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Aleksei Volken chapter 111 . 7/13/2015
This was a great, great story Koveras...Everything on it.

You didnt let any thread at lose and created a marvelous "What if" story on the MSLN Universe.

It has been a long time since a book, lets not say a fic, kept me up until late nigth reading as desperate. Long time since I didnt get this excited and moved with a reading. I also learn a lot by reading your fic. You kept me thinking and wondering, completely hooked by it.

But the most important, you reminded me why I like these series so very much.

This end is just...perfect.

Thank you...Thank you very much.
Aleksei Volken chapter 110 . 7/13/2015
I am as exhausted as Fate... and I didnt fight...

This phrase is just wonderful...Six women, one man, and a dragon...

So, now that we have a new empire...Whats is ahead for the future?
Aleksei Volken chapter 109 . 7/13/2015
Oh I see...Thats why they are dead.

Deep sigh...

Hayate was the only one who could achieve this and was the only way to save all...I am sad that Signum couldnt give her final farewell to Fate.
Aleksei Volken chapter 108 . 7/13/2015

i knew it was too good to be truth...How come they are dead?

Hayate is trying to protect their Knights to be blamed and judged?

I am as surprised and bewildered as Chrono and Yuuno...

Not even in the end, you devil Koveras give us a little break isnt? That why this story is so damn good!
Aleksei Volken chapter 107 . 7/13/2015
My jaw is still on the floor.

I NEVER, never of never...expected that...

Wow, Koveras...I take my hat and salute you. This was a great turn on the story.

Completely unexpected...

BUT...what will happen with the Navy that is at full force waiting to blow up the whole thing to the eter?

And, where the hell are Ginga, Caro and Erio?

And you are definitely cruel...Fate missed all the action fainted on the floor together with my jaw...
Aleksei Volken chapter 106 . 7/13/2015
Hold jaw is still dashed against the floor...


That was unbelievable AMAZING! Wonderful chapter. I could cry...

Hayate, you are SO COOL! So at the end was not even Fate the one giving Signum redemption, but Hayate herself...

Ok, but I am forgetting two important things:

1. Fate is still unconscious.
2. The Cradle still has to be destroyed!

This is not the happy endind yet...I am still wondering if we will have something close to a happy ending or my hopes (and the hopes of all characters) will be crushed again!

Og God, I dont get tired to read this chapter...
Aleksei Volken chapter 105 . 7/13/2015
No Signum!

Dammit...I wont blame Pallas again.

Now is Signums desperation and blindness what I blame. It has been just too much pain for her, for too long...While I have too much hope, she lost all of it. So much that not even Fates care was able to stop her.

However, even in that moment of despair, she wasnt able to kill Fate and Fate knew it... before blacking out. Although she will end killing her per destroying the reactor!

Damn Signum...
Aleksei Volken chapter 104 . 7/13/2015
That was unexpected for me as well.

Finally the students surpassed the teachers.

Even with the hit on the Knight honor, I am glad Subura and Teana defeated Shamal and Zafira, probably they saved their lives...Maybe, if it is not too late...

Short but intense battles.

And I hope the end is different that the one Shamal expects.
Aleksei Volken chapter 103 . 7/13/2015

Thats awesome! And it was about DAMN TIME Hayate!

Wow, Hayate is really, really powerful.

Ok Vivio, now it is up to you...You have no idea how much.

The good thing is that they alrady know about Vivio. The bad thing is that Signum, doesnt know about Hayate.

You made my heart to race faster with this chapter man...
Aleksei Volken chapter 102 . 7/13/2015
Damn Pallas...He is the best example of how, one single stupidity can change your life forever...

Damn Signum, it is so hard to believe in Fate? The Cradle will be destroyed. The Mistress will be avenged, one way or another. Subaru was rigth. The three Knights are so desperate, so deep into darkness that suicide is like the only option.

I dont know why but this reminded me a lot of 47 ronin.

What can I say?

You have my heart crushed in an iron fist.

Fate is my only hope..
Aleksei Volken chapter 101 . 7/13/2015
Wow! Thats was a really great scene.

And I can stand Subaru talking Zafira like that (and calling my beloved Knights "Brats) ...because she was herself inmerse in a deep well of self-pitty and got the courage to get out of it. And because she is rigth on the speech.

However, what Signum said to Schach was (and still is) the core of the situation.

Subaru got lost in desperation and self-pitty and just was able to get out of it when she was about to lose Teana (in Walder), the one she loves. That woke her up and gave her strength she needed.

A Knight that fail his/her master has only two options. These Knights are ancient Warriors, created for one purpose and one purpose only. Hayate gave them more than that ultimate purpose. She treated them as humans and they were her beloved. She was everything for them and they were everthing for her, not her servants but her family.

Fate knows this but Subaru still dont get it. I am glad that she had the power to overcome Zafira, but hopefully she will be able to have a wider vision, and more importantly, not judge the Knights for their mistakes...They havent been the only ones making them.

And seems that now, it will be Subarus turn to face Shamal...
Aleksei Volken chapter 100 . 7/13/2015
Beautiful description of Shamals strength and full rigth to be a Knight. Thank you, thank you so much for that image.

I bet that hurt Teana but I dont think Shamal will do something as extrem as kill her...isnt?... (I hope)

I liked that moment of realization Teana had. Of course, none of us think about Shamal as a figther, but I have always thought out that she is dangerous. And kind in all circumstances, she even acknowledged Teanas technique and Nanohas teachings. Thats a show of respect. And of course she was trying to distract Teana, (as Teana did with Runessa, keeping on the talk with her) and she succeded.

Oh my is hard when you have to fight the people you care. Figth together with other people create deep bonds. A kind of a "new" family. Turn those allies and friends into enemies in really painful.

If it is hard for Shamal to do what she is doing...I dont want to think in Signum and her upcoming encounter with Fate.

Hayate, this is a damn emergency...Do something!
Aleksei Volken chapter 99 . 7/13/2015 stomach hurts again and Fate havent even meet Signum...

I am more at ease in my anger with goddammit Lt Pallas...but cant help to think this could have been avoided.

What a match...Teana vs Shamal and Subaru vs Zafira. Quite a good selection. Zafira was a tough opponent to Arf in As time, Subaru will have a hard time.

As for Shamal, I never saw her in battle, figthing...but my guts are telling the same as Teanas. Being a part of the Book of the Darkness, she cannot be weak or coward.

Be careful Teana...
Aleksei Volken chapter 98 . 7/13/2015
Oh...This cute!

Its amazing how in the middle of the battle, you managed to create this great moments, full of emotion, meaningful.

Fate telling Ginga about her childs, trusting her with what she values the most.

Ginga giving Revolver Knuckle to Subaru and telling to make Nanoha proud...was awesome.

Wonderful chapter.
Aleksei Volken chapter 97 . 7/13/2015
Well, you have hit a point.

I was not fond in Yuuno at all. I never liked him. Unfair on my side, I have to say.

But this Yuuno have earned my respect. The "old friend" he told Fate, was Nanoha more likely. And definitely, he also feels guilty about Arfs death or well, termination.

Great chapter. I love the way you portrait Chronos teasing on Yuuno. So bad Chrono is married! These two would make a nice "yaoi" couple! (I am not fonded in yaoi either, but it will be damn funny!)

I also like more and more Chronos personality in this fic. He was a little "cold" at first...But the character has turned into really "Cool!"
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