Reviews for Practice Makes Perfect
Thumana chapter 1 . 6/15/2012
Of all the Elincia/Lucia pieces I've seen from you, this is my favourite. I think because it's about Elincia growing strong, growing into her role as Queen. When we first meet Elincia in PoR she is in no way prepared to be queen. In fact, she's downright insipid. But gradually she grows in confidence. We see her with Geoffrey and Lucia and Bastian, and we learn how much they mean to her. We see her ask for, and get, their support instead of their protective over-ruling. We see her fight for her country. She's still unready when she's crowned but she's already grown so much.

And here she is now, having to deal with nobles who have had so much more practice at the sort of courtly games that annoyed Ike in Begnion, and already realising that her survival as a ruler is at stake. Lucia's idea is brilliant and Elincia rises to the challenge. I love how Elincia copies the strengths of her friends and supporters. It's delightful that she even sees Soren's sneer as a strength - which it absolutely is, in a situation like this. It's so fitting, that the same people who helped her in her bid to become queen are helping her again, even unknowingly, to be the queen she needs to be.

And of course, she will need all the practice she can get. There's a lot more character-development-by-necessity coming for Elincia in Radiant Dawn.
Rosage chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
Ah, I love this piece! I actually hadn't read it before somehow. You captured Elincia's insecurities and the things she has to deal with as well as her strength and resolve to perform her role despite them, and the loyalty her advisors have to her and how they help her through-all of my favorite aspects of her. I have to say, I agree with Lucia, I like commandeering!Elincia quite a bit more than I should (yowza~), ha. I liked how you had her draw the mask from everybody who'd affected and supported her (and there's a bit of delicious irony that drawing from Soren's sneer made her seem like a 'queen of Daein,' ha). Lucia's unconditional trust and loyalty was great too. Great characterization of both of them. c: