Reviews for Diamonds and Gold
gr8rockstarrox chapter 1 . 7/16/2016
I read this story years back, without logging in. And though I'd forgotten the title, the author and most other things, I remembered that it was in Las Vegas, and that it was a tragedy.

I never actively tried looking for it after that, but I didn't forget. And today, by chance, I decided to see what stories you'd written and I found this. You have no idea how happy I am. It's so nice when life throws you a sutpirse instead of the curve ball it almost always does.

Thank you for writing a story that stayed with me over the years.
how to forget chapter 1 . 7/27/2012
oh god. i can seriously tell you that i think this is my favorite lily/teddy story.

it's gorgeous and written in such a perfect way, you gave this unique voice to lily - it really seemed like she was telling me this story, really felt like i was lily and i could see teddy so perfectly. and teddy! i loved him, beautiful amazing teddy, just the way you write in that perfect rambling way that makes sense and so relatable and human and unbelievably raw.

i love the descriptions you write with - i think that's my favorite part of your writing. and the way lily feels so engraved with the Strip and how she feels after the car crash and i felt devastated when teddy died and she felt it was all her fault. it was just like the tiny bit of happiness she finally found was taken away. you really made me feel her, really.

i can't express how much i love this, you just need to continue writing please and how does this not have more reviews? it really needs more.

/i think i've reviewed twice. if i have, my bad.
Funny Cat chapter 1 . 7/24/2012
Wow... I'm speechless. I love how you describe everything and how Lily talks about the Strip. It's just so beautiful... I'm lost for words. I actually didn't know that Teddy was dead until the ending.

'I close my eyes and I don't see the lights of the Strip. I see you.'

That was the perfect line to end a story.
SugarSprinkles chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
I adore this so much, Kaye! (is it okay if I call you that?) my gosh, it's so beautiful. I actually read it awhile ago but I didn't know how to review because I was kind of struck into an awed sort of silence and I had no idea what to write because my brain stopped and my heart pounded and it was like ajfksdljfakls.

As you can see, leaving it and coming back later hasn't done much to help my coherency. But I'll just say that I adore your style and I'm a diehard Teddy/Victoire shipper but my gosh, this was so beautiful and I love how Lily was portrayed and it was so perfect and so tragic and so beautiful.

I adore this. I adore your writing. I adore you.

Omg. My heart is like breaking but I'm totally in love with it anyway. IT'S SO HAUNTINGLY PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL.

never ever ever ever ever ever ever stop writing. you write so beautifully and you have suchhh a gift.
Julia Claire chapter 1 . 7/5/2012
Wow. As always, when I read your work, I am left almost speechless. I have absolutely no criticism for this. I don't even like TeddyLily much, but wow, they really worked here. I LOVED your Lily character, and she was sosososo incredibly realistic. I loved that it was in second person all to Teddy, because it really let you feel Lily's every feeling, her desperation and her madness. I loved that way we didn't find out Teddy was dead until the end and it was so. freaking. sad., and this part was perfect:

"Every person driving down this highway has won a free ticket to the official unravelling of Lily Luna Potter, socialite and mega fuck up who killed the only person who actually liked her for being herself.

Welcome to the show."

Summed up so much about this whole story.

I also loved that parts about someone else's mirror and the descriptions of Vegas and how she doesn't see those sparkling lights when she closed her eyes, just the lights of the Strip, but then this,

"I close my eyes and I don't see the lights of the Strip. I see you."

Such a beautiful way to end this piece. It was perfect.

I just really loved the way you wrote it too, the kind of run-on-ish sentences worked perfectly with Lily's voice and the whole tone of this, the desperation. This is so beautiful, Kaye, and tragic, and perfect. Honestly, if you changed the names, I think this could be published. :)

Oh wait, forgot how much I loved Teddy in this too! I loved how he was so different from Lily but he really saw her, how she met him in a coffee shop and how he realized she was lonely, and the line about how he made a "triangle of negative space" - I just loved that line.

I'm sorry, too, because I've owed you this review for a long time. But brilliant job here.
sydneysages chapter 1 . 4/11/2012
Kaye, I absolutely adored this! i don't even ship TeddyLily, and yet you made me absolutely adore them! Maybe it was the way that they were themselves, yet not at the same time, in an entirely Muggle situation in LV. I don't know; I just know that I love it.

I love the way that you mixed in the story of what happened with her at the present time, and how she was sort of reliving that night when she realised where she was and how that was where Teddy died; it was all so depressing and yet perfect and beautifully written and just WOW, i adored it. Like, seriously.

I loved this sososo much!Xx
thelilacfield chapter 1 . 4/8/2012
Oh, this was amazing. I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy a non-magic AU, but this was perfect.

I got a little laugh out of imagining Harry as a casino owner. Inspired, darling.

And I was wodnering what Lily had done to lose Teddy all the way through until the very end, and then I got tears in my eyes. Wow, it was just incredible.

And it seems like a small thing, but I love Lily's sort-of disjointed point of view, it holds in with the image of her as a socialite who's hungover more often than not.
keep my issues drawn chapter 1 . 4/8/2012
Wow... this was just so... I can't even begin to describe this fic. It's so angsty and beautiful and you get across the flaws of Lily so well, and she's so flawed and she's so broken and you just write it so well, I cannot even this was just perfect.

I loved the AUness of this, and I thought it worked really well. I loved Lily's position in society and how she was surrounded by people but she was still so alone, and it was just heartbreaking reading this because all she ever had was Teddy, and he was the only one who loved her for who she was, and omg i can't this is just so perfect.

I loved all the imagery in here, about the stars and the lights and all of it, and you just wrote it so well and ugh i want to cry because this is just so beautiful.

Beautiful fic, Kaye, this was just amazing. &hearts
marniemadden chapter 1 . 4/1/2012
Wow. This is just so... so... gorgeous and sad and awful, oh my God. I actually really liked the AU setting, it was very believable and to be completely honest, for me it made the story better.

I honestly didn't realise he was dead until she drove down that road, oh God. This was so hauntingly beautiful, thank you.
patrocluzz chapter 1 . 3/27/2012
oh my god, this. this! bestbest thing on earth, really!
currents chapter 1 . 3/27/2012
two words. Jesus. Christ.

This was… this was beyond words is what it was. Like it was a whole new level of amazing. This was one of the most fucking broken characterizations of Lily I have ever seen in my whole life and just wow fucking hell i loved her. I loved the very idea of this - Vegas!LilyTeddy - and I love that you wrote this from first person, because it makes it so much… worsw i guess. Harsh. Real. It was brilliant and just Teddy as a barista at a coffe shop and the little bit of HarryGinny in there and yes, this whole thing really.

This was honestly a piece of perfection, Kaye, i loveloveLOVED it. Excellent work, keep writing. :)