Reviews for Eye to Eye
venG chapter 1 . 3/28/2012
If I remember correctly, it is your first story about Haruka-Noein interactions. Loved it!

I think that Noein is a difficult character to explore but you've done a great job! Actually, in the anime I never understood what was he going to do with our world's Haruka. Just capture her and make her a permanent part of him to never feel lonely again?

The moment that made me smile is when Haruka was thinking about people she felt safe with: 1) Karasu, 2) Yuu, 3) mother. Her logic is understandable, but I just couldn't help but recall how jealous Yuu was when he felt, he's not the N1 :) Noein must be very jealous too, knowing he's the most bitter of the 3 persons of Yuu...

Well, I had a great time beginning my day with your story! Thank you for sharing!