain of that. - It makes me sad she's still doubting herself here, her abilities as a mom. But also so nice to know who she becomes, to see how she changes.

The lights are off and Dash is asleep curled up on his rest mat, his hair sticking to his temple with sweat. - Aw, baby :(

Ellery stares at her, mouth in a firm line. But she reaches out a little finger and traces it over Kate's forehead. - Mute Ella! Can't wait for the third cause I miss her. I NEED SO MUCH HELP.

"Why don't I take Ellery home with me? To your dad's."

Home? To her dad's? Those . . . those words are synonymous now? - That is a little awkward. But so sweet of Kelly.

Last night, Ellery was using Dash like a stepstool in front of the pantry, aiming for the nutella, probably. Kate caught them right before Ella could grab it or fall on her head. Although, to be fair, Ellery's got some natural balance and grace. Dashiell would have fallen. Probably not Ellery.

Which might be why they were working together on that one. Smart kids. - Yeah. I miss their relationship too.

"Yeah, you better call me," Kate murmurs, leaning in to kiss Ella's cheek. "I love you, little cricket. Be good for Papa. Call me before bedtime, and I can tell you a story over the phone."

"Yeah," Ella says softly. - AWWWWW.
Mathiilde3 chapter 5 . 6/11/2012
It has been a long time since I visited this universe by page, I often think about it. It is a safe space in my mind; whenever something is unpleasant or sad and yes I know those are kind of synonyms, I think of this family and the world is brighter and breathing is easier and I just feel lighter. I do not mean that as though I am dealing with something major, just life in general; no need to worry if you are the worrying kind, I just... Having been apart from it for so long, because they are different in my mind and by your words, it is your creation after all, made me realize just how dear they are to me. But it is still that wonderful feeling of coming home and realizing that world has not changed all that much. When it comes down to it, everything is familiar and welcoming and just basically safe. This story was absolutely wonderful. It is so sweet, Dash and Ella are such amazing young beings and it is great fun to read their sayings and doing. I am in awe of how you do ‘Dash it All’ prior to this with Ellery talking away and then this with her being silent. Dash in the bath being all flexible was exquisite and Kate & him on the couch watching was I assume was Firefly, or whatever Nathan’s previous show was called, just about melted my heart. He is so endlessly delightful and it pleases me to no end to read his story. This was really, really great. Their family life is marvelous, Kate as a mother is just beautiful! It was really beautiful how you found the balance between her not being compliant to his desires while being sick, all the candy and sugar he wanted, while still allowing him something because he was indeed sick. I think you wrote her motherhood perfectly, and I just, I enjoyed it immensely, it really was superb (:

TrapperII chapter 5 . 5/12/2012
Great reunion chapter. Castle got to come back home and be surrounded with love :)
TrapperII chapter 4 . 5/12/2012
Both Dash and Ellery are so "real" in this chapter. Love this little family :)
TrapperII chapter 2 . 5/10/2012
Poor little Ella.

Loved this:

"Mm, you would," she murmurs, watching that Captain. Sexy as hell. She misses Castle. He's pretty sexy himself.
TrapperII chapter 1 . 5/10/2012
What doesit say about me that my favorite part of this chapter was the phone sex banter? "Always" has done things to me :)
Arrant Schemata chapter 5 . 4/28/2012
So cute, I love 'seeing' Kate be mommy.

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