Reviews for One Human, One Spark
JPrime chapter 73 . 9/24
Okay thank you so much for writing such an amazing story you are one of the few who have made me actively cry so many times In fanfic I absolutely love your stories!

I was hoping you could write a small story about Arcee and wheeljack right after Miko had passed away like what happened between them and how wheeljack coped with Miko

Regardless of the last part thank you for this wonderful story!
Guest chapter 37 . 7/25
Such a spinoff but it is still really good
snappingmarr0 chapter 1 . 6/30
Whelp I'm crying like a baby now, how dare you make me feel such strong emotions with your amazing writing skills.
Julien Caeg chapter 40 . 5/3
Well I didn't know Optimus would never EVER swear at this story and that is good. I don't want swearing, OK?
Julien Caeg chapter 17 . 4/12
By Primus! I felt I'm going to burst into tears. Wheeljack wanted to die?! X( and Miko (I don't know how she reacted to someone else?!) It's heartbreaking X( X( *sobbing*.
Catzzy chapter 1 . 1/31
No fanfiction has ever been able to make me cry in the first chapter. Well Done!
Guest chapter 42 . 11/13/2015
Are all those nicknames you gave the Wreckers' your own work, or are they legit?
Guest chapter 72 . 9/5/2015
These tears...
Why are they so REAL?
Guest chapter 66 . 9/3/2015
I just now realized how close I am to the end of this fic.
I'm DYING on the inside.
Moonflight con chapter 73 . 8/24/2015
This is officially the best Fanfic I've ever read. It's funny, it's serious, and it's engaging. It helps you better understand all the characters of TFP. I think all the characters stayed in... well, character. The OCs are well written and established, you carried the plot perfectly to match the events of the show. There are some plot points which you followed and resolved, and others which up left open for readers. I would ask for a sequel, but honestly, this masterpiece doesn't need one. When I finished, I had this feeling of despair, but I was happy, becuase Wheeljack finally got his happy ending. Although, it wasn't really happy. It was mysteriously hopeful, becuase now he has something to live for. He isn't just counting off the days until he dies with Miko. He's planning a life to life with his friends and family. The only thing I don't like about this story is all the... robo-sex. But other than that, marvelous. Bravo. Hasbro should recruit you. To lead them. 'Cause your awesome.
Moonflight con chapter 31 . 8/18/2015
So... Ultra Magnus is dead? Or is he actually alive, and is going to come back like he did in the third season?
Guest chapter 73 . 8/8/2015
This story is fragging GLORIOUS!
Guest chapter 65 . 8/8/2015
When I saw that the name of this chapter was "Gift of Life", I suspected Elita would be carrying, but it still caught me off guard OMG OPTIMUS WOULD BE SUCH A GREAT DAD
Guest chapter 64 . 8/8/2015
Holy shit, Prime XD You just made every hardcore fangirl wet their panties XD
Guest chapter 37 . 8/6/2015
Those ear-thingies can turn other colors...god im dead X"""D
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