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Guest chapter 32 . 6/29/2012
You have done a fantastic job with with story, it kept me interested from start to finish even though it was so sad and emotional at times. You brought so many of the characters into one story. Congratulations on another completed fanfition.
Guest chapter 32 . 6/29/2012
Thank you for a wonderful story, so sad and so romantic. Loved it from the begining to the end.
marlza chapter 27 . 6/23/2012
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed your story earlier, I've just managed to read the last few chapters. I have loved the whole story even though it has been desperatly sad. This chapter would be one of my favourites, especially how you write about Matt putting on his pj's to go to bed, there is the difference between the two men right there, Nick would never wear pj's.

I also like how Allie is softening up, she was always such an intense character it is nice to see her opening up,eventhough Jen and her had respect for each other it is great to see a genuine friendship between them.
flash chapter 23 . 6/7/2012
Wow you have been busy, loved the last few chapters especially the way Rhys and Allie's relationship is developing, nice to see a softer side of Allie. The flash back of the honeymoon was great, a happy memory in what is a very sad story. Even though the story is heartbreaking it is written very well.
flash chapter 17 . 5/29/2012
Another wonderful chapter, I'm really enjoying your writing even though it is heartrenching, your description of what Jen is feeling very touching. So sad when she woke up from here dream to find out she is living without Nick. Looking forward to more updates.
notactiveaccount12 chapter 15 . 5/16/2012
Ahhhh I've been waiting for you to post this one :D One of my favourite chapters! :)

I just want to grab them all and give the entire Homicide team a giant giant hug, the poor loves! :( But I love seeing this softer side to Rhys too, he always seemed so work driven but to see the lighter side, the side we didn't really ever get to see is such a nice thing to be reading :)

And it's the same with Allie...I liked her character but she was never my favourite but I'm really warming to her now. LOVE what you've done with her in your fic. Sometimes you think that the only one feeling grief is the person who had direct connection to the person eg. Jen but having the kind of storyline for Allie reminds you that everyone feels the pain. Well done :D

" She missed Nick so much that the fact she'd managed to have a child with him before he'd died didn't seem like much of a consolation. It was now a battle she'd have to face alone, instead of hand in hand with him like they'd planned.

"I don't have anybody," Allie whispered."

Awwww heartbreaking (I know I use that word ALL the time but it fits here so well so often :p hehe). The tissue supply was in full force here. Your writing is absoloutely fantastic, a really strong talent for it you've got there :) keep it coming :) x
notactiveaccount12 chapter 14 . 5/13/2012
Firstly I apologise for any repetition I make here, I feel like such an awful writer for my vocabulary being so short haha but I'll try to make this as different as I possibly can :)

Wonderfuly written! But there's nothing different there because your writing is always fantastic and awesome and all things good :) Jen's grief just tugs at the heartstrings, it's so so sad to see someone who was so unbelievably happy be at such a loss as to what to do with herself. The diary entries are continuing to be such a great way to delve into her feelings.

Envious of your lyric picking abilities- With or Without You is one of the best songs! :)

The inter-crew relationships are beautiful- really liking them a lot! Seeing everyone dealing with their own grief and with Jen's too, it's something that's important but also soooo good to read! haha :)

Another fantabulous Bernice and Jen moment, it adds so much more having Bernice see Jen and reacting to her grief. Because (even though it was her son and not her husband) we know Bernice has experienced similar pain, it works so much more having her there than it would say Matt. If that makes sense? I think it just adds a whole new level and it makes it that much better because there is that sense of relatability :) I hope that made sense then haha

Can't wait for more :) xxx
Flash chapter 14 . 5/12/2012
That was such a sad chapter but beautifully written, I love how you wrote about Allie. Loving the story even though it is so sad.
notactiveaccount12 chapter 13 . 5/9/2012
Yet another brilliant chapter from you! :) You should seriously be proud of what you've written and are writing because it's really really good :)

I loved that you've "stepped into" Janine's shoes in this chapter. Showing Jen's grief through someone watching her is such a powerful thing because we've seen it from her side and seeing it from someone else adds this element of wanting to help her but being helpless to do so. And describing Jen as going into auto-pilot wow...such a strong image!

Bernice's part in this was fantabulous :) The fact that you had her speaking with authority yet showing that emotional side and mentioning what/who Nick left beind was wonderfuly written, I love that you're showing every facet to all the characters and not just ignoring the softer/emotional sides to them because it isn't something we've seen before. We're seeing everyone dealing with Nick's death and their grief and I really really like that :)

"She lay huddled on Nick's side, her body shaking as she cried silently to herself. Janine knew she wouldn't sleep. Not for a long time. So all she could do was lie down beside her and hold her, and she did it all night, getting up only when Elise cried. Then she would dutifully collect the baby and bring her to her mother, who struggled to even sit upright as she fed her."

