Reviews for Diamond: A Dawn to Remember
Guest chapter 23 . 9/20
i totaly love this, please add more
Guest chapter 23 . 9/19
plz work on 24.
darkhart00377 chapter 1 . 8/31
Would u be willing to write a kanto version like this with me. I love your work.
Glaceon0328 chapter 23 . 8/5
Oh my Arceus, that was amazing! I have so much trouble writing sex scenes, but you had at least 3 a chapter! I loved it and hope that Dawn and Barry get back together for some hot sex soon. TWINLEAFSHIPPING TIL THE END OF TIME!
the best chapter 23 . 7/28
this is fucking amazing continue it
Vic chapter 23 . 7/25
I think this is the right link for the rest of the story. (Not sure cause I didn't get to chapter 23 yet and didn't want to spoil anything for myself.) But if this is right, you're welcome ;)
Anonymous chapter 23 . 7/24
I need moar hurry up writing it
The D chapter 23 . 7/21
I love what I've read so far but clearly there is a lot more than these 23 chapters. I want to read more of this hot stuff! Keep writing
NGB7532 chapter 1 . 7/14
Love how you used the dialouge from the actual games
FlamestarLeaderofFireclan chapter 3 . 7/7
I ship it like FedEx! ((dawn x berry))
Ri chapter 4 . 7/2
"It was a crystal of the deepest blue I've ever seen, shaped like a tear droplet." Pffft, no, it's a Cascade Badge, Ash lost it woods, Misty is gonna be pissed.
anon chapter 23 . 6/25
Do more of it plz
Sex master chapter 17 . 6/25
this fanfic is FUCKING AWESOME u have to make more pokemon fanfic stories
znok3890pless chapter 2 . 6/16
that was FUCKING GOOD i need to have SEX NOW!
N.A. for now chapter 23 . 6/14
This is, by far, the HOTTEST story I have read! I hope you continue it. Also, it may seem weird that I'm saying this to you, but pplease stay true to yourself, and writeyour stories frm your heart. If you want my name,
ask user: ethanschoenheit
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