Reviews for I'm Sorry
SLITH chapter 1 . 4/1/2012
In one way I do feel that Tommy wanted ot know how his son was before he died, and to know Rebecca's perspective. It is just my father-in-law and I who watch it, and he feels that Tommy might not have cared, that he attacked her to get away.

You wrote this very well, everyone is going to have their own perspective as to how it will all go down.

I honestly don't know... I just really hope they didn't kill off Rebecca, if they did, then they killed the show. I always enjoyed watching the head-strong detective fight back, get out of situations and continue to prove herself.

A lot of viewers didn't like the show... the big question is, will it get picked up for another season?

Evey Edge chapter 1 . 3/28/2012
I agree with you 110% about the finale. All I can say is FOX better not leave us with that as the end of this show. Also I wish I could shake the writer for what they did to Tommy! Or more accurately, what they had Tommy do to Rebecca. Everything up until he FATALLY stabs his granddaughter was gold! Tommy is painted as both ruthless AND human, making him an intriguing character. He needs the human connection, a love for Ray and Rebecca for us to emotionally invest in him. It also creates more interesting drama if Tommy is struck trying to serve two masters (work for the Warden AND protect his family).

If Tommy SAVED rebecca's life in the finale, instead of murdering her THAT would have made her choices about what to do when she catches him more tricky. It opens up the possibility of their developing an relationship.

If the scene played out like it had EXCEPT instead knifing her fatally, he stabs her in the leg, not the side, that would had worked. He could have grabbed her gun, lowered to the ground possibly tossed her something to apply pressure with as she cursed him. Anything that shows us he's not a complete lost cause!

Any way, thanks for salvaging their stupid mistakes and my main reason for watching the show. Here's to hoping that the reason Tommy's been lurking around Rebecca's apartment is that he'd been spiking her food with the special ultra healing stuff.

WHOA BRAIN WAVE ABOUT TOMMY: Tommy already had special awesome healing powers prior to Altraz! They talked about his time in Korea. Smart money says he miraclously recovered from an injury he shouldn't have and THAT's what got their attention. They needed him for the experiment so they either framed him OR Dr. B. gave secretly gave him the MURDERER MAKER treatment and that's why he killed his wife. Tommy knew Rebecca was going to survive her stab wound because she inherited his wolverine-esque powers. This is why he didn't seem too concerned about "killing her". Also possible Mom and Dad died in an "accident" that was really a test to see if Dad had Tommy ability.

Okay got a bit off topic there. Sorry. He'd to hoping for a season two and an explanation why Tommy's behavior is anything less that stone cold evil.
Bitches and Snitches chapter 1 . 3/28/2012
This seems so accurate. I so agree with the author's note at the end. CLIFFHANGER, OH NO!
terranovafan1 chapter 1 . 3/28/2012
Loved this fic! Tommy was a very intriguing character wasn't he? Rebecca was my favorite though... I WILL NEVER BELIEVE SHE IS DEAD! ANNNNNYYYYYWWWWWAAAAYYYYY, loved this, and hope for many more alcatraz fics!
MunksAngelQueen2010 chapter 1 . 3/28/2012
Wow this was good I think the way u wrote having tommy thinking about rebecca even after he stabbed her shows he did have a heart despite what he did and like u I want season 2 to start soon I hate that they killed rebecca how could they she was the main character the show is nothing without her
Casie01 chapter 1 . 3/27/2012
OMG That ending killed me! I loved your story about how Tommy was feeling after stabbing Rebecca. You could tell how conflicted Tommy was after he stabbed her. The way he laid her down gently almost comforting her with his soft

I think your characterisation of Tommy was spot on. Like you I can't wait until next season to find out what happens. It doesn't seem right that they ended the show with her flat lining and the doctors saying to call it. UH! NOOOOO!

Going back to the finale while a lot of questions were answered oh man so many more were brought out. I love this show. I think Dr. Soto and Rebecca have awesome chemistry and the way he was in the hosptial uh broke my heart. I hope we get to see his reaction to her "death" that said they better not kill her off she's my favorite character. I've heard rumors they may not bring the show back for a 2nd season but I sure hope they do.

Thank you for your story again I loved it.
LaineyK123 chapter 1 . 3/27/2012
Wow. I love this! I love how you explained all that Tommy was thinking. I think that he wanted Rebecca to answer as well.

I was so upset at the finale! It was epic, yes, but still, I'm so curious! I can't wait for more, it's a great show! No one I know watches it so I feel like there's no one to talk to about it's awesomeness.
WhatTheCensoredXD chapter 1 . 3/27/2012
Your story is just incredible! I love how you went inside Tommy's head to show us what he was thinking. Also, the season finale was AWESOME; I was just insane during the two hour episode and my mom is now questioning my insanity .-. Once again, incredible story _