Reviews for His Persephone
Leonita Yap chapter 25 . 9/7
I'm sorry, but this chapter a lil bit boring. Like you wrote too much stuff on the plate. The conversation between the characters won't bite the story:)
Leonita Yap chapter 15 . 9/7
Sooo creeeppyyy... I'm speechless, totally speechless..
Leonita Yap chapter 9 . 9/7
Polyjuice from dead body? Malfoy being psycho. He couldn't handle him self. Poor Hermione...
Leonita Yap chapter 4 . 9/6
He reminds me with Ted Bundy... so creeeppy..
Ana El Platano chapter 37 . 8/25
could the ring be a Horrocrux
Ana El Platano chapter 36 . 8/25
I think he didn’t die, because from what I remember Hermione isn't able to harm him with anything. So what I think is the curse didn’t killed him just stunned him leaving him unconscious looking dead. We need to keep in mind that the ring is still in her finger, and the curses Draco putted on it.
glittermoonx chapter 7 . 8/24
Omg! Did Draco polyjuice as Cormac to go to the party?! I'm shooketh!
glittermoonx chapter 6 . 8/24
Nice chapter!
glittermoonx chapter 5 . 8/24
D'aww! That moment with Hermione and Harry though. :')
glittermoonx chapter 4 . 8/24
Draco definitely is unstable for sure I'm lowkey terrified of his descent into madness. I can't believe he really up and raped and murdered four Hermione lookalikes. He's definitely too far gone in this story. If this is just the beginning I can't imagine the end! :'o
Poor Hermione is definitely having a trauma with the assaults Draco did to her. My heart is out to her.
glittermoonx chapter 3 . 8/24
I do wonder what happened to Cormac?
glittermoonx chapter 2 . 8/24
This chapter was definitely dark. I still can't believe this happened. I'm even more scared for Hermione! :'o
glittermoonx chapter 1 . 8/24
I'm loving this first chapter into the sequel! I'm excited to read the whole story now! :)
Ana El Platano chapter 1 . 8/23
I've been a bad motherfucker, tell your sister I'm another go. Sorry but I had to do it xd.

BTW loved the chapter, I'm really happy I finally found a dramione fanfic that is dark as His Little Bird. I really liked His Littlr Bird because Draco obsessive behavior develops; I really liked Hermione realistic actions over this type of behavior as well. it's not like other fanfics I read about how Hermione enjoys this type of behavior internally and in the outside plays hard to get. But overall I'm really enjoying your writing style.
Martinaa97 chapter 19 . 6/17
OMG, honestly - I can't stand this Malfoy in here but I think that this story is so well-written, characters are created so wisely and I can't wait to see how it ends (and despite my love for Dramione, I think this Malfoy doesn't deserve Hermione, I just can't stand what he's doing to her and that he's not even feeling guilty about it)
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