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FantasyWriting chapter 29 . 8/22
You know, Nirianne? I keep coming back to this story over and over, only to find myself in tears again. This was a very tragic tragedy, and I could feel Lightning's pain when she knew Caius had only used her for his desires. Anyway, all of the characters in this story were beautiful, and I have to say that even Ellinor's story was sad indeed. She just wanted to be loved, but Chaos Yeul tricked her, had her playing right in her hand until her eventual death committed by Caius. Caius just wants to have a family, a perfect family, but because of Chaos Yeul, she affected the outcome of his actions. Caius got what he wanted, a family, but Yeul was still locked into her curse.

Sadly, the seeress came before his family, and so he was determined to die. And it was true- he hurt Lightning significantly more in that one action than when he took away her dignity so she could be a mere vessel for their family. I could feel her pain, and it had my eyes soaked in tears.
Her peace was short lived, and so Lightning had been dragged in Valhalla. Over time, Caius grew obsessed with her and took her in during the battle. In all, Lightning was all his, and this had all been caused by Chaos Yeul. Which ever Yeul it was, it controlled the outcome of Caius's behavior and actions as her Guardian.
Caius's development when he realizes how much he's hurt Claire really caught my heart. She gave him a son as told in the prophecy, but she never yearned for his affection. She didn't ask for it, yet she unwillingly became his wife in the end.

You know one of my favorite parts? When Caius tells his son about the Eidolon constellations. He had been born under the stars of Bahamut, and he knows all of his wrongdoings. Knowing Claire was born under Odin's constellation, she fought for what was right. That was why she never gave into Caius- stubbornly refusing her role. Even as his prisoner, she refused to give into him.
Right there, Caius knows Claire didn't want anything from him. She never asked for his affection, but he longed for a family, even as someone immortal. I could feel both of their pain, and that right there is another thing that put a few tears down my cheeks.

Lightning never asked for anything from Caius, but she still wanted to raise her son. A son born out of unwillingness, and she wanted to care for him. She knew Chaos Yeul was the start of this, and it makes me wonder how much different things would be if a much kinder Yeul had been born. Ellinor wouldn't be thrown into madness, and Caius would have the family he longed for, maybe.
Given all of the other possible scenarios, I could see what Claire imagined- having a happy family with a good father to guide their son. But this was all because of you know who.

Like always, there's so much more I wish to say, as this how I write reviews even though I'm not... one to write them. This was also Lightning's first family, and this is what happened. She lost everything- her Eidolon, her parents, and now, her husband that she even came to care for. Maybe she wouldn't forgive him, but he had to be there for the sake of their son.

Lightning and Caius's pain in this story is just... tragic. I... there's just so much more I wish to say, but this is really lengthy by now. But know this, Nirianne. This was absolutely beautiful, finished or not. And I know it seems two years old, but I still happen to come back from time to time again when I get bored.
Sometimes I can't bring myself to write reviews cause I'm... lazy? I finished this awhile back, but I still come back to read it almost everyday!

In all, Nirianne, this is very memorable, and I'm glad I read it awhile back. Whether this sad tale will be continued, it was beautiful and very unforgettable.

I love your work, and you're on my favorites. My feelings for this story can't be fully expressed in this one review, but that familiar feel of the characters' pain comes back whenever I reread a few chapters of my favorite.
This may have been an experiment, but I take it as a beautiful story regardless of the canon story now that LR has been out for some time by now. Thank you for placing this romance tragedy on . It is astonishing in every way. :) ~ FantasyWriting
Guest chapter 29 . 7/7
Uh.. So is this the last chapter or...?
devilchild1000 chapter 29 . 5/24
please update soon!
CrystariaMoon chapter 29 . 5/2
Earlier in the story, you said you got your ideas mostly from dreams. That's the same way I get my ideas. I'm still trying to decide if this story made me hate Caius more, or respect him. Either way, you constructed a beautiful story with a well developed background. Your chapters flowed well and without a stumble. I must tell you, few people I have read from have the confidence to write their ideas. The story you have written (whether completed or not) has inspired me to finally type my four-year project of writing my story. One of the best online works I've read.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/6/2014
Hi! I like ya story! 33 can ya please write more stories about caius & lightning? Whoever ya r please add my Facebook profile ( Ayin Hee )
CrystariumRose chapter 29 . 3/24/2014
Was lazy to log in. Anywho.

GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLL. THIS CHAPTER. My poor little feels. That's a feels trip right.
You need to name the baby fool. I mean at this point Light and Caius should have gave the baby a name by now. Lol go with Meeka ;D you know where that is from. Unless you forgot lol. At first I was happy that Caius decided to stay and protect Light and their son. I could imagine the baby's room . . so cute and all them stuff ;3; 3 babbyyy.

Literally yelled out 'Noooo' when Caius cast the sleep spell on Light and decided to go and fight Noel & Serah. Right in the feels.

Ughhh..I hate Chaos Yeul. WHAT DID SHE CAST ON THE BABY?! WOMAN TELL?! -shakes you-

Though what's worst was for Light seeing Caius die in her arms and he went up to the light. WHY YOU MUST DO THIS TO ME?!

-shakes you-
Lotusbitch chapter 29 . 3/19/2014
So the story has finally come to an end now :(

Caius meets his end where he atones for his sins, where he is also free from his fate called “Immortality”. Although he has said that he has felt remorse for all the things he has done, he can never undo it since Light has been ruined by him. Including his loyalty to Yeul, which was also twisted by his first love which showed the reason why he became what he was and why his actions were evil.

At first, I loved him when he was being all aggressive when he took over Light. But when he went a little too far without being accounted for his ways I felt that he needed to be punished for it lol

But when I read his past about why he has become what he is, I felt sorry for him. And now that he has passed away, I felt that he did something unforgivable yet at the same time I felt that it was right for some weird reason. I don't know why, but maybe because he has never been selfless enough or because he wanted Light to acknowledge him. Perhaps their relationship was non-consensual, Light was already affected by since they have become family with their newborn son. But I know that someday, they will survive without Caius and Light will one day regain her lost life and past with the rest of her friends as well as her sister.

So thank you very much Nasa for all your time, effort, and hard work for creating and sharing these wonderful chapters for us. It has been a blast. Looking forward to read your next future fanfics and sequels ;)
Warrior of Spectra chapter 29 . 3/16/2014
...Must not cry...must not cry...must not...(tears overwhelm) dang it...T_T

Just when they started to seemingly care about each other! Now the son won't have a father...

Like I keep telling you, you do a good job at making me cry in this fic...keep up the good work...CaiusXLightning forever!
Cascade00 chapter 29 . 3/15/2014
So sad. Had me in tears. But I'm going to hope that Caius will be back. I just know it. He s too good to die.
i chapter 29 . 3/15/2014
Time to tak about the best by far chapter of Heir To Chaos.
Welcome back Nirianne. Much time passed since you updated this last, but I never thought you were about to give up. This chapter not only made up for the long time, but I said, for me, it's by far the best chapter in the story, and by far one of the most emotional chapters of all times, counting up the stories I have read myself.
Here is the big twich.
Lightning finally accepts her fate. Initially, and until she is to close her eyes, she was dreaming of a new world where ''no chaos, no evil'' will stand and poison humanity. She wished to give up her heart to Etro and live like that for her son -her everything.
But Caius came up and finally phrased to Lightning his realisation of his very sins. I could feel Light's anger pouring out of myself, but at the same time the fear about Caius' fate. The way you presented their characters, their deeper secrets, their deeper emotions and desires was absolutely not just breathtaking for me. Reading this chapter was strong and intense and that intensity, honestly, I haven't found it in many stories.
I marvel your talent, I marvel your work.
Every side of this story seems now to bloom, the fiinal turn of the couple was made upon the moment Light soothed down herself and demanded from Caius to stay with their son -with her... in secret.
The moment when she just appeared, dashed and grabbed the blade to save him.
But at the same time...
... a new plot seems making up its dawn.
The Savior... what is she gong to do? To save the world? Or her son?
I don't know if you plan opening a new story (I want maddly this to happen myself) but I adored one more thing:
The story had reached sometime its peak, (at least for me) but you wanted to happen this way. The twist of things was beautiful. Caius lies down dead. Lightning spreaded out a monologue which breaks hearts and I've no comment to make on it. Chaos Yeul does her part about the world's destruction.
I don't know if this is the end. But for me it's like an opening to a new dream.
I don't know when the next chapter will be...
... but I guess I should try to not die by a breaking heart longing to read the continuation of it.
* Once I began reading this, I remembered the feeling falling in love with this story since I found it first. Well I relived this feeling and it was beyond imagination.
And I want to thank you for that.
Rhyme13kh14Xion8 chapter 29 . 3/15/2014
I think I just died. I have tears in my eyes...and I mean it literally. Not faking or joking I am crying. Love tragedy romances, but man...And now I also hate Chaos Yuel. Very, very much. Please tell me you plan on doing something evil to that Yuel. I mean I like the other Yuel's just not the evil one. Anyways I can't wait to see what lies in store for the little Claire x Caius baby. Oh he's so cute!
I wonder what Serah's reaction is going to be though? Oooh I'm getting hyper just thinking about it all!
Lotusbitch chapter 28 . 2/7/2014
Hello Nasa!