HEARTBREAKING! big tissue moment here! One of my favourite parts in the entire chapter :) I didn't think it was possible to love this fic even more than I already did but I do :) Can't wait to read some more :) xxx
notactiveaccount12 chapter 12 . 5/6/2012
Despite having already read this I still shed a little tear...or three...or four... (okay a fair few ;) ), even though you've written so many descriptions in the way of Jen's grief and how she's feeling theres still this element there that we'll never quite be able to understand no matter how much detail you add which I must say is quite briliant (if any of that made sense) :) You know how Jen is feeling because you've described it, but at the same time you still can't even begin to imagine what it would feel like... really think I'm not making sense now haha :)

"But all Jennifer could look at was his face. The face of the man she'd married so happily not that long ago. The face she'd fallen in love with many moons before that. The face that looked at their daughter in a way he didn't even look at his wife. The face that was so full of emotion, all the time, always giving away how he felt in his heart. But that face now…it gave away nothing. And that was what scared her the most."

That was by far one of the most heartbreaking moments so far, but I loved it. Really really well done :) And the lyrics at the end were just perfect, I've loved that song for years, beautiful isn't it ? :)

Can't wait to read more :) xx
notactiveaccount12 chapter 11 . 5/3/2012
You are a wonderful writer. Enough said right there haha but I will give you a better review than that :) haha. The emotions once again were spot on, absolutely gut wrenching. Shorter than the others but I really think this one couldn't have been any longer, short and sweet :) It was a lovely glimpse into how Janine is handling what has happened and that little moment between Jen and Elise was beautiful

"She reached out and ran her shaking hand over the baby's tiny head, her soft hair slipping between Jennifer's fingertips. A tear slipped down her face as she stared at their child, already a feeling of absolute dread spreading through her body." SO GOOD! You really felt for Jen at this point, because you could see how upset she was but at the same time you can see she loves Elise and is trying to find that happiness she had when her AND Nick would look at their little girl (well that's what I got from it anyway :) hehe)

more soon please :D xx
notactiveaccount12 chapter 10 . 4/28/2012
What a chapter! All this perfect fluffy happiness in Nick and Jen's word and then bam! All of a sudden it all comes crumbling down (forgive the awful pun there haha). You already know what I think (and I have already said that a hundred times repetitive! haha) but this was wonderful as always :). The little bits of domesticity you've written between Jen,Nick&Elise are beyond words adorable. They really do make the perfect family. And I love how you write Jen and Nick's love for eachother- perfecto!

The new bit you added in was AMAZING! Beyond words AMAZING! even if I did know what was to happen in the sentences that shortly followed. Yet another adorable family moment that made me wonder why there aren't more Nick Buchanans in this world ;)

For me I think you really hit Jen and Duncan's relationship on the head. Even though to begin with in season 1 he was a complete ass their relationship virtually flipped and they became extremely close. There's a lot of respect and friendship between them and you portrayed that really well I thought :)

As for the terrorist attack... :'( I had a panic moment all through it but my heart sank at the end when Jen was so desperate to find Nick. The way you described the fear and panic was amazing, especially when you described Jen looking at the injury on her hand and only then feeling the pain. Wonderful stuff! Can't wait for more :) xx
Flash chapter 10 . 4/28/2012
Wow, that was intense, what an exciting and disturbing chapter, I didn't see that coming. Congratulations on your writing of this chapter, it kept me captivated all the way thru.
notactiveaccount12 chapter 9 . 4/25/2012
Firstly I am so sorry I haven't reviewed this sooner, I was so tired last night! Now onto this chapter... I didn't think it could get any sweeter but boy oh boy did it ever? I love seeing Nick and Jen as parents, Nick is the most adorable father ever...the way you've written their relationship with Elise just melts your heart. It really is quite beautiful :) As for the Bernice part, I know you know what I think of it but stil... *sniff* brought a few little tears to the eyes, so so heartbreaking. I love that you made it really bitter-sweet there ;) hehe.

" "I want to have so many more of these," he confessed quietly to his wife.

She smiled right back at him and stepped into the room to kneel down by the pair. She placed a finger in Elise's tiny fist and whispered her reply. "So do I." "

oh my gosh! that part just made me giggle and smile and filled me with happiness! You can so see them having more babies, they're wonderful parents :)

Just everything about this chapter is as briliant as the others. You're a truly gifted writer so please keep writing more :) Loving it! x
notactiveaccount12 chapter 8 . 4/22/2012
Once again you've managed to write another superb chapter :) I know you've already got my feedback on this and everything you've written to date but I can't help but let you know again how I wonderful I think this writing is :D Nick being a happy ball of fluff at the thought of having a daughter just makes me smile, I know we never saw him act like that but I can really imagine him being like that should we have seen him in such a position. I think you're doing an amazing job tackling aspects of Nick and Jen that we never saw but assumed happened. I love seeing the happy little moments in their life- so adorable and romantic and all things good :) hehehe as for this line "Well I'm sorry, there's nothing left I can offer you. Except my body." hehehe if Jen doesn't want him Nick knows where to come looking ;) hahaha. Descriptions as always are fantabulous (not a word but it is now because I say so haha) and the lyrics fit so perfectly and beautifuly :) keep writing more :) xxx
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