Reviews for All the Percybilities
brantleyh936 chapter 7 . 6/23
brantleyh936 chapter 6 . 6/23
Pinkfluffyfangirl chapter 10 . 6/10
Percico not nicery
PercyxAnnabethlover02 chapter 37 . 6/2
I wish this was longer I absolutely adore this book. It is perfect and I love how the last world was the one from the book. You are a truly skilled writer and applaud you for that
Daughter of Apollo 14 chapter 38 . 4/9
Wow, it's already been three years? I remember that when I started reading the story, it had only just started. That also means I've been reading your stories for three years now. I just wanted to thank you for all the storied you've written in that time, reading them has really helped me during some rough times.
MisterCrown chapter 38 . 4/6
Lovely story, very complex and... just lovely that's it case closed.
KindledTwilight chapter 38 . 4/5
This story.. Has made me laugh and cry, moan and wish to murder the author. It has been one of my favorites for years. But it has only been finished until now. I love it so much and I'm glad at the dance to review someone with such a great show of promise. I hope everything has gone well for you since we talked last. I now go back to trying to sleep. But, this is a must read full of a well balanced diet of comedy. Drama, love, and romance.. I love how you poke fun at the original book in itself. I'm happy you were here to walk the journey with me.
I-Have-Multiple-Problems chapter 3 . 4/2
Am I weird for finding this last part so FUCKING ADORABLE.
I-Have-Multiple-Problems chapter 2 . 4/2
The 'I've always wanted to have sex with myself' part got me really interested.
toomanyfandoms98 chapter 38 . 3/22
That last line is amazing! I'm so happy this story's finished, I finally have some closure. Definitely one of my favourite stories, it's funny-hilarious-, angsty in places, serious, cute and fluffy while being centered around an awesome plot that I've never heard of before. You should be very proud of yourself.
Jess-love95 chapter 38 . 3/22
Gosh I really love this story, I'm fond of every character you wrote about, yes, even Annabeth x) I loved all the words and all the percybilities ! It's really an awesome story and an amazing epilogue, I love the sweety smut and the adorable lovely moments !
SnowyIce chapter 38 . 3/22
This story was awesome, good job, I absolutely loved it
the Oracle of Akemi chapter 38 . 3/20
That was a nice ending.
ETNerdy-girl chapter 38 . 3/20
Its over *sobs* but I'm also kinda glad it kinda dragged out after a while. Good anyway though
SarahGayle chapter 38 . 3/20
I liked the ending, it was a nice little interruption before the war. I'm do like how your mind works at causing them embarrassment, lovely. Good job!
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