How are you doing? Glad to see that you are back with another new chapter for HTC :)
I feel sorry for Caius now that he has found out the truth about Ellinoir and Yeul. I always thought that Yeul was the one who was aware of what she did was wrong for tormenting Light and Ellinoir’s miscarriage. But it appears that Chaos is the one that is behind it all.

I like the part where you describe Caius’s realization on what he has done with his hands out before him and the flames engulfing Paddra. His life never became the same after everything and everyone that he has ever known in his long life as an immortal guardian has turned into a nightmare of chaos, betrayal, death, and despair. Which explains Caius’s sick and twisted desires based on his own selfishness and his distrustfulness towards others.

But there is one question that is left unanswered. Is Caius loyal to Yeul or to Light? Seeing that he has sworn loyalty to the Seeress, Light is of course nothing more than a ‘dead ringer’ of his first wife and the woman who will bear him his heir. So there will be some problems and consequences coming later on now that Light has been ruined by him. I still feel that Light doesn’t deserve to even be under his obligation, although she will be freed once their child is old enough to take of himself. But I know there is still some hope and chance for Caius to regain redemption and begin anew with Light.

As always excellent job on this chapter. Alot of revelations being revealed in the most unpleasant and gruesome way possible where human nature destroys people’s trust in others and the choices they make in order to get what they want. Even if it is for the sake of someone they love and love can be a scary thing too. So I’m looking forward to reading your next suspense-filled chapter and what’s in store for Caius and Light ;)
i chapter 28 . 2/5/2014
Hello dearest Nirianne with the NEW chapter of HTC which encraved seriously my heart. First thing to say: a HUGE congratulation about your writing, you gave your best, the recite was... beyond words. Honestly.
Oh, speaking about narration, that was the very first thing which shows this story, and especially this chapter, to perefectness. Everything were flowing into... such an harmony, if that's a right way to describe it. I know that is a comment-always-hear, but I cant just... I ... Maybe this is the first time for me, to WANT to review, to GIVE a proper review, but I don't know exactly how to express myself.
Speaking about harmony, how is to read a story, and not only feel, but also to SEE what the writer SEES? That's something I lived through this chapter. The moves were fluid, then, after a second's pass, they errupt into action! So marvelously tighted together, keeping up and refreshing the agony every passing moment. Caius, for example, I didn't only felt his pain, but also the fires of Paddra got refected before my eyes, watching the arrow stabbed on his thigh. Maybe, truthfully, that's the first time to experience something like that.
Going straight to the end; this chapter is its messenger. I don't know how many chapters are still to appear, but, as we got to learn Caius' past -the key and the whole mystery- we got to learn about it in the right time, and many unsolved things got finally solved. Someone may say, why Caius was so cruel to Light, and here we come and confront a different Caius?
What did I see?
I see a Caius to be himself. I see a Caius to be cruel to the ones who are going against his Focus, even if that one is Ellinoir herself. I see a Caius who stayed a servant of Etro and a Guerdian of Yeul after everything. I see a Caius who, after everything, IS human and had loved a woman with his all heart.
Now that he learned the truth from Yeul, I will see a Caius who is no villain to me, but a person who seeks catharsis and a better future... without actually death. THATS a truth to get learned, but you need first to read the whole story to find out this man's heart.
That's the other reason why I loved this chapter, and I can't wait (even if this saddens me) to see HTC getting an ending which it deserves. Do your best, we are by you :)
Cascade00 chapter 28 . 2/5/2014
Oh god! Now he know s the truth what is he goibg to do next!
Warrior of Spectra chapter 27 . 11/12/2013
Had a feeling chaos Yuel was up to her normal cruel mischief...makes sense now why "Yuel" killed Ellinoir's two children. Since it wasn't really Yuel...

Nice work as usual :)
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